Stockholm Syndrome (Part 1)

Gillian is kidnapped by London's most wanted criminals;a gang collectively known as One Direction.She has recently moved to London and has no knowledge about the gang.

Will she ever escape and get the criminals to justice ?


11. 11

Gillian's Point of View

I was left alone in the living room with my bowl of pasta while Liam disappeared into the next room.I stared at the pasta,expressionless.

He cooked me lunch.....that's really sweet of him.I am kidnapped but he's making sure I don't find the loss of any amenity.Why is he being like this?I mean,he kidnapped me but he's still not called home to extort money in the last 2 days that I've been here.What are his intentions?

The sound of a piano interrupted my thoughts.It was coming from the room Liam was in.He plays the piano?

I finished my lunch and rinsing the bowl,I put it in the dishwasher and started it.Liam had preloaded it with the dishes.

Let me see what he is up to.Him and a piano?

I pushed open the door to that room and found Liam seated in front a grand piano.

"Hi!",he said and continued to play the instrument.

"I didn't know you can play the piano."

"It's my favourite instrument.I love to play the piano.......considered you've got a lot to learn about me.",he winked and said the latter part.

I didn't understand what he meant by that but anyways I ignored him.He continued to play the graceful piano while I walked around the room.

There was a window at the very end but the curtain had been drawn.Beside it was a book self and a recliner.The book shelf was filled with innumerable books.

"You like to read?",I called out.

"Love.",came his reply.

There was also a tiny self on the wall that held more books.

"Those are my favourite.",he said and turned away from the piano.

This was the type of Liam I had met.......the soft and sweet one......a docile human.Not the one who was vulnerable and to whom I lost my virginity.

"If you don't mind,can I play the piano for a while?",I asked,looking at the floor.

"Sure,why not?",he said and I headed over the piano while Liam took a book and got comfortable on the recliner."Feel free to play anything."

I took an intake of air and began to play Beethoven.

"Beethoven......a very good taste of music.",said Liam from the other end of the room.I gave him a smile and continued to play.


"What do you wanna have for dinner?",asked Liam later that day as we sat on his balcony which was overlooking the lake and a wonderful sunset.

"I don't mind anything,Liam.",I said.

He continued to look at me which was creeping me out cause I was thinking he was gonna do something to me.......something I don't want happening again.

"Gillian,I'm so so so sorry for treating you so harshly.Please forgive me.I promise to treat you the way to deserve to be treated.",he begged.

What should I do?I mean,yes he has treated me badly but I don't like to hurt someone's feelings and Liam is apologising too.He's learnt his mistake.

"Treat me the way I deserve to be treated?....that means by beating,slapping and whipping me?"

He looked ashamed but came his words of wisdom,"That was a terrible mistake I made.I shouldn't have treated you like an animal.I'm sorry."

"I forgive you Liam.It's okay.",I said.

He got up and pulled me into a hug."Let's have pizza for dinner.",he said and looked at me in the eyes.

"Whatever you want.",I said.

"Gillian,please.I don't want you to be afraid of me.I'm not going to hurt you.Please trust me."

I don't know about trusting you Liam but I will keep calm and stay on my best behaviour.What if you go from sweet to vulnerable in a split second?

The sun had set and we went back into living room.

Liam put on his coat and said,"I hope you will not try to escape cause if you do then I guess you know what happens."

My body shivered at this words and I nodded."I'll be back soon.",he said and locking me in the cabin,he headed to get pizza.

I'm happy he didn't tie me to some wooden chair as other kidnappers do.I was given free reign to do what I wanted.

Since Liam wasn't at home,I decided to explore his home.

I had seen the kitchen and the salon with the piano.There was another door that led to the basement.Downstairs,there was a tiny TV with a couch.The laundry room was in the corner with about 5 boxes of soap beside the washer.The water boiler was in the corner of the room.

At the other end of the room was a tiny room with the central heating control from which a slight humming sound was audible.

Another door led to the garage where there was a lawnmower,a can of gas in the corner and rakes,brooms and its paraphernalia.

I came back to the main level and head to the first floor.I had seen my room but there was another one at the end of the corridor.It was Liam's.

The house all together was such splendid shit.This house was way better than mine.No body would even take a guess that such a piece of property belonged to a kidnapper.Maybe getting kidnapped by Liam is a good thing.

I walked around his amazing house and left no corner unexplored.I decided to check out Liam's bed and so I hopped into it.

Liam's Point of View

I was back with the pizza in hand a while later."Gillian,I'm home.",I called out but got no response.

What if she ran away?

I put the pizza on the table and ran into the kitchen-empty.I ran up and down the house but she was nowhere.

Her room was empty too but somehow the door to my room was open.I decided to check it out.

Gillian's Point of View

Liam's bed is so amazing.I love it.I was lying on it and periodically bouncing.

"Gillian?",I suddenly heard Liam call and there he was,standing at the door."What are you doing?"

Fuck!He's home and he found me snooping.I'm so dead.

"Liam,I'm so sorry.I never meant to intrude.I was only exploring.I promise I won't do it again.",I cried and begged to him.I don't want to be punished.

He walked up to me and held me from my shoulders."Gillian,it's absolutely fine.I have no problem."

What?!Is that all?He didn't mind me intruding?

"You didn't mind me intruding?"

"Not at all.What's mine is yours.Feel free to do anything as long as you don't run from here.",he said smiling."By the way,how's my bed?"

'What's mine is yours'?.......what does he mean?

"The bed is amazing.Did you get the dinner?",I said changing the subject.

"I did,let's go eat!",he said excited.

He turned off the lamp beside the bed that I had turned on and then taking my hand,he led me downstairs.

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