Stockholm Syndrome (Part 1)

Gillian is kidnapped by London's most wanted criminals;a gang collectively known as One Direction.She has recently moved to London and has no knowledge about the gang.

Will she ever escape and get the criminals to justice ?


9. 09

Gillian's Point of View

"Liam!!!Liam,listen to me.",I called out but he didn't open the boot.Instead,I heard the car engine start and it began moving.At every nook and corner,the bodies would roll towards me and I kicked them away.

I continued to call Liam but he didn't listen to me.The car turned sharply and a body came and touched me.The air was filled with the smell of blood.

I couldn't see anything.I tried to stay away from the bodies but they kept rolling and touching me often.I finally kicked them away to keep the blood away from me.

Within minutes,the car came to a halt and the engine was turned off.I guess we've arrived.

I heard the boot click open and Liam's face appeared."Get out.",he said and I hopped out beside him.

"Liam,I'm sorry.Please forgive me.",I cried.He grabbed me and said,"If you help me dispose these bodies,I might consider forgiving you."

What?!He killed them.I'm not going to mess my hands on a murder I didn't commit.

"But Liam,I can't do that.I will not mess my hands by a murder that you committed."

"Fine,suit yourself.",he said and pushed me back into the trunk.

"Okay,hold up.I will help you but will you forgive me?"

"Sure,now hurry up and let's get rid of these bodies."

I know I'm going to regret this.I don't want to spend my life in a jail cell.

Liam held the body and dumped it into the lake.Was this the lake he was talking about?To be honest,it's really beautiful.

There were trees that were covered in orange and yellow leaves as it was fall.He threw the bodies into the lake.

"Now let's get the hell out of here.",he whispered and taking my hand,we ran back to the car.

I opened the door to get in beside him but he whisked me aside and dumped me into the trunk again.

"Liam?!What are you doing?",I called out as he closed it.

The car's engine started again and we were on our way.He can't do this.He betrayed me.I helped him dispose the bodies and is this what I get in return?

7 minutes later,we were back at his cabin.

He opened the trunk and picking me up bridal style,he carried me into the house;closing the door with his foot.

I told him to put me down but he didn't until we reached the bedroom.

"I thought I had told you to keep silent when the cops come but you so fucking love to scream,don't you?......Now I'm gonna make you scream.",he said and ripped my t-shirt.

I wrapped my hands to cover my partially naked body and glared angrily at him,telling,"How dare you do this?"

Without a warning,he pulled off my bra,breaking the clasp.I screamed again as his large hands went straight for my body,yanking me close to him.He kissed me and then pulled down my shorts with my panties.

Throwing me on the bed,he climbed over me.I pushed Liam but he was so much stronger that he hardly moved.I gave him a kick and he fell off the bed.

Grabbing the opportunity,I ran for the door and down the stairs.

I tried the locks on the door but they are so fucked up,they refused to open.How do you open these goddamn locks?!

I finally figured out and happily opened one lock at a time.I was at the last one when hands wrapped around my waist.

Liam's head appeared over my shoulder."That was a wrong idea babe.You shouldn't have done that.Now I'm going to fuck you so damn hard,you'll never forget it."

My blood ran cold and my body shivered as Liam locked the house up and carried me up to the room.

I opened my mouth to apologise but no words came out.He tied me to the bed and put a blindfold over my eyes.I continued to sob cause I knew I was going to be punished pretty badly.

I heard something rip and I guess he's putting on a condom.Good....I don't wanna be pregnant with this psycho and bipolar's baby.

Seconds later Liam pushed in and I yelled in pain.

"Yeah.....yeah!Yell babe,scream as much as you want.",he said and increased his pace.

"Liam.....Liam....slow down.It hurts.",I screamed but I guess he didn't pay me any attention.

He continued to thrust at such a pace that I felt my muscles convulse due to an organism.I couldn't see anything due to the blindfold but Liam kept moaning out,'It's only gonna hurt a little,princess.'

I'm going to slap him so hard and then ask him what hurts the most.

Minutes later,I felt his thrusts getting sloppy and I presume he's done using me.He pulled out and I heard him fall beside me.I told him to take off the blindfold but he fell asleep.He was snoring like a little child beside me.I couldn't move at all as my hands and legs were rigidly tied to the bed.

Minutes later,sleep overtook my body too and I was sleeping beside Liam.

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