Stockholm Syndrome (Part 1)

Gillian is kidnapped by London's most wanted criminals;a gang collectively known as One Direction.She has recently moved to London and has no knowledge about the gang.

Will she ever escape and get the criminals to justice ?


15. 15

Liam's Point of View

"Liam!!!!!Help me!!!!!",Gillian yelled again as I ran into the kitchen.

There she was,up on the counter with the plate in her hand.

"What are you doing?",I said,trying not to laugh.

"Look down.....there.Take it away."

On the floor was a lizard.I burst out laughing."Gillian,you're afraid of that?"

"It's not funny......and yes.",she replied."Take it out of the house or I won't get off the counter."

I laughed again and said,"In that case,I'll pick up the lizard and throw it on you."

"LIAM PAYNE!If you do that,I'll slap you hard and throw my shoe on you.",she said but reached for the plate and pretended to fling it like a frisbee.

"Fine,if that's what you'll do then I'm going to enjoy my telly and you can figure out if you want to get off that counter.",I said and left the room and hid behind the wall.

I like to tease her......she gets really cute and it turns me on.

"Liam!!.......please help me!",she called out again.I laughed and came back in the kitchen."Please help me Liam."

I walked towards the counter while the lizard ran to some distance and stopped to stare at us.

"Okay,it's gone.Can you please get off the counter?",I said laughing.

Gillian was red in the face.She got on her feet and took a bite of her uneaten sandwich.She began to walk away but the lizard came running towards her.

"Aaaaggghhhhhh!It's back!",she screamed and leapt into my arms.The lizard ran up to my feet.

"Aaaaaaggggghhhhh!It's right below us!!!",she screamed in my face,making me deaf for a matter of seconds.

"Stop yelling in me my face!",I said.

"But it's right below us.I'm afraid of them.",she said and wrapped her hands around my neck so I could hold her well.

She's never been this close to me.....I mean,yeah she has when I fucked her but I gave up on all romantically close.

I stared into her eyes and she,into mine.At a point,she licked her dry lips and I knew what she meant.

I carefully leant in to give her what she wanted but was interrupted by her."Can we make a move from here?"

I smiled and nodding my head,I carted her to the couch.

"Thank you.",she said as I went and brought her sandwich."Can I have something to drink?"

"Sure!What do ya want?"

"Some juice please.",she replied.

"Apple or orange?"

"Apple as fuck!",she said excited.

"It's downstairs in the basement.",I said scratching the back of my neck."

"That's fine.I'll get long as there are no creepy-crawlies downstairs.",she said rolling her eyes.

I laughed and went to make another sandwich for ourselves while Gillian went downstairs to get the beverage.

Gillian's Point of View

I went straight for the food cabinet and my favourite drink was right in front of my eyes when I opened it.

"Come to me,babe.",I said and took it in my arms.

Holding it close to me,I began to climb the stairs.

Talking of 'babe',what just happened upstairs?Why did I feel electric when in Liam's arms?It's not that I felt it for the first time cause I haven't........the whole incident was......electrifying!

I was walking when my foot somehow slipped and I fell down the stairs.

Pain surged through my left ankle and I yelled out in pain to find the apple juice can falling on my head.It sent me sprawling for a few seconds and I called for help again as soon as the world stopped turning.

What a lovely day!

Liam's Point of View

I heard Gillian yell out .......again and rushed to the basement.She was lying on the floor,crying out in pain.

"Are you alright?",I said as I got to the bottom.

"I fell down."

I tried to make her stand but she screamed in pain.

"I think your ankle is sprained.",I said and took her arms again,carrying her up.

The same feeling reoccurred again as Gillian was in my arms.

I carefully put her upon the couch and rested her feet on the cushion.

"Let me examine it.",I said and ran my hands over it.

She forced air out of her mouth when I touched her ankle.

"It is a sprain.Let me bandage it.",I said and walked off to get the first aid kit from my room.

Gillian's Point of View

Liam was back in a minute's time with the box in his hand.

"Now rest very still while I bandage your foot.It will hurt but I'll try my best.",he said.

I grabbed a cushion and covered my face with it.

Liam's Point of View

I tried to do my best and not hurt Gillian.She squeezed the pillow but I was done with her foot in a matter of minutes.

"Okay,drama queen,we're done here.Now you rest and call me if you need anything.I'll be doing the dishes.",he said and covered me with a blanket and handed me the TV remote.

"Remember,I'm here for you.",he said and kissing my forehead,he walked into the kitchen with a big smile on his face.

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