My life

When people look at Emily, they see a sixteen years old pretty girl. But when Emily is looking at herself in the mirror she see a devastated girl who is crying for help. But no one knows, besides Emily. This is Emilys diary where you get to read what she is holding inside.


2. Chapter one

Dear diary.

So today was as any other day. Horrible!

I woke up, to the smell of pancakes. It was lovely, they smelled delicious and I do not think that I have ever left my bed so quick. My alarm clock always ring at six am. However, I always spent at least twenty minutes in bed, mainly to think about reasons why I not have to go to school.

Never mind, back to the pancakes. I practically ran down the stairs as fast as I could. However, do you know what I saw when I went into the kitchen. I´m being serious here it was the worst thing ever, you can´t even imagine. There were no pancakes. My mom had made pancakes, but for Julie and Marcus, however when I asked where my pancakes where she said, “Julie and Marcus earned it, they haven’t cried all night” what the fuck did she mean. I deserve pancakes; because of the twins, I had no one. I needed my mom and dad for what I am going through. They have not cried all night. Well I cry every night but I deserve pancakes for even making it through the night. My life is a living hell and they do not even notice. I tried to tell my dad once all the things I am going through but as usual, the conversation ends with us talking about the twins.

I do not even know why I am trying. My life do not make any sense, every day I wake up and actually do something other than just stay in bed I am going through physical torture. Still I believe that someday it all will change and my life will get better.

I actually got a little bit of hope today. I met a nice guy today. His name is Scott. I met him in my economy class; we had to split up in pairs and he chose me, and a thing that just made it all better was that Anastacia did not have a partner. I caught myself smiling today, which is the first time in a year. However, Scott and I actually worked pretty well together. In situations like these, I hate myself because after class Scott asked me to join him for lunch. When he asked me the first thing that ran through my mind was “Hell yeah” but then I got realistic for a second. Why would Scott eat lunch with me? Somebody was definitely pranking me. So I said no, because that is just how stupid I am. I thought I was protecting myself from a mean boy who just wanted to make fun of me.

However, I have to admit I stalked him on Facebook. According to his page, he just moved here and his first day in our school was today. I guess that is why he liked me; he has not heard the rumours yet. However, I thought wrong; after I had dinner, I came up to my room and had a message. I normally do not read them because they are mostly just hate. However, I opened this one, I do not even know why. Now I am glad I opened it, the message was from Scott.

“Hey Emily, I hope It is okay I stalked my way to your phone number. I just wanted you to know that if you are up for lunch I am still down. We could eat lunch together tomorrow, if you want to of course. No pressure.”

At first, I did not know what to respond. Then I just went all in, I needed to know if he was screwing with me.

“Hey Scott. I want to have lunch with you, trust me I really want to. However, because of some things that have happened in my past I have trouble-trusting people. If you don´t already know there is a rumour about me in school, that is why no one likes me. I suggest you ask people about that and when you hear it, then decide if you still want to have lunch with me.”

He has not answered yet. I knew he was pranking me; his page on Facebook is probably fake. Now I at least know how it feels to have hope. I really liked that feeling and I will continue my search for that feeling again tomorrow. However, for now I am going to sleep.

See you soon.

That was the official first chapter of “My Life” I hope you like reading it as must as I enjoyed writing it. I know my writing is not perfect and if there is some mistakes it is because I am not from England In real life. I was born and raised in Denmark and I still live here. So forgive me for my mistakes but I try.

To next time. Byeeeee




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