Stockholm Syndrome (Part 1)

Gillian is kidnapped by London's most wanted criminals;a gang collectively known as One Direction.She has recently moved to London and has no knowledge about the gang.

Will she ever escape and get the criminals to justice ?


14. 14

Liam's Point of View

I kicked Gillian in the face and she laid on the floor,lifeless.

She didn't move or do anything.

Did I kill her?

"Gillian?",I called out but she gave no reply.I knelt beside her and slightly tapped her forehead but she was unconscious.

Her chest rose and fell indicating she was yet alive.Why am I like this?!Why can't I just be another regular man?

Taking her in my arms,I took her to my room and laid her on the bed.I pulled a chair beside it and awaited her to return to consciousness.

I held her soft hand in my hand and kissed it.

She didn't deserve to be an innocent victim of all this mafia.I can't help it if I'm falling for her.I.....I like her and I want her to be with me but I know that she'll be gone soon.I will not get to spend my life with her cause I will end up in a jail cell one day.I know that.I'm a criminal and there's no way that I'll get away with it.I gotta enjoy every moment I can right now before I'm surrendered to the cops.

Gillian laid on my bed,sleeping.I continued to hold her hand and didn't leave it for a second.It was perspiring but I couldn't care less.30 minutes later,her body moved and she came back to her senses.

Gillian's Point of View

I flinched a bit and noticed Liam beside me.I freaked out and pulling my hand away from him,I crawling away from him only to find myself falling off the other edge of the bed.

I heard him call my name saying that I should calm down and listen to him but I was all fanatic.All I wanted to do was get away from him.

Liam's Point of View

I tried to tell Gillian that I'm sorry for hurting her again yet after telling her that I wouldn't but she was worked up and talking bad about me.

I caught her sharply and pulled her towards my torso.I caught her sleekly from her waist and holding it close to my stomach,I leaned in.Gillian arched her back trying to break free from my grip but it only made her look more sexy.

I carefully laid a finger on her lips,silencing her for the first time in minutes.Her breathing rate was fast and her bosom rose and fell fast.My cheap skate mind kept staring at it until my senses were back under my control and I changed my focus.

"Now can I do the talking ?",I said and caught her attention which was trying to free herself."Look,I'm sorry for hitting you once again but you tried to escape again.Why Gillian?.....Why?"

"Because I miss my family and friends and they are worried about me.",she blurted in my face.In a way,she's right but I can't let her go.I want her.

"I miss them,Liam.",she said again,sobbing.I pulled her into a hug and held her tight.Surprisingly,she held me too and I ended up on cloud 9."I miss them."

"I know that but you also know I can't let you go.",I said.She cried a bit but was alright soon."Lets eat something."

She nodded and followed me downstairs.I made ourselves peanut butter sandwiches and we sat on the couch eating them,watching the telly.

"Can I watch telly for a while?",asked Gillian.

"I'm watching baseball,a while later.",I replied.

"But I wanna watch now.",she protested.

I snickered at her which got her angry and she walked into the kitchen with her plate with the sandwich.

A few minutes after Gillian disappeared,she gave a piercing shriek."Liam!!!!!!!Help me!!!!!!"

Hearing her scream,I ran into kitchen.

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