She loved mysteries so much she became one

The story about a girl nobody knows to the fullest.
Sophia is a girl at the age of 16 and she soon discover her more harsh side of herself. She decides to be the girl who became a mystery.
In the past, she was the girl everybody came to, asking for advice. Now she is the girl everybody is afraid of...

Read to discover her dark, dark secrets...


1. Introduction

So yeah, this is me. I should probably do an introduction. My name is Sophia. I am 16 years old and live in Denmark. My friend, who happens to be a boy, moved to Austria 2 years ago. He is now my  boyfriend. His name is Manuel. But anywho, nobody knows the real me. They think I'm a slut, a bitch who disagree to everything and don't forget my nickname as "the dangerous one". Both my parents died in a car accident a few years ago, which doesn't help this situation at all.

I'm feared by everyone and is it wierd to say that I love it?


Aye! My name is Manuel and I'm the cheerful boyfriend of Sophias. I'm 17 and live in Austria. Everybody thinks I'm super hot and everybody likes me here in Austria. Even though everything is amazing here, I wanna move back to Denmark, to my outstandingly girlfriend. The only thing holding me back are my parents.



This was written the first of January 2017. If you like the outline, please leave a comment so I know if I should write some more. 

Lots of love - Victoria


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