Stockholm Syndrome (Part 1)

Gillian is kidnapped by London's most wanted criminals;a gang collectively known as One Direction.She has recently moved to London and has no knowledge about the gang.

Will she ever escape and get the criminals to justice ?


2. 02

Gillian's Point of View

"Here you go.",said Liam and handed me the cup of tea.

"Thank you.",I said and took a sip of the tea.

"You don't have to worry about my parents.They aren't in the country.",I said,assuring him.

I told him the fact that my parents were in Africa and that this matter would probably settle down by the time they get back.

We continued to sip our tea in peace without saying anything.I carefully observed his features.

He had tattoos over his hands and they looked pretty cool.His face was the description of 'hot'.This guy is smoking hot!

"Let's go to bed now and figure out what has to be done in the morning.",he said alerting my senses.

"Fine.",I said and took the cups and put them in the sink.

Liam made the bed straight and he said we'd have to share the bed.

To be honest,I am scared of sharing the bed with him.I mean,he's belongs to a gang.What if he tries to rape me?......Kill me or anything else.I hardly know him.It sounds absurd to share a bed with someone you don't know.Should I take the couch?.......but I feel bad to tell him.I don't want to hurt his feelings.

"Are you coming?",asked Liam holding a pillow in hand.

"Be right there.",I said and whispered an Amen before getting into bed.

"Goodnight Gillian.",he said and turned off the light on his bedside.

"Night.",I said and turned off mine.

Silence took over the two of us.I didn't dare to sleep for a few minutes thinking Liam would do something the second I'd close my eyes.

I heard silent sound of respiration coming from Liam.

I carefully got off the bed.It creaked once-twice and I stopped in my tracks.He didn't wake up.I got up completely and walked into the living room and explored his apartment.

Yes,I'm extremely inquisitive.I have a habit to poke my nose into everyone's matter.

The apartment was tiny with a decent kitchen,a living room with a couch,TV and a recliner.A tiny table with two chairs was in the corner by the window.

All this was lit up by the moonlight.I carefully walked back to the bed and laid down upon it.This bed is better than the one in my room back home.

I closed by eyes and slipped into a slumber,listening to the sounds of the cars down on the street.Every now and then,a vehicle would pass with its bright headlights lighting up the apartment/studio and then darkness taking over again.

I pulled the soft duvet up to my chin and snuggling into it,I fell asleep.


We were awoken with someone pounding on the door.

"Hey Liam,open up.",came a guy's voice.

I stretched out in bed and shook Liam.

"Um...Liam.Someone is at the 11pm.",I said looking at my watch."Some guy is at the door."

He immediately threw away the duvet and fear overtook his expressions.

"Oh god!It could be them.",he whispered.

"Hey Liam.Come on open up mate.",came another man's voice.

Liam's Point of View

Oh dear lord!They are here.I heard Louis' voice.Maybe all are here.

"Looks like he won't open like this."

I heard Zayn's voice and then someone tried to forcibly break down the door.

"With me.Quick.",I said and grabbed Gillian's hand.She took her purse and I got my car keys.Holding her hand,we got out of the window onto the fire escape ladder when there was a sound of splintering wood and glass and finally Zayn had broken the door down.

Gillian and I hurried down the fire escape route and made it into the alley but the boys beat us to it.

"So,where do you think you're going with her?",said Zayn pulling out a gun from his pocket.

"Get behind me quickly.",I whispered and held Gillian close behind me.

"Hand her over Liam.Don't play games with me.",he said arming the gun.

"When I get shot,take this car keys and hurry to that car over there.",I whispered and pointed in the direction of my car.

"No Zayn.I will not let you harm her.Not you or any of you will touch her.Back off all of you.",I whimpered.

Gillian's Point of View

I was held close to Liam's body.I got a glimpse of the boys for the first time.The leader of the gang,Zayn I guess was really attractive.He had strands of white hair in the front.

There was a blonde guy too.Another was having long hair and the last had perfectly coiffed hair.They all looked really hot.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a bullet.

I thought the bullet missed but seconds later I felt Liam fall back on me.

The guys scattered away.

The bullet had hit Liam in his arm.Blood was pouring out of his arm.I was so worried I began to cry.

I removed my jacket I had been wearing over my dress.Taking it,I dabbed it over his wound to stop the blood.

"Liam!!!!",I wailed.

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