Stockholm Syndrome (Part 1)

Gillian is kidnapped by London's most wanted criminals;a gang collectively known as One Direction.She has recently moved to London and has no knowledge about the gang.

Will she ever escape and get the criminals to justice ?


17. 17

Gillian's Point of View

"Here you go.",said Liam and carefully made me sit on the piano stool.

He put a cushion on the floor and rested my injured foot on it.

"Thanks a lot.",I said after he lifted the piano cover and went to get a book for himself.

I got busy playing the instrument while he sat and read his book.


That evening I was in my room upon the bed reading a book when Liam knocked on the door.

"Come in.",I said and he walked in.

"Wanna have fast food for dinner?I'm feeling a bit lazy to cook.",he said and rubbed his palms.

I agreed to his proposal and it was decided that we'd have fast food.I settled upon a burger and fries and Liam selected the same.

He smiled at me and went to get the food.We obviously couldn't get it delivered home.

Liam had warned me not to leave the house.There's no possible way that I am capable to do that.

I've given up escaping.I don't want to get beaten up regularly by Liam.All my hopes are with the cops now.They are the ones who can save me from this abduction......and soon.

To be honest,I like Liam when he acts docile.I like it when I'm given attention.

I was lazily lying in bed when I heard a phone ring across the hall.The ringtone was exactly the same as mine.Maybe it is my phone.If it's my parents,I can tell them I'm in Wolverhampton in a cabin beside a lake......maybe I could send them my location.

I struggled and finally I got off the bed and dragged my body to the door.Taking support of the wall and the door,I stood up.Pain shot through my injured ankle but I tried to ignore it and walk out of the room.

I took support of various objects in my path and finally got to the phone in Liam's room on its second ring.

Turns out this iPhone was white whereas mine was black so this has got to be Liam's.I crawled to the bed and got to the phone.

The caller was someone named 'Louis'.I don't know if I should answer it or not but my mind kept saying yes.

I grabbed the phone and slid the slider with a pounding heart.

"Hey Liam!Where the heck are you?",came the voice of a guy on the other end.

The voice sounded dangerous and my hands began to shake.

"Hello?Liam?Are you there?What have you done?Where's that chick?",he continued to speak.

The phone slipped from my hand and fell onto the carpet.

I lifted it and was going to press the red button but I touched 'speaker' instead.

Another voice that Liam and I  feared grabbed the phone on the other end.Zayn Malik.

"Listen up Liam,if you turn yourself and the girl in,I'll spare you or else I'm going to kill you......remember what I did to your girlfriend?If not,I'll make you remember.Now listen to the details,I want you and that chick in my penthouse by sunrise tomorrow......or you know wh....",I cut the call.

What I just heard was terrifying!Liam has no idea about all this and he's going to get ballistic if I tell him that I answered a call from his gang.

Oh dear lord!Please help!We're in deep shit.I don't want to hurt Liam.He hasn't a wild idea as to what just happened.

Crying,I put the phone back in its original position and crawled back to my room.I carefully climbed on the bed and stared at the blank ceiling.

I couldn't get over the guilt and the after-effects of that phone call.The worst kept flashing in front of my eyes.

If we don't turn ourselves in,I have no fucking idea as to what our status will be........dead and lying in a sack ready to be disposed.

My body shook at the thought and I heard the sound of keys and soon the door unlocked.

"I'm back!",came Liam's voice.He came directly to my room only to find me crying.

"Hey,what's wrong?",he said and wiped my tears.

I can't tell him what's happened or before Zayn kills me,Liam will do the honours.

" fell of the bed and..... my foot hurts.",I sobbed.

"Awwww,come here.",he said and pulled me into a hug,rubbing my back to calm me down."It's alright.Now that I'm here,I'll take care of you."

That hurt me so much.....more than the pain in my legs.I felt terribly guilty to lie to Liam.....someone who's caring for me.A huge lump had formed in my throat but with trouble,I managed to swallow my guilt to find Liam carrying me downstairs for dinner.

I wrapped my hands around his shoulder and leant my head against his warm muscular chest.

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