Gang Leader's Choice

Being new is hard anyways, but being new and already having people hate you is harder. Adeline moves from North Carolina to California and immediately meets the most popular kids at school, as one of them is her neighbor. Adeline's life is hard from running from her past, to moving, to barely having friends, to meeting a gang.
Mason Clarke is feared by everyone just because he is a gang leader. When he meets his Adeline his whole world changes. New emotions, being nice, possessive, caring, instead of his usual cold, secluded, stubborn self. Mason isn't used to not getting what he wants being a gang leader but Adeline isn't that easy.
But hey, the gang leader gets what the gang leader wants and he wants Adeline now.


28. Chapter Twenty-Seven: War & Deaths


Chapter Twenty-Seven: War & Deaths

Adeline's P.O.V.

I was thinking of doing this in Mason's pov but to create suspense and mystery i and writing in Adeline's pov. 

"MASON!!!!" Someone shouted barging into the room.

"What?" Mason snapped.

"They're stealing our weapons," The person said coming into the room.

"Go send some men, Clark go tell my group to go to my office, wait there," Mason ordered.

"Do you wanna stay in here or come with?" Mace asked as he was about to open the door.

"I'll come," I said and jogged over behind him.

"Clark," Mason said.

"Yes," Clark said.

"Make sure Eli doesn't come near Addy," Mason said and sat down.

"You can sit there I'll make sure Eli isn't near you," Clark said.

"Let everyone in when they come," Mason said and started reading papers. I took out my phone and started playing random games.

"MASON!!!!" Sara shouted running into the office.

"Yeah," Mace questioned looking up.

"Someone was left outside out door with duct tape on her mouth, and her arms and legs wrapped up," Sara said in one quick breath. Mace then got up and gestured for me and Clark to follow. We then followed Sara to a crowd of the gang around someone. Mace then glared down at her then bent down and ripped the duct tape off her mouth. Well that was a little harsh.

"Who are you?" Mace said standing back and glaring down at her.

She stayed quiet.

"I asked. WHO. ARE. YOU," Mace roared.

She still stayed quiet.

"Throw her in the cells. Away from everyone," Mace said to some fighters around us. They then lifted her up and I could see her face properly.

"NO. MASON DON'T!!" Clark exclaimed standing in front of her.

"Why not?" Mace asked sassily.

"She's from our school we have Science together for 7th period. Her names Isabella," Clark said defensively.

"Ok she'll still get food but she's still going to the cells we don't know who she is," Mace said.

"...ok," Clark said walked back into the house after Mace.

"Why you late?" Eli asked Mace when we came to his office.

"We had a small emergency," Mace said curtly as we entered his office. Eli was about to sit in the seat next to me when Clark grabbed him harshly and pushed in the opposite direction.

"What the fuck! You lil bitch I always sit there!" Eli exclaimed and started sizing Clark up.

"Not anymore, you prick," Clark replied.

"You son of a bitch," Eli said and swung at Clark but Mace was in between them holding Eli's fist. 

"Listen to Clark, will ya, you ain't sittin there anymore so don't complain," Mace growled out. Eli then trudged over to and empty seat at the end of the table.

"Well I have been informed that our weapons are being stolen and one of our warehouses are being torn down. We have also been told that this is officially war. So we are going to have to plan out our attack and head out today," Mace said standing up. He then went and grabbed a stand and a white board.

"I was thinking that we keep our weapons here. Our tech goes out, and our fist spread out across the district," Clark said.

"Where do we go?" Eli asked.

"We have that planned," James said walking in with Sara and Xavier.

"Everyone that does training with Xavier will be our weapons, people who trains with Sara with be our fist, and everyone who trains with James will be our tech. Everyone is dismissed and your leader will take you to your sections," Mace said and turned to Clark.

"What do I do?" I asked Mace.

"I'll take you somewhere safe, but let's go get some clothes," Mace said and started walking to his room.

"W-what?!" I exclaimed.

"Did I stutter?" Mace asked sarcastically. I then stayed quiet as Mace put a lot of clothes in a bag. We started walking out when I suddenly stopped.

"MY PHONE!" I exclaimed and ran in.

"Get mine also," Mace called. I grabbed our phones the charger and earbuds. I had a feeling I would need all of this.

"Sara?" Clark called poking his head into the room.

"Yeah?" Sara asked walking out.

"Is everything secure?" Mace asked.

"Yup," Sara said looking at me.

"Ok, Addy you're going to stay here during the war," Mace said and pushed me in.

"What? No," I said.

"Addy please," Mace pleaded.

"Fine," I said and wrapped my arms around his next for a tight hug. Mace then leaned down and pushed his lips against mine.

"I love you," I mumbled when we pulled away.

"I love you too, princess," Mace said and started walking off with Clark and Sara.

"Wait Mace your phone," I said.

"Hold onto it," Mace said and disappeared and turned around the corner. Weird

"He's not going to die, I can promise that," Someone said.

"How do you know?" I asked with tears brimming at my eyes. Stupid Mason making me feel stupid emotions and making me love with with his cute little imperfections.

"Because he's Mason Clarke leader of the Black Panther Gang and district. If he was going to die it would've happened years ago due to the pressure," He said.

"Thanks, what am I doing in here?" I asked.

"Mason doesn't want you getting hurt," He said.

"Whats your name?" I asked again. Ok don't judge I'm a curious child and have almost died because of it. But oh well curiosity killed the cat.

"I'm Luca," He said.

"Hi Luca, I'm Adeline but I prefer Addy," I said and stuck my hand out.

"I already knew, but it's nice meeting you," Luca laughed shaking my hand

"So what are you doing in here?" I asked.

"Well we need protection around the house and especially this floor so Sara decided to keep some of us as hide out here.

"That's nice. Also I get company," I joked.


It's been a month and there has been no report on Mason. I'm completely worried because there have been 50 people brought on the verge of death or severely injured and I'm not told anything about who it is. Although the good this is I have Luca keeping me company and he mentioned to me how he has a crush on Angie but she's 'out of my league' as he put it. I thought it was adorable. 

"Hello madam would you like a croissant?" Luca asked holding a fake tray.

"Why thanking kind sir," I replied pretending to take on and eat it. 

The there was a loud crash and gun shots then it was deathly silent.

"Stay here," Luca said and went out to look with a group of people. I was left with two other people who were loading up shot guns. Then next thing I know I'm surround by the strong arms of Mason.

"Mason," I whispered and wrapped my arms around his neck. A bullet then flew right by my head.

"Stay away," Mace said as he holds up a gun with a ton of other people surrounding him.

"I will have her again," Will said as he head up a gun.

Then a shot rung though the air.

I couldn't breath.

All the air got knocked out of me. 

I then took in a breath after the shock settled and walked over to where Mason was on the floor. I then bent down next to him and hugged him.

"I did it...I finally did it...He'll never come after you again," Mace said and looked over at the corpse of Will. William Groden is finally gone. My rapist, kidnapper, tormentor, and abuser is finally gone.

"Thank you Mace," I said and pressed my lips against his.

"For what?" Mace asked after pulling away.

"Everything," I said and stood up with him.

"GROUP HUG!!!!!" Clark exclaimed wrapping his arms around us. Mace chucked and did as well along with Angie, Sara, Ralfeal, Kacey, Noah, Xavier, James, Ryder, Carter, and surprisingly even Luca.

"I'm so glad you guys are safe now," I said.

"We missed this," Angie said.

"Guys we need a day like before. Where we eat junk food play games and just hang out," Sara said.

"Hell yeah," Xavier said.

"Angie..." Luca said.

"Yeah, what's up Luca," Angie said smiling.

"I really like you you like me?" Luca stuttered.

"Yes," Angie said and hugged him. "But I'm not ready to date so don't think of that yet."

"That's adorable," I mumbled.

"Not as much as us," Mace said.

"You're crazy," I said.

"Hey guys I'm exhausted so I'm going to bed," Mace said and started walking to his room with me right behind him.

"Yeah Mason get some," Clark said and faked moaning.

"Of course he would do that," Mace said.

Mace then just plopped down on the bed and pulled me down with him and we fell asleep in each others' embrace after a month.

I know i haven't been on but i also have a ton of summer homework to catch up on. Also this chapter is so cute but it's almost the end so be prepared for a surprise.

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