Those Kisses Weren't Just For Practice

Emily and Alison start a relationship that quickly turns into something more a lot more. No -A.


5. And You And You

~Two Months Later~


Today is Ali’s first ultrasound. We’re sitting in the waiting room waiting to be called back.


“Yeah babe?” I answer playing with her hand.

“So, you really think we can do this?” she asks

“Umm, yes! Do you know how bomb of a parent I’m going to be?” I answer

“Babe, I’m being serious.”

“So am I.” I say. “Look Ali. It’s going to be fine. We’ve got my parents and yours. We both know how to take care of children. I love you, but stop stressing”

“If you say so.” She says with a smile.

“DiLaurentis!” A lady calls.

I stand up and lean into her ear. “Soon to be Fields.” I say. She smacks my arm.

“Okay, Ow.” I say and grab her hand. We follow the lady back into the room.


“And those are the feet.” The technician says.

“So, are we having some kind of alien baby?” I ask while looking at the screen.

Ali hits me. “Em!”

“What?” I ask.

“It is not an alien!” she says through gritted teeth.

“Well,” I say as I point to the screen. “There’s four feet.” I finish nonchalantly

“What?” Ali say as she looks too.

“Yep! She’s right! There’s four feet.” The technician says

“What?” Ali says, still confused

“You’re having twins!” The technician says in a congratulatory tone

“The damn bastard!” Ali says through gritted teeth. I cough to cover it up. Good thing the lady didn’t hear it.


We get back to her house and sit on the couch. I look at Ali.

“Al, what’s wrong?” I ask.

“Nothing Em, Nothing at all. Everything is perfectly fine.”


Emily asks me what’s wrong as if having twins at 16 is fine. Well, it’s not. Neither is being raped and the person who did it get away with it because he’s a sneaky ass bastard.

“Nothing Em, Nothing at all. Everything is perfectly fine.” She look taken aback by what I just said. “I’m sorry, it’s just. I’m sixteen. And I’m having twins. It’s not like I have a job. I can’t support them. And I also have you. Which is all I can ask for. I didn’t expect you to stay with me after I found out I was pregnant, but you did. And I love you for that. But I don’t want to lay all of this on you, like you’re looking at fucking nurseries and picking out baby names. I don’t want you to feel like you have to stay with me because you totally don’t and I don’t blame you for backing out right now because this is a lot and I get that-“I was cut off by lips on mine. Emily’s, of course.

“Are you done yet?” She asks and giggles a little. “Look, Ali. I want to be here. This is the only place I want to be. I don’t want to be with some other girl. I want to be with you. And yes this is a lot. I turn eighteen in two months and then I can move out of my house. Get an apartment and a job. Well, the job right now. Which I did. I now am an employee of The Brew. I start tomorrow. I can set up two little nurseries in my new apartment. Okay? We got this. I don’t want to be anywhere else. Which, is why I got you this.” She says as she pulls a box out of her back pocket and gets down on one knee. “Now, I see by that face you just made,” She says as she points to my face. “That you think that this is something it isn’t. Do you see how small this thing is? It’s a promise ring Ali. I promise to be with you through everything. All the shit this bastard has laid on you. Well, these babies are mine. Not his. I hope he looked good because I sure as hell do and I want to be able to claim these little alien babies.” I laugh. ”This is a promise to stay with you until you and I are ready for marriage. I love you Ali. And I don’t plan on going anywhere.” I cut her off with a kiss. “I take that as a good response. Oh and by the way, the engagement ring will be way bigger than this.” She says as she winks and kisses me again. Longer, and more passionate, just how I like it.

“I love you so much Em.” I say

“And I love you.” She says as she kisses me. “Oh and how could I forget, and you and you.” She says as she lifts my shirt and kisses my stomach. 

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