Stockholm Syndrome (Part 1)

Gillian is kidnapped by London's most wanted criminals;a gang collectively known as One Direction.She has recently moved to London and has no knowledge about the gang.

Will she ever escape and get the criminals to justice ?


18. 18

Gillian's Point of View

"Hey!You alright?Is something wrong?",asked Liam and tapped my hand.

"I'm sorry,were you saying something?",I asked clearing the clutter in my head.

"Gillian,is wrong bothering you?I can help you.Tell me."

"Nah,there's nothing wrong.I'm just way too tired ya know.",I said and nervously giggled.

I looked at my uneaten burger and grabbing it,I took a large bite to change my focus from that phone call to the delicious food that I was going to devour.

"Hey....hey.Go slow,alright.It's not running away.",said Liam and laughed.

I continued to look at him.There's something I like about him.He's really nice when he's good and caring.


The burger and fries were long gone and I was with Liam on the couch.He held me in his arms while we watched some funny programme.

Liam laughed wholeheartedly quite a few times but my mind was wandering in space;thinking about the consequences that could take place after cutting that phone call.

'I'll hunt you down.'.....just the statement was terrifying.From what knowledge I have heard from Liam,Zayn is dangerous.I heard him this evening and his voice almost killed me.

My thoughts were taking over my body.I began to shiver and tremble frequently.I don't want him to hurt me and especially Liam.

I cuddled up beside him.He put his arm around me and I snuggled my head close to his body,taking in the scent of his cologne.Somehow,it managed to calm me down.

"Looks like someone wants to cuddle.",he joked and carefully ran his hand through my hair and kissed my forehead later.

I like him.Yes,he has kidnapped me but he's taking care of me.

After getting comfy with Liam,I closed my eyes and fell asleep beside him while he continued to watch telly.

Liam's Point of View

Gillian was all cuddled up beside  me with the blanket and I felt amazing.Taking in the scent of her hair and perfume was making my heart race.I.....I love the moment and don't want it to end.

I took a look at her and she was asleep.I turned down the volume of the TV and held her close to me.All she did was hold me closer to her and continued to sleep.

I closed my eyes and imagined being away from the gang.I never lived life so freely since the past few years.......ever since Shannon went away,I've been captured by Malik.

Gillian is my next girlfriend and she's amazing.Miss you Shannon but I'll never forget my first love and kiss with you.I hope you're happy where you are and I hope you accept Gillian the way she is.

I glared at the clock above the telly and it read 11pm.Gillian is asleep too and I'm feeling tired too.Maybe it's time we go to bed.

"Gillian....babe.....wake up so I can take you upstairs.Let's go to bed.",I said and carefully ran my hand over her slightly tanned skin.

She slowly opens her eyes and nodded."I'm sleepy Liam."

"I know.Let me take you upstairs.",I said and took her in my arms.

She leant her head against my chest and wrapped her hands around my neck.

I laid her upon the bed and covered her with the duvet.

"Good night.",I said and kissed her cheek.She returned the kiss and I walked out closing the door softly behind me.

Gillian's Point of View

I was feeling really comfortable in Liam's arms.I feel lonely without him....

"Liam!",I called out.

Seconds later,the door opened and Liam walked in in his boxers.

"Want something?",he asked,rubbing his eyes.

"Were you asleep?",I asked.

"Just preparing my bed but it's fine.Tell me."

"Come here please.",I said and signalled him to bend down beside me.

He came and did as told.

I ran my hand over his cheek and pulled his face near mine,our lips touching......and staying there for a few seconds.He looked bewildered at first but then gave into the kiss.

"Good night.",I said.

He smiled with a blush and ruffling my hair,he left the room with a wide smile on his face.

I smiled at myself.I loved that kiss too.

Turning away in bed,I fell asleep with thinking nothing but about the kiss.

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