A World Away

After the tragedy of Evendale, Abigail finds herself in a different, dangerous world. She explores the new world with danger beside her side. Until yet, she finds these mystical creatures that has never yet been found. She finds this world, hers. The Water Queen. She finds the secrets behind Evendale and what Evendale really is behind its shadows......Evil. She can't trust it, not without a fight with her new world and her old home........


2. Discover the Depths

My lungs were bursting in the water, wanting some oxegan. My arms and legs were flailing around the water, struggling to swim up. The water kept sucking me down and down, spinning me up and around. The icy water was getting colder the more deeper I came. It became deeper and darker leaving a spooky look. My body was screaming inside me, to let it all out. Pain gripped my arms as i paddled my hardest out of the deep waters grip. But it was impossible. My only choice was to go with the flow.

The water sucked me in all the way into mystery. I was panicking, i could still hear my stressed out heart beating rapidly. All I could think of was to not breath. It reminded back to when my father taught me to swim under water and to hold my breath. I remember how I scared I was to drown. I was only three at that time when my father was still alive..... 

I remembered how he died. He died for no reason. It has always been a mystery throuhout Evendale. People in Evendale couldn't do such a thing?

A big jolt awoken me. Pain began to swell into me. I looked down to see a hatch stuck on to the side of the well. It was a small square wooden one.

It had a sharp edge on the top with trickling blood. Instantly i knew that my foot was bleeding. I could see the blood fade away into the dark blue water.

I paddled quickly and swam into the hatch, lifting up its lid. I put my head in first and squeezed my hip. I slid in carefully, my legs following behind me. I was in black. I paddled through the uknown searching my arms for any gap. Suddenly I could feel a loosely door. it must of been another door. I opened it up.


As soon as my head went through, I could feel air rush towards me as I sucked it in, in deep, relieving, breaths. I took my whole dripping body out, my foot still oozing in blood and collapsed onto the hard-stoned concrete taking in big deep breaths. The world around me began to swirl making me dizzy. I closed my eyes. I could feel my mind drift away into a tiny black dot. My breathing became slower. My mind lost control. 

Then the world went black...




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