A World Away

After the tragedy of Evendale, Abigail finds herself in a different, dangerous world. She explores the new world with danger beside her side. Until yet, she finds these mystical creatures that has never yet been found. She finds this world, hers. The Water Queen. She finds the secrets behind Evendale and what Evendale really is behind its shadows......Evil. She can't trust it, not without a fight with her new world and her old home........


3. Wonder the Unknown

I could feel the sun trickle down towards me, warmthing against my skin. The hard, wet cocrete lay beneath me, drenched from the water.

 I could smell the air, all stenchy. It was a damp feeling. My eyes peered around against the floor, aching at every sight. I was still in this weird place. I could see the exit of the well, still a few metres away from me.

 I faced my body upwards to see a long wide roof that stretched all the way down through the building into the steep blackness. It looked like an old modern roof, that used to be rich and glorious. But it was now just a silent, desiring look. 

Somewhere around the roof, there was a gap of air. A big long line of a golden ray, came running down towards me, burning against my cheek. I scanned down the roof to see a beautiful wall, covered with mosaic patterns. It colours still gleamed against the bright light. I slowly lean't forward, my back aching with pain. I eventually stood up. 

I didn't know what to do. I was trapped in here. I was away from my home, Evendale. I was worried about Evendale being completely destroyed, taken over by those terrible worthless people. This was hopeless. I looked at the doomed sight. My only way as to follow the path. As I took one step, the pain swept into me but I had to get used to it. Limping, I headed down to the darkening wonder.

There wasn't much light but there was this emptiness, faded gloom that made the place desiring. I took step by step, aware that I could fall any second.

The only sound was my hollow steps, echoing down to the unknown. I heard a drop. I spun around quickly. There was nothing but the silent well.





'Drop'. There was another from the side. I whipped my head around, but again there was nothing.

"Who's there?" I yelled, my voice straining. Another drop appeared in front of me. With a quick pace, I headed down to the sound. I crept slowly. Quieting down my steps. 

There was a dark corner, laying blankly, a shadow overwhelming it.

'drop'... This time the sound came from the corner. Step by step, I strode towards it. Each step were quiet. I came in closer, and closer.... I breathed softly.... A metre away....

Suddenly, in a flash, a blue blur erupted in front of my face, tumbling me backwards. I could only yelp. Pain surged my face as claws gripped painfully to my cheeks. 


I stifled around, painfully trying to grab this thing. The strength of it was pulling me down as it slowly tried to rip my face. All I could see was the the flash of blue. 

An icy cold liquid erupted through my legs. My body fell into the water, tumbling around in somersaults, the thing still on my face. I struggled to find air, not knowing where oxygen was. I gripped the creature as hard as I could. With all my strength, I pulled it away. I felt it wriggling and squirming in my hands as I held it, tightly. 

The water was making my hands slippery. I could feel hard ground below my feet. I stood up on my legs as oxygen swept into me in deep relieving breaths. I opened my eyes.

In front of me was a dragon.


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