Those Kisses Weren't Just For Practice

Emily and Alison start a relationship that quickly turns into something more a lot more. No -A.


2. You won’t even get the chance

~Two Weeks Later~


So, these past two weeks have been like, the BEST two weeks of my life, and to make it better, me and Ali are going to a party tonight, the first time we’re going to be a couple, in public. I mean, we go to school and whatnot. People know, blah blah blah. But she has her reputation, and I get that. I respect that. And I mean, she doesn’t shut me down when I walk up to her in school, but she is so not into PDA (lets go with it mKay? mKay.) Buuuuut, tonight, we are going to a party and parties are all about PDA.

~~~~~~~ At Party ~~~~~~~

I and Ali have been at this party for about an hour now and I can’t find her. Seriously, A FUCKING HOUR, and she’s gone. What the fuck? She was with me for about thirty minutes and said she was going to get some drinks, and she didn’t come back. I’m a little bit worried.


I left Em to go and get drinks, don’t get me wrong, I love that girl. A lot. But she’s a bit of a goody goody, which is what I love about her, but still. Time to relax. I’m at the bar when I hear a voice behind me.

“Hey, sexy” A little husky, hot. But definitely not my Em.

“Okay really? That pick up line?” I answer, a little annoyed

“Oh come on, you know you like it.” He says, a little persistent

“No, no I don’t. Besides the fact, I’m gay… AND here with my girlfriend.”

“Fine, fine… here.” He says, defeated. Thank you.

~Thirty Minutes Later~

Okay, I am totally out of it. I think that guy put something in my drink, because honestly. I’ve drunk, and I definitely don’t get like this off of one drink. Hell, I don’t even get buzzed. And he’s been following me. Creepy.

I walk up to him. “You gonna leave me alone and stop following me?” I say, slurring my words.

“Ahhhh, perfect” Wait what? What is he talking about?

I then feel him pick me up and throw me over his shoulder. He goes upstairs and walks for a long time. He puts me down on a bed, I think. And goes and locks the door. He comes back.

“I bet I could pound the gay right out of you.” What? No, this can’t be happening

“No, you can’t. And you won’t even get the chance to try.” I say, but my voice cracks.

“Oh, yes. Yes, sweetheart, I will.” I can’t move.

I feel my arms being move from my sides, above my head. And the feel like they are tied, to the headboard. Really? He then goes to my feet, and does the same with them. He walks away for a minute and comes back with tape, and a whip? It looks like. He tapes my mouth shut.

He walks over to the table and grabs a pair of scissors, starts with my shirt and cuts that off. I instantly feel exposed, I try to squirm my way out of the ties but it doesn’t work and he uses his whip, leather. I couldn’t do much and I just screeched. He then grabs his scissors again and cuts my bra off, then my skirt, and panties. He backs up a little and just looks at my body.

“God you are beautiful” I try to get out of the ties again, but I fail. Again.

“You do know, that ain’t gonna work, right?” He just tightens the hold of the ties. I am literally off the bed a little now.

He starts by untaping my mouth, “Now, I don’t wanna hear you talk unless you are screaming my name, you understand?” I just nod, scared of what is to come.

I start thinking, “you do know I don’t know your name right?” Boy do I wish I wouldn’t have done that. He reaches for his whip and gets off the bed, drags the whip from my toes to my vagina and whips my vagina as powerful as fucking possible, I whimper, not much else to do. He then gets undressed and back on top of me.

He moves closer to my face and kisses me. Moves to my ear and whispers “My name is Ryan. Don’t say anything or else I whip you again.” I nod.

He bites my earlobe and drags his tongue across my cheekbone. Does the same to my other ear, and then kisses me. He moves to where he’s basically sitting on my face. He slowly slides his dick in my mouth and I gag. Bad idea because that just makes him go farther. He starts to go in and out, in and out. He drags his dick out of my mouth and down my body until it reaches my vagina. He leans down and licks my face all over, then moves down my neck until he reaches my boobs, stops and starts to bite his way around, when he reaches the nipple, he sucks on it for a bit and bites, moving on to the next. He licks his way back down my body and reaches my clit. He starts there and licks, he then starts sucking, hard. When he reaches my center he stops. “You’re all wet for me huh?” He asks with a devilish smile on. He shoves his tongue in me and it makes me squirm, I scream stop. He looks up and cocks his head to the side. “Bad idea, dear.” He says and grabs his whip, “One for squirming and one for talking and me not hearing my name.” He says while hitting my vagina. He then gets back on top of my and enters as hard as he possibly could. I throw my head back. He pounds and pounds until I feel him come inside of me. He doesn’t stop, He keeps going and going while kissing all over my body, mainly my boobs, until he comes two more times. I hate the feeling. Then my mind wanders to why I got in this position and I think of Emily.

“E-Em…” I say, knowing that she is worried.

“What was that?” he says. He gets off of me and gets dressed. Grabs his whip and walks back over. He hits my vagina three times saying one was for talking, one was because I didn’t come, why would I???, and one was for not saying his name at all, it “makes it more fun for him”. He then unties me. “Don’t you dare say anything about this or you WILL die.” I just nod as he walks out of the room.


I seriously can’t find Ali anywhere. I’ve looked everywhere, except the bedrooms. Okay, that’s where I need to look. But, Ali wouldn’t. Would she? I decide to look anyways.

The first bedroom had nobody in it, but the bed was all messy like someone had just got finished. Fun. The second, had a couple, in the middle of doing it. Oops, moment ruined. The third had a couple sleeping. And the rest were like that either, I ruined a moment or walked in on a sleeping couple. I ended up looking at the door of the last bedroom, and hoping that Ali wasn’t in there.

I opened the door and saw a girl, curled up into a ball in the middle of the bed. Wait, he has blonde hair. No.

“Ali?” I ask a little scared that she’ll answer.

She turned around so fast that I know that had to hurt.

“Oh… Em…” is al she says before she starts balling her eyes out.

“Hey, hey, hey… Shhh Shhh Shhh” I say as I run up to the bed.

“What happened babe?” I ask.

She just looks up and me. “He… he….” 

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