Stockholm Syndrome (Part 1)

Gillian is kidnapped by London's most wanted criminals;a gang collectively known as One Direction.She has recently moved to London and has no knowledge about the gang.

Will she ever escape and get the criminals to justice ?


21. 21

 Gillian's Point of View

The car zoomed away from Liam's house.

I was seated in the back seat between Louis and the blonde boy.

"Let's introduce ourselves.I'm Zayn,this is Harry,that's Louis and the blondie is Niall."

Harry was driving while Zayn was seated beside him.

"You will stay with us......or rather with me.",said Zayn and turned away to face the front.

"Can I know where we are going?",I sobbed.

"My house in London."

Liam's Point of View

I laid on the floor tied to the chair.Zayn had tied me tightly and there was no way I could escape.

"Gillian!!!!",I cried.They took her and god-knows what they'll do to her.I need to rescue her and fast.

I'll kill Zayn if he does anything to my girl.

The rope was cutting into my skin......the same arm where I had been shot.

I dragged myself and the chair to the kitchen and stopped against the counter.

I used to store a carving knife in the bottom-most drawer.

I pulled it out and began to cut the rope behind me.

Gillian's Point of View

Louis had been touching me constantly.

"If you touch me again.",I whispered."I'll hurt you badly."

"You give me such a turn on.",he mumbled.

Great!I have two guys falling for me when I already have a boyfriend.

I glared at Zayn while he was texting someone,Harry was focused on driving.Niall was asleep beside me.Maybe I should sleep too.

Liam's Point of View

I had already enough vodka to make me feel tipsy.I had fallen down countless times and I didn't know what to do.....whom to call.

I didn't have any friends who could help me find a solution to get back Gillian........I mean,there was one person but I haven't spoken to him in years.

Josh childhood friend.My brother from another mother.

I searched for my phone and found it in my room.I unlocked it and search for Josh in my contacts.

I fumbled a bit but then dialled his number.

It kept ringing until someone picked up."Hello?Who's calling?"

That same voice brought back many memories to life.

"Hey Josh!It's me,Liam.",I said fumbling with the phone.

"What the fuck!!!Where the fuck did you disappear bro?You have no fucking idea how much I tried to look for you.You changed your number too."

That was Josh!A completely different and hilarious person.

"So what's on?",he asked."Well,I'm in need of help.I desperately need you Josh.Please help me."

"But what's wrong?"

"My girlfriend had been kidnapped.I need your help to help me find her."

"Oh shit!!!I'm on my way but are are you?"

I told him my address and I heard him gathering things and running out the door.

"I'll see ya soon.",he said and put the call away.

Josh lived in Essex and it doesn't take long to come from there.

Gillian's Point of View 2 Hours Later

I was being shaken by one of the boys saying that we've arrived.

"Welcome to London,Gillian.",said Zayn as he led me into his house.

"Your room is on the first floor.",he said and carried me up and put me on the bed.

"If you need anything,don't hesitate to call me or any of the boys.",he said and leaving me on the bed,he shut the door and left the room.

The room was super luxurious.The walls were a pale pink and so were the bedsheets.

The wardrobes were filled with branded clothing and perfumes.

This guy can't buy my love with all the cash he owns.I want Liam.I wonder what he's going through.

Liam's Point of View

I kept pacing up and down my living room impatiently when there was a knock on the door.

I swung it open and stood there,was an old friend.

Josh Devine.

"Come in and I'll explain everything."

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