The psychopath in the mirror.

Madison is a normal 16 year old girl...
But that thing about being normal stopped the day she was kidnapped. She didn't know where she was, but she knew who brought her there. But she didn't wanna idmit it to herself.
Everyday she gets hurt trying to find a way out but everytime she gets hurt it brings her one step closer to find out here she is and how she can escape.


1. The mirror.

looking in the mirrorsaw two things. I saw myself and I saw what I would call a psychopath. I looked up and down at myself, and saw a tall girl with light brown hair in a pair of black jeans with a grey t-shirt and black Adidas all stars. She also have scared greyblue eyes and silver diamond earrings. The girl I was looking at can't seem to smile not even a little bit. The person behind her always wanted her to smile even though it was hard for her because of the situation I was in. I was doing my best to hold the tears back, because if I cried I would get hurt again. The last time I cried I was told that it wouldn't stop hurting until she stopped crying. So I kept crying at that time for about 15 seconds, until I pulled myself together and stopped crying and after I stopped crying it stopped hurting. So I kept saying to ´myself  "if you cry it's gonna end up hurting more than it did the last time." I turned around and looked him directly in the eyes, and he was just standing there smiling. But its not one of those smiles you get when you're happy, its more like that kind of smile people get when they've done something wrong but yet are proud of it. I could see the anger in his eyes but its more like proud anger because he was angry at me but were proud of what he had done. He was wearing a red hoodie a pair of black jeans and dark blue Stan Smith Adidas sneakers. And he had black hair, dark brown eyes and he has a lot of muscles. He was older than me, but it's only 2 years. We had known each other since we were probably 11 or 12 i think. So that would be about 5 years we had known each other since that I was 16 at that time and he was about 18 I think. Since we were in 8th grade. He was always sweet to me and always  helpful if I needed anything. I never saw him as cruel as he really was but there must be a reason that I was there and I just didn't know it. I was still looking him directly in the eyes I didn't want to talk to him, he could read exactly what I was thinking by the look in my eyes. "I want you to go over to the bed and sit down." That was the first thing he had said to me since I had woke up, "Why?, why should i do anything you ask me to do?. You're not my boss you're not my father or my teacher or by brother. YOU'RE NOTHING TO ME!" I was yelling aggressively at him, and he was defiantly pissed, but i didn't care  care. "Madison I'm going tell you one more time, sit down." I knew when he said that to me that he would do something to me if I didn't do it but i didn't care a bit. "Make me." I was looking him directly in the eyes with a little smile on my face. But it's more a smile like if i told him to do something that i knew that he wouldn't be able to do. But of course he could do it he just did in a different way then I was expecting. But apparently it was the easiest way for him but the most painful for me. Because he chose to slap me in the face, hard so that i had a mark. But as I had told myself before i couldn't allow myself to cry. After he had hit me i held my hand on my cheek because it hurt. And then he grabbed me by the hair made me fall down to the floor by putting his leg in under mine and then made me trip and fall down on the ground. And then he just pulled my over to the bed while i was kicking out in the air and holding my hands in my hair so i maybe could reduce the pain a little bit. But when he saw that i was holding my hands in my hair so it could reduce the pain a little bit. And then he took both of my hands and held it in only one of his hands, and then he could use the other one of his hands to pull me in the hair. While he was pulling me in the hair I kept telling him that I would do anything he wanted me to do if he would just stop hurting me. But he didn't listen, he didn't care. He only did what he wanted, never even once did he listen to what i had to say he only heard what he wanted to hear. He was pulling me over to the bed and when we were there he grabbed me around the stomach and threw me up on the bed. I was really scared for what he was gonna do but when he was done I kept telling myself that i should've seen it comming.

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