A World Away

After the tragedy of Evendale, Abigail finds herself in a different, dangerous world. She explores the new world with danger beside her side. Until yet, she finds these mystical creatures that has never yet been found. She finds this world, hers. The Water Queen. She finds the secrets behind Evendale and what Evendale really is behind its shadows......Evil. She can't trust it, not without a fight with her new world and her old home........


1. Edge Of Death

My body tried to scream, but my mouth kept shut. I could feel my wounded hands slip slowly away from the rope of each breath I took. My arms were aching as it pinned against the wall. My legs were hanging in the blank vile air. Wriggling around in nothing.

I could feel my hands slowly slip away, from moments of death. I looked down to see the pitch blankness of the well. The rusty sides of it were grey and rough cobblestones scratched with markings of dried blood. I didn't want to die. I didn't want to die in my own well. I didn't want to die in my own castle. Those horrible people.

I could hear screams and shouts echo into the doomed night of Evendale. I was getting worried about my family, the people, everyone. Blasts of smoke crashed on the villages letting go of a long gasp of fire erupt. My heart was booming in my chest vibrating throughout my trembling body. My hands began to lose grip from the worried sweat that came down my palms. I tried to reach my legs on the sides of the well. I could just touch it by the ends of my foot. But it wasn't enough. I grasped onto the rope, twisting my painful wrist. I clenched my teeth in pain letting out a groan. I grasped the rope with my fingers and began to swing from side to side of the well, my feet touching the edges of it.

My wrist was burning, slowly giving up. I was getting momentum of each push I gave. Sweat trembled down my forehead to my chin where it would fall into the pitch blankness of the well. I was getting it. With one last push, I lifted my leg on the top side of the well. My ankle caught the side of it giving me a jolt. My fingers lost grasp of the rope. I was hanging in mid air with one arm. I tried lifting my arm slowly but it gave up. My ankle lost grip and plummeted back to the well. I winced with my one arm clinging onto my life, slowly slipping away. And in that moment, my fingers let go slowly. I could still feel the ropes burn into my skin. I was falling. Falling into the darkness. Falling to my death. I let out a long scream.


But it was no use. I could see the dark timid sky slowly fade. My body was wriggling in the air, my hair in all direction. I was waiting for the time where the world would disappear. I was flying in pitch black. I closed my eyes and let my life slowly panic away. I felt a cold icy feeling erupt through my feet then thrash around my whole body. I could hear bubbles and water crash into my ear. My ears were popping as I slowly sunk down into the water. The icy cold was biting into my arm. I opened my eyes. The water swelled into my eyes stinging and erupting my eyes with pain. I could only see the dark pale blue water sinking me deeper into its depth.....

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