Stockholm Syndrome (Part 1)

Gillian is kidnapped by London's most wanted criminals;a gang collectively known as One Direction.She has recently moved to London and has no knowledge about the gang.

Will she ever escape and get the criminals to justice ?


7. 07

Gillian's Point of View

"Help me!!!!Someone help me please.",I screamed and ran away from Liam.I once turned around and he was in hot pursuit.Please dear Lord,save me.I wanna go back home.......away from my hot kidnaper.

I ran to some distance when I felt hands wrap around my waist and my blood ran cold.Liam.The grip around my waist got tighter and a head popped over my shoulder.

"You can't escape me babe.You are in so much trouble now.",he said and dragged me back to cabin.He pushed me in and I fell over,landing onto the floor while Liam slammed the door shut.The 'bang' sound reverberated until Liam interrupted,"How did you get the audacity to try and run from here?Do you have any idea what you've got yourself into?"

He kept moving slowly towards me,taking off his belt while I crawled away from him,weeping.I know what's gonna happen now.Without another warning,Liam smacked me with his belt while I screamed out in pain,followed by a 'fuck'.

"This is gonna teach you what happens when you run from here.",he said and whipped me again which was followed by my cries and screams.

"Li....Liam,I'm sorry,I won...."Another whack straight hit me on my hand and I cried out in profanity.

"Say you're sorry.",he growled.

"Liam,I'm sorry.I will never try to run from here.I promise.",I cried and another whack hit my foot.I clenched my eyes shut and swallowed the lump that was in my throat.

"Good,seems like you will never attempt anything stupid.",he said and threw his belt upon the couch."Now,let's get you up."

He walked towards me while I dragged my body across the floor.

"You can't flee from me.",he laughed and picked me up bridal style.I flinched a bit but couldn't do much as every muscle in my body was aching.Liam rested my head against his chest and carried me upstairs.

He carefully laid me upon the bed and went down and came back in 2 with an ice pack.

"I'm sorry Gillian for hurting you but I had no choice.I told you not to mess with me.I'm dangerously dangerous.I can run to the extent of taking your life but I don't want to do that.It wouldn't fulfil my motive.Please be good and I will not hurt you."

I continued to sob silently thinking about what a mess I got myself into.There were red marks on my hand and legs and I cried looking at them.

Liam ran the ice pack over the bruises and I yelped out in pain."Shhh,it'll be fine.......don't cry.It will be alright.",said Liam and ran a cold hand over my forehead.

He applied a bit of ice and then walked around the room.

"Ohhh I see,that's how you escaped.",came his voice from the bathroom and he walked into the room again.

"Let's cuddle for a while,shall we?",he said and took off his boots and climbed into bed beside me.

He wrapped his arms around me and snuggled his head into my neck cavity."You are so damn amazing.",he said and cuddled me close to his body.

I would have loved to push him off the bed and drive some sense in head......maybe slap him but irrespective of the consequences.

I was tired too and the next thing I knew was I was fast asleep with Liam.


When I woke up,Liam wasn't beside me.Instead there were bags.....bags filled with clothes!!!

"What the......heck is this?",I mumbled to myself as I rummaged through it .

"Those are all for you.I really hope you like them.",came Liam's voice .I turned and found him standing at the door,arms folded."Why don't you try them on?"

I smile at him and taking a pair of shorts and a t-shirt ,I walked into the bathroom.

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