Drunken dancing


1. Them

Crystal P.O.V

I was dragged to the bar by my bestie Jenny she got totally drunk and I knew I would be taking her home. I got a call from Jenny of course "Heyyyyyy crysssssy I'm goinnn too soome guys house I'll text you in the morninggh" then the call ended I sighed and went home. I woke to my phone ringing like mad "what" I said. I was still hungover. "Come get me" she said and then gave me the address. I took a bus over and knocked on the door still in my P.J's. A guy opened it and I immediately recognized him. "OMG your-" he hover my mouth this was Liam Payne from 1D he pulled me inside then said. " I know who I am you r Jenny's friend though right?" "Yep." Jenny ran down the stairs "Heeyyy Crystal!" I just looked at her the rest of the boy were on the couch except Zayn. Who came down after Jenny. Jenny buttoned up her shirt. Harry came over to me "You guys wanna stay for breakfast." Before I said anything Jenny grabbed my hand and pushed me on a love seat and sat beside me. "This is Crystal." She said there were some hi's. I yawned Jenny why can't you just drive yourself for once I'm tired and half hungover and you called me at 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 in the morning. Louis came over after Jenny got up to sit with Zayn. He handed me an Advil and a glass of water. If your anything like me you'll need this he said. Crystal used to get drunker than me but she doesn't have fun anymore Jenny said. Not that it matters I'm dating Zayn anyways she said. I choked on my water then swallowed it. WHAT! Yeah so you can come over all the time and stuff and I'll have someone to go drinking with she said. Whatever I said. I looked over at Niall and Harry in the kitchen Harry yelling at Niall. I always thought Niall was really cute and this made was no exception.

Niall's P.O.V

Crystal was really cute but what was I going to do about it not like I can ask her out. Right?

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