Those Kisses Weren't Just For Practice

Emily and Alison start a relationship that quickly turns into something more a lot more. No -A.


4. Oh You’re Cute


I got a text from Ali saying she ‘so’ needed to talk to me when she got home. Whose home? My home? Her home? I am seriously scared. What does she want to talk about? I really home she’s not breaking up with me. I don’t know what I would do without her. Geez I wish she would just tell me right now. I get dragged out of my thoughts when Mr. Pierce tells me to turn my phone off. What? My phone didn’t go off. I just nod my head and check my phone. It’s a text from Ali. ‘I need you to come home right now. My house. I love you.’ Why do I need to go to her house? Oh my God this is all so confusing.


I need to tell Em. Like now. Because if I don’t I’ll tell someone else and I want her to be the first to know. I text her and tell her to come over. She texts me back almost instantly. ‘Okay, I’m on my way. Care to tell me what all of this is about?’ I chuckle and start typing. ‘Geez you aren’t patient. When you get here.’ I know it takes about ten minutes to get home so I go heat up a hot pocket and grab the pickle jar. I go sit back down on the couch and wait. I turn on Grey’s Anatomy and soon hear a car door close. She has key so she just walks in.

“Ali?” she screams. I laugh. She is so impatient.

“In here.” I say from the living room and put the pickles on the coffee table. She walks in.

“Hey babe, what- Pickles? You hate pickles.” She says with a confused look. I laugh once again.

“Yea, whatever. Come here” I say with a smile on my face as I open my arms. She comes and sits right beside me and hugs me.

“So, what was this that you had to talk to me about?” She asks.

“Okay, so you know how I’ve been sick?”

“Yeah…” she says.

“Well, I now know why.” I chuckle a little. “You know it’s funny because you hear about stories but you never-“

“ALI!! Get to the point.” She cuts me off.

“Oh geez okay, well… I’m pregnant?” Her face goes blank.

“Is that a question? Because I kinda figured.” Wait what?!?

“Excuse me?” I say a little annoyed

“Well, you’ve been sick, a little moody, and now you’re eating my pickles.” She says with a pout at the end

“Oh you’re cute.” I say a little amused. “Does this not bother you? Because I am pregnant with another man’s baby an-“

“Ali.” She cuts me off. “You’re pregnant with my child. Not no bastard’s baby.” She says all too quick. I just smile. “What?”

“You just said I was pregnant with your child.” She blushes a deep red and looks down.

“Shit. I said that out loud?!?” She says. “Well, I mean I guess she’s not mine I just-“

“Babe, I would love for- wait she?”

“Yea, I’m hoping it’s a little girl” She says with a big proud smile.

“I love it.” I say with a smile, looking at this beautiful girl in front of me that I get to call mine. “So... I’m guessing since you already thought about this, that means you have names to?”

Her face lights up. “Yea…” she says while looking at her hands “Well actually, I was thinking for a boy, I was thinking maybe Weston Gunner, Greyson Alexander, or Eli Perry. I also have a couple more but those are my favorites and for a girl, oh boy there’s a lot. Emmaline Estelle, Lylah Marie, Brookelynn Kate-“

“Ohhhhhh Kayyyyy, let’s stop you before name all of our future children at the age of 17.”

She just smiles. “Future children, eh?” 

“Well I mean I was hoping.”

“Oh just shut up and kiss me.” I smile and smash my lips to hers

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