Stockholm Syndrome (Part 1)

Gillian is kidnapped by London's most wanted criminals;a gang collectively known as One Direction.She has recently moved to London and has no knowledge about the gang.

Will she ever escape and get the criminals to justice ?


25. 25

Gillian's Point of View

"Now,you there!Don't try and attempt anything silly.I've got work to do so I'm gonna be in the garden.You guys look after her.",said Niall and left.

Harry and Louis were staring at each other.

"I'm....I'm gonna be in the room.See ya later.",I said and proceeded toward the stairs.Louis looked at me until Harry said,"I'm gonna start cooking for the day.Louis,I suppose you have work to do too so get on man.Don't stand there."

He mumbled a yes and then both of them walked away.

Liam's Point of View

"There he goes.",I told Josh as we observed Zayn leave in his car.

"Where did he go?"

"He's gone to bum a smoke.He'll be back in 10.Now,let's hurry."

Gillian's Point of View

I was lying on the bed with my eyes closed.I wasn't tired.....I was bored.Just lying dead was the best option at the moment.

"Can I join you?",came someone's voice.

I opened my eyes and looked up to see Louis' face hovering over me.

Pushing him away,I got up.

"What are you doing here?",I yelled.

Unprecedentedly,he pushed me down and climbed on me.

"Zayn's out and I'm not going to loose this chance.Do you know how hard it was getting close to you with him around?Now that he isn't,I'm going to fuck you hard......very hard."

His words rang like warning bells in my ears and I got deaf.I couldn't think,nor react.

He tore my t-shirt and pulled at my bra.I'm not going to let this happen again.

"HARRY!!!!!NIALL!!!HELP ME!",I screamed.

"They aren't gonna hear you.Niall's in the garden and Harry's in the kitchen.Now,scream for me baby girl."

Someone yanked the door open and pulled Louis off me.It was Liam.......wait what?Liam?


"How dare you touch her?!",he roared and smashed Louis 3-4 times in the face.

I ran immediately towards him and pulled him into a hug."Liam,I missed you."

He ran his hands through my hair and kissed me."I missed you so badly but we'll talk later.We gotta leave before Zayn's back."

He grabbed my hand and we ran down the staircase.I couldn't care less about my foot...I just wanted to get away from here.

We ran out the door that had been broken down.Seems like Liam smashed the door on his way in.

There was a car waiting for us with someone in it who I couldn't recognise but Zayn's car halted in front of us.

He saw Liam and me and ran out the car."Shit!"

Liam grabbed my hand and we ran into the house."We'll escape from behind."

Before anything could get worse,Louis knocked Liam on the head and he passed out.

He grabbed me and held me while Zayn ran in.

"What the fuck is going on?!",he bellowed.

"They tried to escape.",said Louis,still holding onto me.

Zayn signalled me to come to him.I nervously walked up to him and he yanked at my hair,pretty hard while I yelled out in pain.

"Haven't I told you not to run from here?",he yelled and pulled out his gun from the pocket of his coat and walked towards Liam.

Oh my gosh!!!!He's about to shoot Liam!I can't loose him...he protected me,now it's my turn.

"Aaaahhhhhhh.",I screamed out in pain.

Zayn looked towards me while I sat down on the floor clutching my back.

He walked towards me and bent down."What's up with you?"

"My back.....Louis.....",I acted.

Zayn glared at Louis for a second and turned toward me.

"What did he do?.....Gillian,what did he do?"

Louis has been mean to me and it's payback time.I'm usually not like this but this time,I'm gonna be a selfish bitch.

"He....he ...",I said and purposely poked my fingers in my eyes to generate tears."He raped me while you were gone and told me not to tell anyone."

Zayn's face was flushed with rage.There was fire in his eyes.

"LOUIS!!!!!!",he yelled and pounced on him.Harry poked his nose from the kitchen and saw what was going on.

I continued my drama while Zayn was beating Louis and he was calling for help.

I silently crawled to Liam and tried to awaken him but he was taking time.

Out of the blue during this outbreak,Niall appeared to be singing and walking in with a sun hat on his head.

"Has anyone seen my rose pruners ?......Holy mother of God!What's going on here?",he chimed in with his comment.

He stood shocked while Louis was being beaten up and Zayn cried out in profanity.

Niall stood there for a second and then ran back to the garden.

Suddenly,I heard the sirens of the car of the cops.

2 cars appeared in the driveway and 5 men ran in.They ran and separated Louis and Zayn.He was still yelling and screaming and tried to beat Louis.

Louis was beaten up pretty badly.Blood flowed from his lips,his eyes were black and blue and he had punch marks on his face and body.

Each cop put the handcuffs on the lads.One guy came dragging Niall and he was crying,saying he was innocent but they heeded to none.

Liam got up and wrapped his arms around me.I pulled him into a hug."Are you fine?",I cried.

"I'm good,don't worry about me."

The guys were lead to the car.Niall was crying loudly and I felt bad for him.....He didn't do anything to me...he was good.Or so I thought.

Another cop pulled Liam out of my grip and asked for his hands.

Liam silently put his hands forward and allowed the police man to put the handcuffs.I was dumbstruck.

"Li...Liam!!!",I yelled as he was led to the car.

Some strange guy walked towards me and wrapped his hands around me.

"Relax,I'm Josh.Liam's best friend.We got them caught.It was my idea.",he said beamingly.

"Was getting Liam caught a part of your idea?!",I yelled while he jumped a bit.

"Read this.It's a letter from Liam.",he said and handed me a folded paper.

I hesitantly opened it and read the following.

Dear Gillian,

I want to take the time and write this letter in case something ever happens to me.If I loose my life or end up in prison,I don't want you to be hurt cause we both knew in the back of our heads that this relationship wouldn't be possible.I haven't been a good person Gillian and I don't think I'll ever end up as one so I'm ready to accept the punishment given to me.Please forgive me but I will love you always.You have been an amazing person to me and I can't thank you enough for coming into my life.I hope you'll have a great life ahead.I'm terribly sorry for my animal behaviour back in Wolverhampton but the memories of our friendship and love are forever cherished.My friend Josh will take you back to your home.Forgive me if you can.

Love always,


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