Those Kisses Weren't Just For Practice

Emily and Alison start a relationship that quickly turns into something more a lot more. No -A.


6. Looks Pretty, Smells Like Fish

A/N Sorry for time jumps!

~Two Months Later~


It’s just know hitting me that we have two babies on the way. Ali and I are going apartment hunting today. Little e bit more like house hunting but, eh. We need a three bedroom. Two bedroom will work but I prefer three. I used to hate sharing a room with my sister. Ali has staying at my house because my parents are in Texas for three months. I love having her here. It’s exactly how it will be in our little home. That is if her mom lets her move in with me. But, her parents love me so I doubt they’ll have a problem with it. We leave at noon and its eight thirty. I’m lying in bed with Ali asleep beside me. She looks peaceful. Stress free. I mean, I love her stressed, I do. Okay take that back, maybe not love her stressed but I definitely love every aspect of her. But boy, a stressed Ali that’s jacked up on hormones and five months pregnant. Not. A good. Mix. Lately, she’s been stressed about her body. Which, as I tell her, every two hours, is beautiful with or without two babies in her belly. She wears sweatshirts or big jackets everywhere. Which is so not like Ali. But only at home is where she doesn’t care and wears tank tops and shorts. It would be a lie if I said the shorts don’t make her ass look good. She’s wearing a pink and black polka dot sports bra and matching pajama pants. God, I love this girl. I put my hand on her stomach and she jumps a little. I get a little quieter while talking to the babies.

“Hey guys, well I hope girls but hey, whatever works. Now, I want you to grow to be healthy and strong like your mama but stay small still. I’m doing what I can to keep the stress off your mommy about her body because it is be-you-ta-full, but you guys are stressing her out man. So, stay small but be healthy. I love you guys.”


I start to wake up after I feel a hand on my stomach, I know its Emily’s because it’s cold and soft. I hear her voice get quiet while talking, I’m guessing to the babies.

“Hey guys, well I hope girls but hey, whatever works. Now, I want you to grow to be healthy and strong like your mama but stay small still. I’m doing what I can to keep the stress off your mommy about her body because it is be-you-ta-full, but you guys are stressing her out man. So, stay small but be healthy. I love you guys.”

She is the sweetest person in the world. And hell yeah I’m stressed about my body, not really about how big I will get but more about stretch marks. I’m worried Em won’t find me pretty anymore with stretch marks. I hear her talking again.

I finally open my eyes and speak “Babe…” I say but its barely audible “Em.” I try again and it works! Yay!

“Hey, you.” She says as she kisses me. “You hungry?”

“Ummm, Always.” I say with a laugh

“Alright.” She says as she gets up. “You coming?”

 “Yea, yea, I’m coming.” I say as I sit in the bed. ‘Your mama’s crazy’ I tell my unborn children

By the time I make it down stairs I can smell bacon already on the stove. I go up behind my beautiful girlfriend and wrap my arms around her waist. “Mmm. Smells good.” I say.

“Yea, yea. Sit down.” She says as she turns around and kisses my forehead. She hands a glass of orange juice and a little cup of pills. Vitamins actually. Prenatal. Sometimes, I forget the babies are in my belly and not Em’s. She takes care of the vitamins every morning and makes appointments. It’s crazy. Next week, we find out the gender. Blah blah blah.

Em’s wearing a sweatshirt that says sleepy across it. And shorts. She’s so damn beautiful.

“Hey Em. Go stand up against that wall, I need a picture.” I say with puppy dog eyes

“Fine, only cause I love you.” She says and goes up against the wall.

I snap it and say “Okay peasant, get back to cooking” I laugh.

I look at the picture and have to post it on Instagram.


Oh how I love this girl #blessed #allmine #howdidIgetTHISlucky? #theworldmayneverknow

I instantly get comments

Noel.Kahn: You are… not wrong

Mrs.Rivers: Bitch she’s mine Love you.

AMontgomery: Oh believe me, the world hears every single day.

@Mrs.Rivers Nope. All. Mine.

I laugh and put my phone on the counter.

I eat my breakfast and before I know it, I’m dressed and ready to go find an apartment.


We walk into the first apartment.

“Looks pretty, smells like fish.” Alison tells me

“Okay, this one is two bedrooms an-“

“Nope.” Is all Alison says before she walks out.

“I’m sorry about her.” I tell the realtor

As we walk into the next one Alison’s face lights up.

“Are you gonna let me talk this time?” The realtor asks Alison as she laughs

“Yea…” Alison says as she hangs her head. I go over to her and hit her ass before grabbing her hand.

“Okay so this one is four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, has a backyard and garage. AND it’s in your budget.”

“In that case, we’ll take it.” I say as I shake the realtor’s hand.

“Here are the papers and I’ll go get your keys.” He says as he walks out.

I turn to Alison. “How do you like it?”

“Like it? I love it!” she answers.

“Okay, so my birthday is tomorrow and then we can move in this weekend.” I say as I kiss her.

<><><><><><> Emily’s Birthday<><><><><><>

I walk up to an Alison on top of me. “Wake up sleepy head” she says as she bounces on top of me.

“What are you doing, weirdo?” I ask as I push her off of me.

“I have plans for tonight, but first, you.” She says and she winks and climbs back on top of me. She leans down to kiss me. I meet her half way and flip us over. “Oh, no no no no no no.” She says as she climbs back on top of me for the second time. “This is a you day.”

She slowly starts to undress me. Shirt first, then bra. Pants, then panties. She kisses me as she rubs me. I moan into her mouth. She kisses my jaw line and down my neck. She sucks on my breast, still rubbing me. She makes her way down to my clit. She sucks on my clit. I moan and throw my head back.


She enters me with her tongue and then takes her tongue out and licks my clit.

“Ali… please.” I manage to get out as I moan

She kisses back up my body and back to my mouth while rubbing me.

“Ali, I swear to fuckin- OH FUCK!” I scream as she enters me with two fingers.

She goes in and out faster and faster and she gets deeper each time.

“A-Al-Ali…” I moan and she continues to pound in and out of me.

“FUCK ALI!!!” I scream as I reach my high. “Oh. My. Shit.” I say after I come down off of my high.

Ali lays beside me and continues to rub and play with my clit. All the while biting my boob.

“You know,” Ali starts as she lifts herself onto her elbow, still playing with my vagina. “Now that I think about it,” She continues with a smirk on her face. “I. Love. When. You. Scream. My.” She says in between kisses. “Name.” she says as she enters me again, this time with three fingers and much more force.

“FUCK. ALI!” I scream, coming down off my high before I could even reach it.

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