The walking dead twist

Crystal is thrown into this world now she needs help


1. Alexandria


Blue eyes

Blonde hair





Blue eyes

Brown hair





Green eyes

Brown hair




Crystals P.O.V

I was wandering when I heard a gun click to reload. "Crap" I said. I turned a woman walked up to me I stood there looking as others emerged from the forest. "Put the gun down Sasha" a man said. She reluctantly put it down. "I'm Rick over there is Abraham,Glenn,Michonne and Daryl." "What's your name?" "I'm Crystal" I said. "Are you alone?" I looked up at him and whistled. Damien came out of the bushes eyeing the rest then he turned and grabbed Skylars hand, he came and stood beside me. "How many walkers have you guys killed?" Rick asked. "Hundreds" I said "How many people have you killed?" I looked at him then Damien said Sky and I haven't killed anyone Crystal killed three people." I look at Rick he said "Why?" I looked at him and said "You gotta kill so you aren't killed." Rick said "We have a camp you can come join us" I nodded. We started walking when Glenn asked "How old are you?" I told him, "I'm 14 Damien is 16 and Sky is 6." I said we entered Alexandria and Rick took us to a house he told us that his was across the street if we needed anything. Daryl turned and said "There's a party in the town later you can come if you want." "Thanks we'll be there." Damien said. We went in the house and Damien told Sky to share a room with him and she ran off. Damien turned and said " Your not coming near us anytime soon you bitch." I looked at him. "It wasn't my fault!" I yelled. He just turned and left. I left the house and ran into Rick he looked at me smiled and said "Come over you can meet the rest of the group." I followed him. After he got me introduced to everyone he asked where Sky and Damien were and I said " No where near me." He looked at me and then I told them the story.


CRYSTAL!!!! My father and mother were going to die Damien had Skylar screaming at me to save them. I had the gun. I was the only one who could help. But I just stood and stared at them while they got devoured by the walkers.

Back to normal

"Damien hated me after that." I said Maggie felt bad for me. "It was my fault cause I was scared I could have saved them but I didn't." I said. Sasha said "But you said you killed three people." "My best friend Jennifer got bit and turned into a walker I....I.... I shot her in the face." Sasha looked at me and said nothing. Carl looked at me "My mom dyed so I shot her in the face so she couldn't turn." He said. Abraham got up "Well let's go party before this gets to dark and depressing." He said. Carl pulled me up and we walked out together. I ran directly into Damien and Sky. Damien glared at me, " come on Sky lets go." He said. I turned and said "Now do you get it." Carl put his arm around my waist and we kept walking.

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