First Love, First Heartbreak

In this story you will follow the story of Anna who learns the biggest lesson you can learn when she meets Noah. The story is about how to deal with crushes, love and heartbreak.

*the photo i have used is one i have taken my self*
* please tell me your honest feelings about how the story is*


1. chapter one

Many people believe the greatest knowledge comes from books. The truth is the knowledge will disappear in a pole of thoughts like a drop in an ocean.I believe the greatest knowledge is learnt from experience like a heartbreak that feels like a knife thought the heart, like joy that makes you wanna cry, like laughter that makes your tummy ache. I learnt the biggest lesson when i met Noah. He was magical like a rainbow in a cloudy sky.


We met at school I was new. I was shy. Every wall in the school seemed to be laughing at my low head. I didn’t see much that day. But Noah seemed to have a glow only he had. He was irresistible. I noticed him, his hair curly like soft waves. Hair sat just right. When ever I saw him the only sound I could hear was the drumming coming from my heart. It seemed to go faster that the 60 seconds allowed in a minute.


He never noticed me. But i would only notice him, like a star in the black night sky. He was all I would see. He made me love going to school, just the thought of getting to him would make me want to go. My friends didn’t seem to notice him. I didn’t think they liked him.


As i began to notice him more, I felt like I got to learn who he is from a distance. I might sound like a stalker, but I promise i’m not a stalker. he had three younger sisters. the would joke a lot with each other. He loved photography and surfing. He always seemed happy and bubbly. The little crush I had soon turned into more and he didn’t even know who i was.

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