Gang Leader's Choice

Being new is hard anyways, but being new and already having people hate you is harder. Adeline moves from North Carolina to California and immediately meets the most popular kids at school, as one of them is her neighbor. Adeline's life is hard from running from her past, to moving, to barely having friends, to meeting a gang.
Mason Clarke is feared by everyone just because he is a gang leader. When he meets his Adeline his whole world changes. New emotions, being nice, possessive, caring, instead of his usual cold, secluded, stubborn self. Mason isn't used to not getting what he wants being a gang leader but Adeline isn't that easy.
But hey, the gang leader gets what the gang leader wants and he wants Adeline now.


2. Chapter Two: The Dinner & Meeting The Neighbors


Chapter Two: The Dinner & Meeting The Neighbors

After I took a shower I put on a simple dress 3-quarter sleeve, light make up, and some bracelets to cover the part of my wrist that showed. 
"ADDY! GET DOWN HERE WE HAVE TO GO OVER NOW," Oli shouted at me from downstairs.
"Ok, coming," I said. I checked myself once more then ran down the stairs.
"Whoa, hope there are no boys over there," Nolan said.
"Yeah then were would have to wrap her like a burrito," Jack joked.

"Yep, to make sure those boys don't look at her," Nolan said.
"Shut up," I said and slipped on some flats.
We walked over to our new neighbors house and rung the bell. The door frame was red, and on the porch they had a bench/swing, and a gnome in the yard.
"Hello there! You are the neighbors?" The lady asked as she opened the door.
"Yes ma'am," Beckett said all formally.
"Oh, well then come in," She said ushering us in.
"Would you like us to take off our shoes?" Oli asked while I was looking around to see the floor was carpeted.
"Please, if you may," She said. Then a man turned the corner wearing a dress shirt and slacks. He went up to her and gave her a kiss.
"Hello there, I'm Daniel Mason," He said and stuck his hand out to shake.
"Oh I forgot to introduce myself, i'm Amber Mason," She said.
"Well I'm Beckett Baines, this is Nolan, Oliver, Jackson, and our sister, Adeline," Beckett said.
"Nice to meet you," Mr. Mason said and shook our hands. I was basically hiding behind Jack because i'm so shy and scared around people.
"Boys come down right now we have guest," Mrs. Mason shouted up the stairs.
The were two pairs of feet trotting down and some cuss words between them. Then two really hot guys appeared in front of me. 
"Hi i'm Clark Mason," Clark said, looking me up and down.
"I'm Mason Clarke," Mason said. I looked at him confused.
"We're not actually sibling, just always hang out, babe," Mason said. Looking down towards my waist way too long than he should have.
"Nice tat," Clark said to me. Wait how did he see it it's not obvious!
"What?" I barley said. I'm too shy for my own good. Mason gestured his head towards the cuts in my dress by my stomach. Damn why did they have to add this on the dress. I guess it's kinda cute, but still!
"Oh, it's just a family thing," I said quickly.
"Boys don't just ask someone why they have tattoos," Mrs. Clark said cringing lightly at the word 'tattoo.' Wander what that was about.
"What you always ask me and Mace about our tats," Clark said aggressively. The tension in the room grew as he said that. There was a ding from the kitchen and everyone, and I mean everyone snapped out of whatever they were thinking.
"Well come into the kitchen the food is ready," Mrs. Mason said.
"What are we having," Clark said.
"That is a surprise," She said. "Adeline, would you mind helping me set out the food?"
"I wouldn't mind," I said.
"Ok, thank you," She said. She handed me a bowl that was filled with spaghetti. As I took things from the kitchen to the dining room, Mrs. Mason was putting the delicious looking dessert into the oven to warm up. I took the only empty seat which was in between Mason and Jack.
"Yummy, spaghetti, bet it's your moms special recipe," Mason said to Clark.
"Yeah I love this," He said as he basically put half the bowl onto his plate. My brothers' already got their fair share along with Mr. Mason.
"Here have some," Mason said as he put some of thee spaghetti from his plate onto mine. 
"I'm fine you can keep it," I mumbled not really wanting to eat.

"At least have this little bit," Mason said and put the small portion on my plate
"So where did you move here from?" Mrs. Mason said.
"North Carolina," I said since I was the only one without food shoved down my throat.
"Damn, you don't like the panthers do you?" Clark asked, most likely meant for my brothers' but i answered instead.
"Clark please don't curse," Mrs. mason said.
"Whatever." He mumbled, "Soo..."
"We all like different teams, Oli likes the Panthers," I said. All of there jaws dropped. Did they think I didn't know the teams. I live with four boys I know a lot, iI'm stuck with them.
"What team do you like?" Mason asked me.
"The bronco's, so does Jack," I said.
"Well the 49ers are way better," Clark said smugly.
"No, they suck since they let Kaepernick in," Beckett said joining the conversation of football.
"Whoa, we know he sucks but they are still great," Clark said.
"Sure," I mumbled sarcastically.
"Anyways, Adeline what school are you going to be going to?" Mrs. Mason asked.
"Umm, i think its like George Washington High School," I said. (A.N. I know there has to be a school with this name but i am unimaginative and don't want to look up schools or anything, so lets pretend it's not a real school.)
"Really Clark and Mason go there also," Mr. Mason said with realization.
"So how old are you boys?" Mrs. Mason asked my brothers'.
"I'm 25, Nolan is 23, Oli is 21, Jack is 19," Beckett said.
"What about you Adeline?" Clark asked.
"Oh I'm 16," I mumbled shyly.
"Cool, I'm 17" Mason said.
"Well... I'll go get the dessert," Mrs. Mason said and got up.
Mason slid his hand onto my thigh. It wasn't to high but it wasn't low either. 
"I'd rather have you as dessert," Mason whispered in my ear. 'Omg fuckboy alert.' I kept repeating in my head but instead I was blushing so hard a chef would mistake me for one of his tomatoes. Oli, who was sitting across from me, was looking at me suspiciously. He is so going to bring this up.
"So Adeline do you do any sports?" Mr. Mason.

"No, not anymore at least," I said. All of my brothers' stiffened remembering things that none of us want to remember.
"What did you do?" Clark asked. Can they really stop. But instead of being rude I politely smiled through my thoughts.
"Basketball, soccer, and gymnastic/cheer," I said.
"What why did you quit cheer?!" Clark exclaimed.
"Complications," I gritted out.
"Clark," Mrs. Mason said in a warning tone as she walked in with the dessert. I'm really going to have to go to the gym and work off all of these calories.
"Sorry," Clark mumbled. As she was putting the cake on plates and handing them to us, the doorbell rang.

"Mason they shouldn't be here today," Clark said suspiciously.

"You still have to answer, it will be worse if we don't," Mason said quietly.
"If you would excuse us quickly," Clark said. They got up and walked away. I then heard the door open and some grumbling.
"I think we should keep low," Mr. Mason said.
After around 20 minutes, that felt much longer, the door closed, and Clark and Mason walked back into the kitchen.
"Sorry about that," Clark said.
"Yeah, well I think we should get going it's getting late and we need to adjust to the time, you know jet lag," Beckett said.
"Yes, i'll walk you out," Mrs. Mason said and walked us to the door.
"It was great meeting you," Beckett said.
"Yes, i hope next time we talk it won't be this bad," Mrs. Mason said.
"Goodnight," Oli said, and slung an arm over my shoulder.
"No-olan do you feel someone watching us," I whispered as they opened the door to our house.
"Do not, no matter what, look around just get into the house, Beckett will be with you," Oli said to me. He let go of me and Beckett pushed me into the house and slipped in as the other three slid off into the dark.
"W-what's that about?" I asked scared.
"They might have followed us here, and seems like those boys know them," Beckett said.
"Why are Oli, Nolan, and Jack going out then?" I asked.
"Safety check, go change and then you can watch some Teen Wolf," Beckett said. We both walked up the stairs to our rooms but then went into different direction. I walked into my room and saw a hooded figure outside on my balcony, just standing there. I screeched and ran out of my room to Beckett's, then clung onto him not caring that he was only in his boxers.
"Addy! What happened?!" Beckett said worried.
"I-I-I sa-w a ho-hooded person ou-outside my ro-om," I said anxiety filling me.
"Ok Addy, first take deep breathes. In, now out," He kept said slowly till I calmed down a little bit.
"oops I'll let you change," I said embarrassed now.
"No Addy, it's fine," Beckett  said and slipped on the rest of his clothes.
"I'm scared Beckett," I said honestly.
"It's ok, you can sleep in here if you want, I'll watch over you. Just go to sleep and nothing bad will happen when I'm around," Beckett said and kissed my forehead.
"Ok, goodnight Beckie," I said sleepily. I then quickly knocked out letting sleep consume the rest of me.

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