Al isn't dead. (**Contains spoilers for the first Divergent book ONLY.**)


2. Chapter One

I cannot describe the feeling of being in Tobias' arms. His grip is strong, but soft; demanding, but comforting.

My tears that I shed over my parents have long since dried. Now all that's left is a memory.

But isn't that all that's left anymore?

Caleb clears his throat from the corner of the car. I ignore him.

He clears his throat again. 

Tobias pulls his arms off of me, and a pang of sadness hits me when I feel the weight of them lift.

I look up at him to see that he's looking at Caleb with one eyebrow raised.

Caleb looks nervous at the presence of Tobias. I can tell that he's struggling to steady his voice.

Somehow he manages, though, and he looks to Tobias. "Could you please separate from my sister?"

Tobias' eyebrow extends a bit further up his forehead. "Why?"

"That's my sister," he says.

"Yes," says Tobias, blinking, not understanding what he means. 

Caleb's blue eyes dart to me, then focus back on Tobias. "Um, that's my sister."

"Yes..." repeats Tobias.

Caleb rolls his eyes, which is slightly repulsive to see him do, considering that I once thought him perfect for Abnegation.


That makes the Choosing Ceremony seem so long ago.... years ago, even.

It's hard to believe that it was just about a month ago.

"Look," says Caleb, his face turning up as if he'd smelled something rotten. "Would you mind separating from her?"

"Why?" Tobias says, looking down at me and giving me a small smile.

I don't return the smile. Instead, I gaze out of the window of the train car.

Just a few hours ago, I would never have imagined that this'd ever happen. A serum that controls a whole faction, Tobias trying to kill me, loosing both of my parent...this would've seemed like a dream.

I wish it was a dream.

I look back at Caleb, who thinks for a second, then comes up with an answer.

"Kissing is impractical," he says.

Tobias chuckles. "No, arrogance is impractical."

Caleb sniffs indignantly. "What are you implying?"

"I'm sure you're smart enough to figure out," said a different voice. A female's voice.

But aren't I the only female on the train?

A silhouette moves across the open side of the gate.

I hear a familiar laugh come from the shadow and my muscles release the tension that was in them.

"Gone for a second and you're a coward, huh?" chuckles the dark-skinned girl.

"Christina. Stop," I say, letting out a breath that I didn't realize I was holding.

"How did you get here?" asks Tobias.

Christina looks at Tobias. "I was going to ask the same question."

Caleb looks at me, bewildered. "Who is this?"

"Christina. And you are?"

"Caleb. Caleb Prior."

Christina looks up at me, shocked. "This is your brother?"


"I thought you said he was Erudite. But right now, he looks like an Abnegation with a gun." Christina turns around in the pale moonlight to face Marcus, who is in the opposite corner of the room. Her eyes go wide. "And so do you. Why does the Abnegation leader have a gun?!"

Marcus raises an eyebrow, but I can see that he's afraid. 

Marcus explains our situation quickly, adding a small sniff at the end, as if saddened by my father's death. I can tell, however, that it's fake. He never had any feelings.

Christina's eyes are wide. She looks at me.

"Does that mean that you killed any of the dauntless that were under the serum...?" she asks.

I can't tell her that. Because she'll ask who it is. And, if she asks that, then I have to tell her.

I don't respond.

She looks at me with a strange expression, then turns to Tobias.

"How did you...catch up to the train?" Caleb asks.

"I ran," says Christina.

"Really?" asks Caleb.

Christina nods. "But there were some other people already on their way to the train, so I--"

"Other people? What do you mean?"

Christina cocks her head. "What do you mean, what do I mean? They said that you three specifically were on this train. They said that you'd seen them and asked for them to come."

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