My life

When people look at Emily, they see a sixteen years old pretty girl. But when Emily is looking at herself in the mirror she see a devastated girl who is crying for help. But no one knows, besides Emily. This is Emilys diary where you get to read what she is holding inside.


1. Introduction

Hello everyone and welcome to my first story. This first “chapter” is just me trying to tell a little bit about this story.

The story is about Emily, we are reading her diary. Emily is sixteen years old and she is in her sophomore year. Emily is battling with a lot. Her parents do not give her so much attention because of her siblings. Emily has two siblings, a boy and a girl. They are twins and they are only two years old, the twins are taking a lot of her parent’s time. The twins is a boy and a girl, Julie and Marcus.

So yeah with her siblings, taking all of her parents time Emily is always alone when she is home. Emily is feeling lonely and it does not help to go to school because everyone hates her there.

Emily once had many friends. Once everyone wanted to know and talk to Emily, she even had to best friends, Molly and Anastacia. Their bond was unbreakable and they were inseparable, but then Anastacia started to ignore Molly. Molly asked Emily to help her figure out what was going on. Emily talked to Anastacia and found out that she was hooking up with Molly’s boyfriend Kyle. Anastacia begged Emily not to tell Molly anything and she did not, she lied to Molly and said that Anastacia ignored her because she was stressing out about a test she had to take. Molly believed Emily, but as the days went by Molly and Anastacia started to ignore Emily. Everyone at school did actually. Emily confronted Molly and Anastacia and asked them what was wrong. Molly accused Emily of hooking up with Kyle; Anastacia had lied to Molly and told it was Emily who did it. Emily tried to explain that it was Anastacia who did it, but no one believed her. Since that day the whole school has ignored Emily, they only talk to her to be mean to her. Anastacia and Molly continued to be best friends and every time they see Emily, they are yelling mean words to her.

Here it was people, Emily’s backstory. I will soon be publishing chapters to this story and I hope you will read it. I also hope you enjoyed reading this and find the story exiting and will return to read some more.

To next time. Byeeeee

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