Confessions Of Love

A young woman named Naomi McKinley, leaves her long time boyfriend to follow her heart and be with one person she truly loves.


1. Everything is Blue

 I couldn't help but laugh at Lauren as she hastily tried to wipe the blue paint off herself, but failed. All she did was smear the paint further across her face, getting it all over her lips. 

"You think this is really funny, don't you?"

I tried my hardest to suppress a smile.  

"I said that I was sorry."

"It's alright. I honestly think the blue paint really accentuates my brown eyes. You know, although this paint does look quite lovely on me, maybe it'll look even better on you."

Before I could oblige, Lauren dumped a can of blue paint on me. I picked up a paint brush from off the floor, dipped it in a can of purple paint, and quickly smeared it across her face. I started to run and Lauren caught me in a hug from the behind. I started laughing uncontrollably as she threw me onto the bed. She shut me up with a long, passionate kiss.

Lauren started to take my clothes off slowly as she continued to kiss me. Lauren left my lips and started leaving little kisses all over my body, I started laughing again. Lauren stopped kissing me and faced me again. There was a moment of silence between us before either of us said anything.

"I thought you were going to leave me, Naomi." Lauren started running her fingers through my hair.

"I would never." I took her other hand and slid my fingers through hers.

 She kissed me again, but this time it lasted longer. This time, I left little kisses all over Lauren's body and she didn't oblige. Despite the mess that was all around us, we stayed right where we were. I stayed wrapped in Lauren's arms as she kissed me softly on the lips. I looked up at the ceiling above the bed and noticed something.

It was a painting, specifically speaking, It was a naked picture of me. It looked so realistic that I almost assumed it to be the photograph. I was lying sound asleep, in this same bed. I was facing the wall and had white blankets draped over me.

"It's beautiful," I said aloud.

"It's a painting of the very first time you laid in this bed with me," Lauren explained.

"You still remember?" I asked her.

"How could I ever forget?"

I smiled to myself before closing my eyes. As it got later into the night, I could feel Lauren's arms wrap tighter around me. She seemed almost too afraid to let go, I moved Lauren's arms from around me and held her hands. She needed to know that I had meant what I said. We had just gotten each other back, I wasn't about to leave her, and I don't plan on leaving her anytime soon.

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