Gang Leader's Choice

Being new is hard anyways, but being new and already having people hate you is harder. Adeline moves from North Carolina to California and immediately meets the most popular kids at school, as one of them is her neighbor. Adeline's life is hard from running from her past, to moving, to barely having friends, to meeting a gang.
Mason Clarke is feared by everyone just because he is a gang leader. When he meets his Adeline his whole world changes. New emotions, being nice, possessive, caring, instead of his usual cold, secluded, stubborn self. Mason isn't used to not getting what he wants being a gang leader but Adeline isn't that easy.
But hey, the gang leader gets what the gang leader wants and he wants Adeline now.


22. Chapter Twenty-One: Shopping & Flirting


Chapter Twenty-One: Shopping & Flirting

Adeline's P.O.V.

So it turned out that for some reason we didn't have school Monday so the gang decided that was the day that we were going shopping for the party thing in a week. I mean i like shopping but I usually have a rough idea of what I want but they were picking up almost everything. We were at a shoe shop when Sara grabbed a black 6" pumps. Oh yay I can finally know what it feels like to be tall. With the heels I should be around 5'8. Although Mason is around 6'3-ish maybe taller.

"Here, Mason said that your dress will be mostly black," Sara said and handed me the shoes as she looked for herself.

"And you guys question why people call me emo," I joked.

"It wasn't our idea it was your boyfriend's. Anyways what do you think of this?" Sara said as she grabbed a silver clutch and 6" sliver strap heels.

"That goes well together. What colour is your dress?" I asked.

"My dress should be a one shoulder strap floor length dress, with gems on the bodice and silver cloth. Its supposed to be really pretty and I'm hoping I can meet someone cute," Sara said an winked.

"Sara! Is that all you think about?" I asked. I mean she does bring it up a lot.

"No but its fun and nice if its right, but...," Sara said and pulled me away from the people around us. "There's this one guy, he doesn't really know me personally but I've meet him 2 years ago and I think i'm in love so I'm planning on getting to know him more privately since he's not in our gang. Also no I'm not planning on having sex with him, unless he wants to."

"Wow he actually seem special, tell me if you see him cause Mason showed me some secret places in the house, but that means you can't visit the places after," I said because he seemed so special.

"Thank you! Thank you! I can't believe you're willing to do this for me," Sara said and squeezed me in a hug.

"Haha Sara I think you're killing her," Angie said laughing.

"Oh yeah haha," Sara said and let go.

"It's no problem, but let's go get food and meet the boys," Angie said then we went to go buy our items. We then went to the food court and Sara and Angie got food but I just sat at a table and waited. When I was waiting 3 guys came over and sat at the table. Well 2 were sitting on the tabletop and one sat next to me then the other put his arm around me.

"So are you single?" The guy next to me whispered in my ear.

"Umm..." I said and started panicking.

"Actually I should've introduced myself beforehand, I'm Jason, that's Kian and the other one is Liam," Jason said.

Oh yeah these guys. The ones Mason hates.

"So, babe, are you single?" Liam asked.

"No," I said meekly.

Sometimes it's good to be shy, but this isn't one of those moments.

"Oh yeah this is Mason's girlfriend," Jason said and slid his hand onto my thigh, and then I almost lost it and started crying. I hate panic attacks!

"Oi! Jason Alexander Blaine! Leaver her alone," Sara said coming over to me.

"Make me," Jason said as Liam and Kian pushed them back.

"If she can't I will," Mason said coming standing directly behind us.

"Fine! This one time Clarke but I will have her within a few weeks," Jason said and walked off.

"I thought you said there couldn't be alliances," I said as they all sat down.

"There can't be but this is a whole other subject," Mason said and then the conversation changed to something else.

"So where are we going now?" I asked as we left.

"That's a surprise," Mason said as we got into his car with James and Clark.

"So Mason... This sounds like a stupid needy question but do you remember the name of the girl you lost your virginity to?" I asked.

"Haha noooo," Mason said awkwardly.

"Masoooonnnnnn, tell her or I will tell her your full name," Clark said as James just watched with amusement.

"You wouldn't," Mason threatened.


"CLARK WILLIAM ANDREW MASON," Mason shouted back.

"Mason Bradley Zane Clarke," I mumbled.

"Ugh I hate it," Mason said.

"Why it sounds nice," I said.

"No it doesn't," Mason groaned.

"Why do you guys have 2 middle names?" I asked.

"Well there's a tradition that the middle names of your kids will be the name of both your grandfather/mother," Mason said.

"Oh that makes sense, but then wouldn't the name always be recycled?" I asked.

"No because you can name the first name whatever you want. Hell there could be a Recycle bin and it will be the middle name," Mason said.

"Wait you didn't tell me," I said bringing the conversation back.

"We're here!" Clark said and got out.

"Addy," Mason said as we entered a wedding dress shop.

"Why are we here this is a wedding dress shop?" I asked.

"We know the owner she said she would have a dress made for you, and its not a wedding dress, I don't plan on getting married, right now," Mason chuckled.

"Mason, Clark, and James its amazing to see you," This lady in her mid 30s said to us  i then looked over to Mason questioningly.

"She was my mom's best friend," Mason whispered.

"So where are the other boys, and that other girl?" The lady asked.

"Oh we took different cars they should be here soon, but this is Adeline one of the new dress I asked for," Mason said.

"Oh yes i have her dress ready I just need the exact measurements," She said and went into the back. When she came back she was holding a black long sleeve, floor length, bedazzled dress.

"Wow," I mumbled in aw.

"Put it on in the changing room so I can fit it to you," She said. I went into the room and Mason started talking to her outside.

"So I know that my suit is gonna need some adjustment," Mason said.

"So are ours," Clark said.

"I'll go get them," James said then I walked out with the dress on.

It is absolutely gorgeous! The sleeves go down to my hands, and on the bodice had diamond jewels going down to my waist. Also there was a ribbon attached to my dress at the back. The bottom flared out gorgeously, it was like a princess ball gown except a little less puffy. And best of all it was below my collarbones. I really don't like things touching my collarbones because it just bugs me to no extent.

"Hmm... We just have to tighten this to make it more form fitting. Then for you boys i have to make the width around your arms bigger and lengthen the pants because you just wont stop growing," The lady laughed and the the others came in.

"Oh girls I have you're dresses. Boy's do you need anything?" She asked.

"No," Ralfeal said. She then walked back with my dress and Mason, Clark, and James' suit.

"What's her name?" I asked Mason.

"Oh well I call her Aunt Susan, she likes that so you can probably call her that also," Mason said then Aunt Susan came back out with a dress for Sara, Angie, and Kacey.

They all walked into the rooms and Kacey was the first to walk out in her dress and Converse. Kacey's dress was a gold fabric with a silver belt of jewels around the waist and went just above the knee. It was simple but beautiful. Angie then walked out and her dress was a teal, knee length dress with a lacy fabric on top and a ruffly flow. Also simple but beautiful. Lastly was Sara whose dress was exactly as she described it but even more beautiful in life. That guy better not hurt her. Aunt Susan went over to Kacey first and marked the correct measurements then Angie then Sara.

"Come back tomorrow afternoon your clothes should be done by then," Aunt Susan said as we left.

"Sooooo..... Mace. Who did you lose your virginity to?" I asked again as we got into his car.

"Yeah Mace," C;ark teased.

"Oh this is interesting," James laughed and got in next to me.

"Fine. Fine. The name of the girl i lost my virginity to is Scarlett....Scarlett Mason."

Hi there! I know that you guys may hate me and that's ok. Hate me all you want because i have been postponing updating this but here it is and i will try to but it will be difficult for the next two weeks but i'm gonna continue working on the next chapter tonight. So enjoy this lovely little chapter and the next one when it comes out. Also 2,000 + reads i'm so happy. Lastly how do you feel about the cliffhanger plot twist ;))), you'll learn about it in the next chapter i promise. 

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