Gang Leader's Choice

Being new is hard anyways, but being new and already having people hate you is harder. Adeline moves from North Carolina to California and immediately meets the most popular kids at school, as one of them is her neighbor. Adeline's life is hard from running from her past, to moving, to barely having friends, to meeting a gang.
Mason Clarke is feared by everyone just because he is a gang leader. When he meets his Adeline his whole world changes. New emotions, being nice, possessive, caring, instead of his usual cold, secluded, stubborn self. Mason isn't used to not getting what he wants being a gang leader but Adeline isn't that easy.
But hey, the gang leader gets what the gang leader wants and he wants Adeline now.


6. Learning about Clark & Another Problem


Chapter Six: Learning about Clark & Another Problem
SHOULD THE NEXT CHAPTER BE ALL IN MASON'S P.O.V. OR HALF MASON  HALF ADELINE CHAPTER. I honestly want to do a all Mason but i need to know what you guys want or think

Adeline's P.O.V.

I got home around 7 to see all my brother's waiting for me. Oh shit I'm in so much trouble.
"Adeline where were you?" Beckett asked.
"Oh I was doing a history project at someones place," I said.
"You know what I'm to tired tonight I'll talk to you tomorrow," Beckett said. I just walked up to my room and then went to take a shower to take all my dirt off from today. After I walked out I started walking into my room and rolled my sleeve's up.
"I knew it," I heard. I quickly looked up to see Clark sitting on my bed and my balcony door open.
"Was it unlocked?" I asked.
"Yeah you unlocked it this morning," Clark said.
"Oh," i said
**Slight trigger warning about self harm and suicide**


"I didn't come here for that though or what I want to ask you now but I'll ask both now."
"Ok go ahead and ask, just don't be weird."
"No they aren't. So you do cut yourself."
"Oh yeah," I mumbled and looked down at my arms to see they are deep and bruised.
"I'm not judging, my sister used to cut also, it's scary having a sibling who cuts because you don't know when they're going to feel the need to go 'too deep' and finally end it then and there," Clark said sadly.
"May I ask what happened?" I asked knowing this is a sensitive topic. Clark nodded and then took a deep breath.
"She was in 8th grade when she started cutting. I knew why she did, she was alone her friends had already left her and I was her only friend, but I was a freshman so I kinda thought she was weird also. I heard here crying in her bathroom once so the next day when she wasn't home I went to investigate and saw some razors, pills that weren't prescribed to her, and some knives. I didn't talk about it knowing that it will probably brush over since she was only in 8th grade. But then one day she got home after school and I was with friends my parents were working and stuff and she... she killed herself. I just remember getting home seeing my mom bawling here heart out and saw my sister dead. I just should've done something though since I'd known," Clark vented.
"Yeah you really should've," I said honestly.
"What?" Clark asked.
"Well you knew so you should've talked about it," I said.

***Trigger end***
"Yeah, and the second thing you went over to Mason's?" Clark asked.
"Well i had a project with James," i said.
"Yeah and..." Clark said.
"We finished the project then the others' wanted to pull a prank but Mason was home so it was a failure of a prank. Though Mason and Carter told me a little about their parents... death," I said saying death like it was poison in my mouth.
"Oh Mason doesn't usually act that way around most people, though," Clark said.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Well he's more reserved, less accepting, thoughtful, caring, so basically the opposite of how he is to you," Clark said.
"Why?" I asked. I really need to stop asking questions that may be too personal.
"It's just how Mace is, so don't do anything to hurt him, ok," Clark said seriously.
"Yeah I won't," I said hesitantly since I don't know what would even hurt that man.
"Ok, wanna come to a party on Friday?" Clark said cheerfully again.
"Maybe I'll have to ask my brothers', I'll tell you tomorrow, at school," I said.
"Who said i'm going to school?" Clark said/asked.
"Well I mean, Mason and James are going so you should too. Carter said you guys are completely different when it's all three of you," I said.
"Ok but only because of Mason and James. How do you know Mason is going tomorrow?" Clark said.
"He told me," I said.
"I knew it," I barely heard Clark mumbled. "Don't forget to lock you're balcony door." Clark then walked out and jumped onto his and mockingly posed like a gymnast. I then locked the door and closed the curtain and went to sleep.
I woke up to 'Where r u now' By Justin Bieber,  because a wise person once told me, '"For you alarm put on the song you don't like so it doesn't ruin any song you actually like."" (Not hating though, just not a fan.This is actually what someone told me once.) I then got up and got changed and walked downstairs only to see Beckett.
"Are the others' not up?" I asked.
"Nope not yet, but i wanna talk yo you about things," Beckett said and took a gulp of his coffee. I just nodded and walked over to the kettle and turned it on and grabbed a mug and thermal cup, and of course the tea bags. 
"So you went where last night?" Beckett asked.
"Mason's house to work on a history project with James," I said.
"Who's James?"
"A friend of Mason and Clark."
"I said not to interact with a gang. That's why we moved here!"
"I know but they came up to me," I said and put my hand in a surrender motion.
"Yeah there's 3 other boys and 2 girls."

"What are there names I may know the records."
"I don't know their last names but there's Angie, Sara, Carter, Noah, Ralfeal, and James. Then Clark and Mason."
"Yeah I remember coming across their records they have serious dirt on their hands."
"And I don't?"
"True," Beckett said and shrugged.
"Good morning," Nolan said and walked into the kitchen.
"Can you have the decency to put a shirt on?" I asked.
"Maybe," Nolan said and poured himself some coffee also. The water was ready to i poured it into my cups and put the tea bags in and thought about how I'll ask them if I can go to the party.
"So, I was wondering if I can hang out with some people Friday night," I said.
"Friday night?" Jack asked coming into the kitchen to join the conversation.
"Yeah it's at a umm...," I said not knowing where.
"It's a party isn't it?" Nolan asked.
"Yes," I said meekly.
"Sure," Beckett said.
"Really?!" I said.
"Yes but only because I understand you're in high school and want to have fun. Just don't have too much fun, i don't want my sister coming home deflowered," Beckett said.
"Ewww, why say that that's disgusting," I said.
"Hey it's the truth," Beckett said.
"Yeah we just don't want that," Jack said.
"Whatever bye," i said and walked out to my car.
I walked out into my car and drove off to school listening to Halsey's Badlands album. I drove into the parking lot to see Mason, Clark and James were already here, they then noticed my car quickly and motioned me over. I pulled into an empty spot next to them and jumped out and went to them.
"Good morning Adeline," Mason said.
"Yeah hi guys, where's the party Friday?" I asked.
"You can come?!" Clark exclaimed.
"Yeah," I said.
"We'll pick you up and take you there, I'm always the sober one," Mason said.
"Ok thanks," I said then the others came by.
"Hey guys," Sara said.
"Hey um Mason can I talk to you about something?" Noah asked.
"Yeah," Mason said when the bell rang, "I'll meet you guys in class."
"Let's go do of that learning shit," Clark said.
"Yay fun learning," I said jokingly.
"Hey at least we know stuff when the police investigated us," James said laughing, obviously remembering something.
"Yeah that was hilarious," Clark said laughing.
"Oh yeah Adeline, Once we were vandalizing a billboard and the police caught us so we went under investigation. When they were talking to us we kept responding using intellectual words," James said.
"So you're smart but you pretend not to be?" I asked.
"Yeah pretty much, but why be smart when you got all the babes," Clark said.
"I don't know maybe to get somewhere in life," I said.
"Yes we have a sub," James said when we entered the class.
"You don't like him either?" I asked.
"No he gives me the creeps and he knows someone," James said.
"Well it's worse when you know him and everyone else," I said.
"Oh that is even worse," James said.
It turned out that all the teachers had to go to a staff meeting so we had subs all through till lunch but not after lunch. We were in the cafeteria and it seemed that Noah had left in the morning after he told Mason whatever he needed to tell him.
"Hey Addy wanna come over after and hang out?" James said.
"No I think my brothers are getting upset and want me to be home," I said.
"James you can't be there either," Mason said.
"Why?" James asked.
"We are going to have company and I have to sort everything out," Mason said.
"What's happening?" Clark asked breaking away from the chick he was making out with.
"Noah's friend got kicked out and needs somewhere to stay temporally and I have a meeting with someone who wants to join, their familiar," Mason said and looked at me at the end off his sentence. I just shrugged and tuned them off, it was about 10 mins till lunch ended and decided I needed some air so I left. Mason offered to come with me but I rejected since he was talking with his friends.
I headed to the front of the school to get some air when two pairs of hands grabbed my arms and slammed me into the lockers.
"How do you know Mason?" Some bitch asked.
"Why do you care?" i asked with some sass.
"Slut, just answer me," She said and kicked me in the gut and punched me in the face.
"I meet them," I said.
"Fine if you want to act like this it's your choice," She said and her and her friends beat me up till I was basically dead on the floor. It was about a minute till the bell rang when they left and I ran, as fast I really could, out the door to my car. I went home to only see Beckett, Oli, and Jack, no Nolan.
"Where's Nolan?" i asked.
"Oh he went to eat then meet with someone," Beckett said. 
"Why you home and not at school?" Jack asked.
"I'm really not feeling well," I said and got an pack of frozen peas from the freezer and went to the couch for a nap. I took a nap for I don't know how long I was out but when I opened my eyes i saw Mason, Clark and James sitting around me.
"Oh you're awake now," Mason said.
"Yeah, why are you here?" I asked.
"Well you weren't in either of your classes so me and Clark decided to come visit you and your brothers said so you weren't feeling well. We called Mace and he said he'll come check also when he finished his meeting, so we've mostly been waiting for you to wake up," James said.
"Oh thanks i just was feeling extremely sick," I lied.
"Ok we'll see you tomorrow, right," Mace said.
"Maybe," i said,
"At least come to the party, pleeeeeaaaaaasssse," Clark pleaded.
"Ok i'll definitely come to the party," I said.
"Ok we'll see you there," Clark said and they all left. I then spent the rest of the night watching tv with my brother's and lounging around on the couch.

PLEASE TELL ME IF THE NEXT CHAPTER SHOULD BE IN MASON'S P.O.V. OR A HALF- HALF CHAPTER!!!!!!!(i know i put this at the top but i need to know) I also hope you enjoyed this and had a great time and have a nice break with your family and Friends. I wish you a merry whatever- you- celebrate day or year mostly and i'll update when i get back from vacation (mostly in January.)

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