Gang Leader's Choice

Being new is hard anyways, but being new and already having people hate you is harder. Adeline moves from North Carolina to California and immediately meets the most popular kids at school, as one of them is her neighbor. Adeline's life is hard from running from her past, to moving, to barely having friends, to meeting a gang.
Mason Clarke is feared by everyone just because he is a gang leader. When he meets his Adeline his whole world changes. New emotions, being nice, possessive, caring, instead of his usual cold, secluded, stubborn self. Mason isn't used to not getting what he wants being a gang leader but Adeline isn't that easy.
But hey, the gang leader gets what the gang leader wants and he wants Adeline now.


30. Chapter Twenty-Nine: Diner & Children


Chapter Twenty-Nine: Diner & Children

Adeline's pov

"Let's go!" Mace exclaimed and grabbed my hand.

"What? I'm tired Mace," I complained

"Too bad, get in," Mace said holding the car door open.

"Fine, where are we going?" I asked when Mace put the key in the ignition.

"My favourite place in this town," Mace said and started driving. I changed the radio station because it was bugging me and started singing but Mace just laughed.

"Shut up," I joked.

"I'm kidding you're a good singer," Mace said smiling then parked the car.

"You're just saying that because I'm your girlfriend," I said.

"Maybe, but we're here," Mace said.

"A diner?"

"Yes, I love this place. We used to come every Thursday night, mom, dad, JC, and I would have dinner."

"That's cute," I said.

"Cute?" Mace asked.

"Yeah," I said.

"Hello, how many?" Someone asked standing behind the desk said as we walked in.

"Two," Mace said still holding my hand.

"Ok follow me," He said and led us to a booth. "Would you like something to drink?"

"Pepsi," Mace said.

"Coke," I said.

"Ok," He said.

"You like coke?" Mace said pretending to be hurt.

"And you like Pepsi," I replied.

"Yes, yes i do," Mace smirked.

"Here's you drinks," Another person said walking over with them. "Would you like to order or wait.

"We're ready to order, I'll have the BBQ Chicken Hamburger," Mace said.

"And how would you like your fries?" He asked.

"Seasoned," Mace said.

"And you?" The waiter asked turning to me.

"I'll have the same as him," I said.

"Ok, we'll have those out shortly," He said and walked into the back.

"So, how's life?" Mace asked.

"Really?" I laughed.

"Yes," Mace said seriously.

"Horrible, I thought that the man I love died," I said looking him in the eyes.

"And I knew that the girl that I love was safe," Mace said.

"You're really cheesy," I said.

"Not as cheesy as you. Talking about cheese, do you like cheese?" Mace asked randomly.

"What kind of question is that?" I asked.

"A random one now answer," Mace said.

"Well, somewhat," I said.

"What do you mean somewhat?" Mace asked.

"I mean somewhat, do you ever want children?" I asked.

"Not very soon but yes. What about you?" Mace asked.

"Yeah," I said.

"Here's your food," The waiter said. "Would you like anything else?"

"No we're good, thank you," I said because Mace was already shoving food down his throat.

"So any dreams for the future?" Mace asked me as I took a bite of the hamburger.

"I want to be a nurse," I said.

"Ohh, so you wear the sexy nurse uniform," Mace said and licked his lips.

"Mason!" I whispered.

"Sorry, but you would look hot," Mace said.

"What about you?" I asked.

"Thanks babe for calling me hot, but really I don't think I would look hot in a nurse uniform," Mace said.

"No, well yes, but what I meant was what do you wanna be?" I asked.

"Oh, well I wanna go pro in football but when that end I'll be a lawyer," Mace said.

"How?" I asked.

"Well I will go to school and-" Mace was saying slowly.

"What I mean was how are you going to be a gang leader and do all that?" I asked.

"It's easy and normal, that's why we have so many members."

"That makes sense."

"Are you done?"


"Can we have the ticket?" 

"Here you go," The waiter said and put the ticket on the table. Mace snatched it before i could.

"You ass," I said.

"You love my ass, anyway I thought girls loved it when guys payed," Mace said smirking as he stood up to pay as I followed. Once we payed we got back in Mace's car and he started driving back to his house.

"What's your least favourite social situation?" Mace asked.

"When I'm not paying attention and the teacher calls on me, or when I don't raise my hand and the teacher still picks me, or when I have to read in front of the class," I said. We then got to the house and got out Markus came running like a bullet to us.

"BIG BROTHER!!!!!" Markus exclaimed.

"Hey Markus," Mace said and kissed his head. Honestly it is the cutest seeing boys with kids.

"Let's go inside," I said and we went in. We all ended up in the living room talking.

"So how's the relationship life?" Clark asked.

"Good how's the single life," Ralfeal said.

"Meh, but I won't be single for long, I'm going on a date with Isabella this Saturday," Clark said smiling like a fool.

"You sound like an obsessed girl," Mace said.

"You sound like a girl," Clark pouted.

"So anything new?" Angie asked.

"Naw," All of us said. I yawned and looked at my phone and saw that it was only 6:37.

"Mace can you take me home I'm tired," I said.

"Sure," Mace said and set Markus on the couch next to Luke. Mace then grabbed the keys to his motorcycle.

"Yes, it's been like forever," I said.

"I know right," Mace said in a fake I pitched voice.

"You're crazy," I said.

"I know, get on or I'm going without you," Mace said.

"You're going to my house," I said and got on.

"So..." Mace said and rode off to my house. When we got there we got off the bike and went to the door. Right before I opened the door it swung open and Jack was holding onto me with dear life.

"Addy, you're ok," Jack said.

"I told you she wasn't dead," Nolan shouted from the living room when we walked into the house.

"You're such a nice brother," I said sarcastically and walked into the living room. I sat on the love seat and pulled Mace to sit next to me.

"I know," Nolan said and pretended to flick his hair behind his should. There was then a knock on the door. Oli went over to open it the I heard the familiar voice of Clark.

"How did he know that we were here?" I asked Mace.

"I don't know," Mace said.

"Why'd you guy's leave," Clark said plopped down onto of us.

"Jesus get off you so fucking heavy," Mace said and pushed him.

"Oh you calling me fat," Clark said mock hurt and put his hand on his chest.

"Yes, I am calling you fat," Mace said.

"Mason!" I exclaimed.

"What? He was the one crushing me under his butt," Mace said and shrugged.

"You know that you love my butt," Clark said.

"Only in your dreams," Mace said.

"Hey let's go hang out," Clark said.

"Where? I'm tired," I said.

"Then lets go to your room," James said. I looked over to Beckett and he just nodded.

"Fine," I said and we went to my room.

"Where's your old yearbooks?" Clark asked.

"No!" I said.

"Why not?" James asked walking over too me with the other two buttholes.

"Because I look cringey, ugly, and every other synonym as to why those shan't be recovered.

"Hold her down," Mace said and then Clark picked me up and slung me over his shoulder. Honestly I get it I'm a potato not a bag of potato just a single potato, or even a single lays potato chip.

"Ah ha found them," Mace said and held up the stack of yearbooks.

"MASON!" I shouted and  tried getting out of Clark's grasp, but obviously failed.

"YEAH BABY SHOUT MY NAME LIKE THAT!" Mace shouted as well.

"Holy shit my brothers' are just downstairs," I hissed.

"Mhmm," James fake moaned.

"Oh yeah right there, ohh," Clark moaned as well.

"Guys'," I groaned.

"Yeahh, ohh yeahh," Mason moaned.

"I'm surround by teenage idiots," I said and hit my head on Clark back.

"Guys look at baby Addy!" Mace exclaimed.

"Oh shit! Stoppppp looking at that," I said.

"Aww, she was soooo cute," Clark said then tossed me on the bed. Mace then smirked and then Clark put on 'Grind With Me' and Mace started grinding on me. I put my hands on my face to hide the blush creeping onto my face.

"Right there," Mace moaned again and my blush darkened. Do they enjoy embarrassing the shit out of me? Obviously or they wouldn't be doing this.

"Have you guys had sex yet?" James asked and Mace got off me and lied down right next to me.

"No," Mace said.

"Ooooooooooooooohhhh Adddddyyyyyy, who's this boy with a ton of hearts around him?" Clark asked wiggling his eyebrows.

"Nobody," I lied and started blushing.

"Oh...My...God... you got to tell me we're like bff's forever," Clark said sitting down cross legged in front of my bed with a fake high pitched voice.

"Fine, fine. That was my first crush Brandon Greyman," I said.

"Ohh that's juicy information," James said.

"You guys are all crazy," I said.

"If you think that we're crazy that make you crazy because if you think someone else is crazy you are truly the only crazy person," Clark said really fast.

"Maybe you're right," I said. We then talked for a few more hours then I had to kick out Clark and James because I was getting extra tired and they wouldn't leave otherwise.

"I love you Addy," Mace said as he put his arm around my waist and snuggled closer to me.

"I love you too Mason," I said and fell asleep.

Hello this is another filler chapter so sorry about that but the next two chapter's aren't filler chapter buuuuuttt they are the last chapter's of the book. Also, irrelevant, but the name Brandon Greyman is based off of my friend's first crush but i changed some letters.

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