Stockholm Syndrome (Part 1)

Gillian is kidnapped by London's most wanted criminals;a gang collectively known as One Direction.She has recently moved to London and has no knowledge about the gang.

Will she ever escape and get the criminals to justice ?


10. 10

Gillian's Point of View

When I woke up hours later,Liam was no longer beside me.Good.....cause I'm in no mood to see his face.

Rummaging through the bag of clothes,I pulled out a fresh pair of shorts,a t-shirt and my underclothes.Taking them,I straight went for a shower.

I turned on the shower and stepped inside.It felt like heaven when the hot water hit my body.I hadn't taken a shower since 2 days.

Gosh,I can't live without a shower.......I mean,who can?

I kept thinking about the situation back home.I wonder what my parents are going through.They are going to be worried,no doubt.

I continued to stand under the shower pondering about my family and what could happen in the next few days.

When I felt that I had wasted enough water,I stepped out the shower and dried my body and quickly put on my clothes.

Walking into the room,I found it empty......the way I had left it.Taking my watch from the nightstand,I put it on and headed downstairs.

"Hi!Slept hard,didn't you?Wanna eat something?",asked Liam.He was upon the couch eating Cheerios from the box.

I nodded and he said,"Feel free to raid the kitchen."

I was stunned as I walked into the kitchen.What a mess?!

There is food on the counter and there is a colony of ants walking around.The refrigerator is a mess with all the possible vegetables rotting.Cockroaches run up and down the garbage can and not to mention is a huge pile of dirty dishes in the sink.......probably from the last 2 days.

"Liam!!!",I yelled and he walked into the room with his box of Cheerios in hand.

"Yeah?",he mumbled,mouth full and staring at the game on the telly.

"What is this?"

"What is what?",he asked as innocent as ever.

"Why is this kitchen such a mess?"

"That's how I like it.Any problem?"

"Yeah,I can't eat with all those creatures running up and down the dishes and garbage can.This place is dirty as fuck."

"Fine,then don't eat and go on diet or help yourself to something without making much of a fuss.Now,I'm a little too busy watching the game so don't pester me.",he said and walked out.

I huffed and went straight to the food cabinet.

Turns out,everything had crossed its expiry date.I am not going to eat his old junk that expired months ago.

Sighing,I walked back into the living room and sat down beside Liam.He turned to me and snickering,he continued to eat his Cheerios.

I grabbed the box from him and began to munch on them.

"Hey!!!That was mine.",he said and grabbed it back.Soon both of us were grabbing at the two ends of the box.

Liam tugged at it too hard and it tore from the middle,throwing the Cheerios into our laps.

"Hey,that's mine,give it back.",he pouted and collected the snacks in his hands and began to munch on it again.

I angrily stomped into the kitchen where I found a box of pasta that wasn't expired but turns out,there weren't any clean dishes to cook it in.

"Looks like I will have to clean up this mess cause I can't live among this filth.",I mumbled to myself and began to clean the counters and threw the rotten vegetables away.

I scrubbed the counter and then washed the dishes.

Liam's Point of View

I was busy watching the game when I heard the clanking of dishes coming from the kitchen.

What is Gillian up to?

Peeking from the door,I found her doing the dishes.That's really sweet of her but she isn't here to do the dishes.I must stop her.

"Gillian.",I said and walked towards her."Please don't do the dishes.I don't like you doing my chores.You are not here for that reason."

"Really?I can't stand living among all this dirt.I made up my mind that if you won't do,then I gotta do it."

"Okay fine.I'm sorry.Allow me to cook you lunch and I'll clean up everything."

She looked at me for a second and then agreed.I said a thank you and washing her hands,she walked out.

Gillian's Point of View

Liam began to search for a clean saucepan to cook the pasta in while I went to watch a bit of TV.

I was switching through the channels until a news conference captivated my attention.

"We are bringing you live updates of this girl who has miraculously disappeared 2 days ago.If you have any news or have seen this woman,do contact this number.",the telly said.....and then my photograph on TV.

"Ha,I'm on TV.......I'm on national television!Isn't this splendid?",I said out loud.

Liam poked his head from the kitchen and said,"That's fine but no one will ever find you here."

I ignored him and changed the channel.I'm on TV so everyone across the country will begin looking for me.I'm going home soon.This has got to be dad's idea.

My thoughts were interrupted by the vibrating of a phone on the couch.

I quickly grabbed it and saw that it wasn't mine.Liam's phone.

The caller was someone called 'Zayn'.

I don't know but I think I shouldn't answer the phone.I let it vibrate and set it down.Once the call was cut,I tried to unlock his phone by sliding the slider but there was a passcode.

Tossing it back onto the couch,I changed my focus to the TV.

Soon the phone was vibrating again and continued to until there were 10 missed calls from 'Zayn'.

Why does this name sound familiar?I know for sure that I've heard it before but I can't recall.

"Here you go.",came Liam's voice as he set a bowl of delicious looking pasta on the table.

I turned the telly off and walked to the table.

"I hope you enjoy it.",he said walked away into the kitchen.I heard the sound of running water for a while.

I sat down at the table and stared into the kitchen.Liam appeared soon and smiling,he walked into a room near the kitchen,closing the door behind him.

I haven't seen what room that is.

Within seconds,the door opens again and Liam's face appeared.

"Eat it before it gets cold.If you need anything,I'm in here.",he said and shut the door with a 'thud'.

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