Gang Leader's Choice

Being new is hard anyways, but being new and already having people hate you is harder. Adeline moves from North Carolina to California and immediately meets the most popular kids at school, as one of them is her neighbor. Adeline's life is hard from running from her past, to moving, to barely having friends, to meeting a gang.
Mason Clarke is feared by everyone just because he is a gang leader. When he meets his Adeline his whole world changes. New emotions, being nice, possessive, caring, instead of his usual cold, secluded, stubborn self. Mason isn't used to not getting what he wants being a gang leader but Adeline isn't that easy.
But hey, the gang leader gets what the gang leader wants and he wants Adeline now.


10. Chapter Nine: No Relationships & Truth or Dare


Chapter Nine: No Relationships & Truth or Dare

Adeline P.O.V.

This is the house
I woke up to see Mason next to me only in his boxer briefs, I looked down to see I was wearing a giant sweater and my underwear. Oh god I hope I didn't sleep with him, or more like had sex with because well obviously.
"Mason," I said and poked his stomach.
"Mhmm I got it," Mason mumbled and rolled onto him stomach, also on top of me, preventing me from breathing.
"Mason," I said and pushed him. His eyes opened a little and when he saw me he rolled over.
"Good morning Addy," He said and sat up.
"What happened last night?" I demanded quickly.
"Nothing much, we made out I didn't want to have sex with you while you were drunk, I brought you here and we slept," Mason said and stood up.
"WE MADE OUT!" I exclaimed.
"Yeah don't you remember, it was nice," Mason said nodding.
"I mean, I remember kissing someone, but you and making out," I said trying to remember.
"It's not that big of a deal we didn't go that far into it," Mason said and shrugged.
"Ok now, why am I in these clothes?" I asked.
"I was just trying to be nice but it obviously didn't work," Mason said.
"Ugh I have the worst headache ever," I said and flopped onto the bed again.
"Well that's why I didn't drink whatever that was. Just have some breakfast and I'll give you some painkillers and take you home. I've gotta take Clark also," Mason said.
"Ok," I said and followed him to the kitchen. Mason went around looking from some pain killers as James and Carter were already in the kitchen eating waffles.
"Here we go some aspirin and water," Mason said and set two aspirin's in front of me with a cup of water. I smiled at him then quickly downed the pills.
"Clark's already up he's just hiding because he has a massive hangover, beer pong," James said.
"Where is he, you have to tell me I'm his best friend," Mason said with a giant grin across his face, he was kinda cute. No Adeline no thinking he's cute, and definitely no relationships.
"You better stop staring at him or people will get idea's about you both, and what happened last night," Carter said.
"What?" I asked.
"Everyone knows he came home with you, but it's not confirmed what actually happened. Did you do the deed?" Carter said leaning forward on the counter.
"What no, according to Mason we just slept," I said.


"Aw man shut the fuck up my head is killing me," Clark said walking into the kitchen.
"I aint the one who played beer pong after drinkin a whole bottle of tequila," Mason said.
"Just shut up you fucker," Clark said sitting down and taking aspirin.
"Motherfucker," James said and hit Clark's back.
"Just give me the waffles and I won't beat the shit outta you," Clark said.
"Just get yo ass up we're goin now," Mason said.
"Before you go, Mace you best puttin some clothes on yo chica," Some random dude said coming into the kitchen.
"We stayin a while Mace?" Clark asked.
"Fine," He said. Mason then lifted me up and placed me on the kitchen island/ counter thing.
"Damn Mace you picked a good one, can you share?" The same random dude said.
"Back off, fucking bastard," Mason grumbled.
"I'm Xavier Sanchez, and you are m'lady?" Xavier said and grabbed my hand.
"Adeline," I said quietly.
"Don't be acting formal when you be checkin her out few seconds ago in front of Mace," James said laughing.
"Never bothered me," Xavier said and stood by Carter. 
"Clark we're going," Mason said and helped me off the counter. He's such a gentleman, sometimes. No goddammit, I shouldn't like him.
"Ok lemme grab my jacket," Clark said and ran to get it. Mason was walking behind me to the door where Clark was by.
"Can we rid your bike?" I asked excitedly.
"Another time when we don't have another person and you aren't so... flashy," Mason said looking me up and down.
"Oh, ok," I said slightly disappointed. Mason got into the drivers seat and Clark let me be shotgun, so he was sitting in the back.
"Ugh my head still hurts a lot," He said hitting his head on the head rest.
"Well you know that you didn't have to drink so much and your head wouldn't hurt as much," Mason said.
"How about you shut your stupid pie hole," Clark said. After 20-ish minutes we arrived by our houses. Mason pulled into Clark's driveway and parked the car.
"I'll walk you over," Mason said. Right as I was about to knock the door flew open and I was pulled into a hug.
"Oh thank god you're ok Adeline," Jack said still squeezing me to death.
"Why are you only in an over sized sweater?" Beckett asked.
"Well... Um...I...We...," I was trying to think but nothing came to mind.
"We got to my house after the party and I didn't want her sleeping in her clothes from earlier so I had her change into one of my sweaters," Mason said.
"Why didn't you bring her here?" Nolan asked the almighty question.
"Thought it was best, neither her or Clark was in the best state," He said.
"Whatever, come on Addy," Jack said and pulled me all the way into the house.
"Really?" I asked them all once inside.
"Eh," They all replied and walked into the living area. I walked past the kitchen to see all the dishes overflowing in the sink. Great now I have to wash them since my idiot brothers' can't wash dishes. I rolled up my sleeves put on the gloves and turned on the water. I spent a half hour washing the dishes when my brothers came into the kitchen and saw my arms.
"Again?" Beckett asked in pain.
"Sorry," I said meekly.
"Why?" Nolan asked.
"Because you lied to me," I said.
"What about the bruises?" Oli asked.
"What bruises?" i asked in response.
"You know," Oli said.
"It happened at school," I said.
"Who?" Jack asked.
"Some girls they came up to me asking about Mason and i obviously didn't give the answer they wanted so they beat me up," I said.
"And why did you cut again?" Beckett asked.

"I found a letter and you lied to me so yea," I said.
"Come on let's go watch tv and talk a little," Oli said and guided me to the living room.
"You and that Mason boy?" Oli asked.  
"It's really nothing, I think," I said.
"Addy no relationships, that's why we moved here so the past doesn't bite us in the ass," Nolan said.
"Well the past always bites in the ass," I said.
"No relationships," Beckett said.
"Imma go wash up," I said and went up to my room. I sat on my bed just thinking, about everything.
Do I like Mason? He's great nice, caring, respectful. Or is he really mean, a jerk, a fuckboy. I can't tell but felt like I was falling for him. Mason's always perfectly styled blond hair, his piercing dark blue eyes, his smile and dimples. Most of all though was the pain he always seemed to have, or the stress of being the gang leader. Although he seems to be unusually possessive of me lately, but I like it.
I just need a shower that'll sort everything out. I grabbed some undergarments, shorts and decided to keep the sweater. I finished with my nice relaxing shower which really helped my mind clear. I walked out of my bathroom to see James, Mason, and Clark on my balcony, and by the looks of it, it looked like they were trying to get in.
"Hello?" I asked when I opened the door.
"We brought your clothes," James said and handed them to me.
"Thanks come in already instead of standing outside like maniacs," I said and locked my bedroom door. I put the clothes in my closet and accessories on my desk.
"Let's play truth or dare," Clark suggested.
"Sure," We all said. We sat down in a circle like shape, I was in between Mason and James, Clark opposite me. It felt like we were a really small cult trying to summon an imaginary demon.
"Do you have a bottle?" James asked.

"Why?" I asked back.
"Whoever the bottle lands on has to chose a truth or a dare," James explained. 
"I think," I said and found a bottle of empty Vodka under my bed.
"Do you have a secret stash?" Clark asked.
"Yeah but I don't drink all the time only sometimes....," I said.
"Ok I'll spin then," Clark said and spun the bottle and it landed on James.
"Truth or Dare, James?" Clark asked.
"Hmm, dare," James said.
"I dare you to... hang from the balcony for a minute with only two fingers," Clark said.
"Damn that's easy you could've chosen something harder," James said and rolled up his sleeves.
"I wasn't finished, and you have to get back up on your own with the same hand that you're hanging from," Clark finished.
"That's what I call a dare," James said and went out onto my balcony. It was kinda fun watching James try to get up but he did after four minutes. After five spins the bottle landed on me.
"Adeline truth or dare?" James asked with an awful smirk.
"Dare," I said frightfully.
"I dare you, to make out with Mace for five minutes," James said with the same smirk. There was also a five minute rule going around here so every dare or even the truth involved five minutes somehow. 
I gulped and looked at Mason who just shrugged and moved his legs out. I put my legs around Mason's waist and my arms around his neck then kissed him. Mason pulled me down so he was laying down and I was on top of him, but when he fell there was a loud echo.
"ADDY YOU OK?" One of my brothers shouted. I quickly moved back and looked at the others who just shrugged and I quickly came up with something.
"Yeah just tripped, me being clumsy," I said. They obviously believed it and Mason pulled me back onto him.
It felt nice, no 'sparks' people talk about, but it was almost like no one else existed in that moment. Mason licked my bottom lip lightly and I parted my lips to let him in. His hands left my waist and slipped under my shirt and moved up slightly.
"Times up, you kids can continue this later," James said. I spun the bottle and it landed on Mason.
"Mason truth or dare?" I asked.
"Dare," He said. I thought and had the perfect idea.
"Hold on i have to get something," I said and got up.
"Sure," He said. I walked out remembering to close the door so they don't get caught. I went into the kitchen and found whip cream, exactly what I wanted.
"Why are you taking whip cream you hate it," Jack said as I passed them to go upstairs.
"Because I'm doing something," I snapped.
"Damn ok," Jack said. I went up stairs back into my room and saw they were talking.
"Ok Mason, I dare you to put this all over your face like a mask and keep it there for the rest of the game and only use your elbow and face to take it all off at the end," I said.
These boys love challenges more than anything. We continued playing after he applied the whip cream to his face, to which they passed around the whip cream and ate it. Mason spun the bottle and it landed on me.
"Truth or dare," Mason said.
"Truth," I said this time.
"Who gave you those bruises?" Mason asked.
"I don't know," I said honestly.
"Describe them then," Mason said persistently.
"One of them had dirty blonde hair, a locket, a pink (Victoria's Secret) sweater, high waisted shorts, and red pumps. The other two were wearing high waisted skirts that were pink, and a pink sweater," I said.
"I told everyone to back the fuck off," Mason said his hands turning into fist.
"It's ok Mason, let's stop playing and do something else," I said putting my hand on his shoulder.
"Yeah like kill a bitch," Mason said and stood up.
"Stop Mason just take off the whip cream and talk about it, ok," I said.
"Fine," he said and walked into my bathroom and washed it off. Mason then took off his shirt because it go wet and whoa does he have a nice body.
"So what exactly happened?" James asked.
"So I left the lunch room and was going outside when three girls stopped me. They asked me how I knew you guys and I was being stubborn so they didn't like it and punched and kicked me. I lied when I said I wasn't feeling well, I'm sorry. I didn't want to tell you in case they meant something to you," i said.
"No, the girl you said with the shorts was my ex. I ended it with her a few months ago because I don't like her, I never did we dated for three days but she thought it was special. She's threatened every girl at school to stay away from me, I don't know why though she's kinda crazy," Mason said.
"Why not tell the police?" i asked.
"They'll have my throat then," He said.
"Oh ok, wanna watch something?" I asked them and picked up the remote to my tv.
"Yeah," They all said.
"What do you want to watch?" i asked. 
"I dunno how bout this," James said about a random movie.
That how we spent the rest of the morning watching movies laughing and talking. I was mostly with Mason though and I kept feeling something towards him. When they left I felt a void hole in me and I didn't know why.
Right as I turned on my computer, though, I realized it.

 I like Mason Clarke.
I know this chapter is longer than usual it is to make up for the last chapter. I hope you enjoyed this and i wrote this yesterday but went to sleep before i could completely finish and proof-read over it.

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