Gang Leader's Choice

Being new is hard anyways, but being new and already having people hate you is harder. Adeline moves from North Carolina to California and immediately meets the most popular kids at school, as one of them is her neighbor. Adeline's life is hard from running from her past, to moving, to barely having friends, to meeting a gang.
Mason Clarke is feared by everyone just because he is a gang leader. When he meets his Adeline his whole world changes. New emotions, being nice, possessive, caring, instead of his usual cold, secluded, stubborn self. Mason isn't used to not getting what he wants being a gang leader but Adeline isn't that easy.
But hey, the gang leader gets what the gang leader wants and he wants Adeline now.


15. Chapter Fourteen: No PDA & Kacey


Chapter Fourteen: No PDA & Kacey
Adeline's P.O.V.

When we all got back into town Mason went to his house as my brothers went home. When we got into the house Angie and Sara jumped up to me and started asking me a ton of questions.
"I'll leave you guys to that, see you later babe," Mason said and kissed the top of my head.
"Let's go up to my room," Sara said and dragged me up to her room.

"What happened?"

"Did you two have sex?"

"Are you dating?"

"Where did you go?"

"Were you alone?"

"Why did you just leave?"

"Whoa guys calm down. Ok I went on a little vacation up to Monterrey with my brothers', Mason, and Mason's brother, so we weren't alone. Yes we are dating. And no we didn't have sex," I said.
"Did anything happen?" Sara asked.
"Actually yes, we meet a girl named Kacey and she's going to be going to school with us now," I said.
"Well I knew you and Mason would start dating soon," Sara said.
"How?" I asked.
"He started talking to you when you came to the school. He also let you park by him, he never lets us do that," Angie said.
"Really?" I asked surprised.
"Yeah. Here I'll put my phone in my pocket and record everything that happens then you do it and we'll prove how he's nicer to you," Angie said. Angie put her phone on camera and stared a video and went to Mason's office. Sara and I were talking for ten minutes when Angie came in with a huff.
"Wasn't good?" I asked.
"Hell no he's a stubborn ass fucking bitch, you go now," Angie said. I nodded and put my camera on starting a video and went to Mason's office.
"Addy, come over here," Mason said and move back in his chair.
"Mace why do you act so mean?" I asked.
"It's personal," Mason said and stiffened.
"Oh, do you actually like me?" I asked and sat on his lap wrapping my arms around his neck.
"Fuck like, I love you. I've loved you since I saw you at Starbucks with your brother and then when you were at Clark's and at school. I knew I couldn't let you leave my life," Mason said.
"Aww," I said and gave him a lil peck.
"What are you doing with the girls?" Mason said.
"Girl talk," I said.
"I bet it's about me," Mason said.
"A little," I said and stood up.
"Wanna watch a movie later in the screening room?" Mason said as I was about to leave.
"Maybe," I said.
"I'll come by later and see, ok," Mason said and I nodded and left. I walked in to the room and Angie and Sara pulled me down onto the ground where they were.
"Show the video," Angie said. I pulled out my phone and put on the video.
"What the fuck," Sara said.
"Look!" Angie shouted and showed me here video.
"Damn he can be a bitch," I said.
"Well you'll never know he's so nice to you," Angie said.
"Well it doesn't matter right now anyway," I said. We were then watching Teen Wolf because, Damn! They are so hot I think I will die from all the hotness. There was a knock on the door as we were all talking after the episode ended.
"COME IN!!!!" Sara shouted.
"Hey Addy wanna watch a movie downstairs?" Mason asked.
"Um...," I thought and looked at Sara and Angie who were saying yes. "Sure." I got up and went over to Mason and he lead me to the screening room. We sat down on a couch snuggling against each other but all I could think of was the Mason. I had no clue what was going on in the movie or even what the movie was.
Mason then leaned over and kissed me and I couldn't help but kiss him back. After a few minutes Mason's shirt was off and he was feeling up my stomach to my boobs but I stopped his hands.
"Whoa!!! Slow down!! Put clothes back on!!!!!!! JESUS CHRIST THERE SHOULD BE NO PDA IN THIS HOUSE!!" Clark exclaimed as he walked into the screening room.
"Yo Clark, watcha doin," Mason said and stood up. I stood up and brushed myself off with a huge blush across my face.
"Wanted to drop by, Addy your face is red is it too hot?" Clark asked completely oblivious, which I was slightly happy for, but Mason just smirked.
"No I'm fine," I said.
"Ok, let's go upstairs," Clark said. Mason turned off the movie and we went upstairs to see the whole gang I've meet and some people I haven't meet.
"AHHHH! Mason put a shirt on we don't need to see your boobs," Sara said as we walked into the kitchen
"Yeah Mason don't flash yo tits around everywhere," Angie said.
"Hey chica," Xavier said. Mason wrapped his arm around my waist protectively and pulled me closer to him.
"Back off," Mason said.
"It ain't like she your's anyways," Xavier said.
"She is," Mason said.
"Ahh you finally had the balls to ask 'er out," Xavier said and took a swing of the beer that was in his hand.
"So, when did this happen?" James said and leaned on the counter.
"Yesterday," I said.
"Why did you come in frantically that day?" Carter asked.
"This," I said and pulled out the note that was in my jeans still. Carter handed it to Ralfeal who read it aloud for everyone and when he was done all their faces said the same as mine did.
"Let go watch a movie or somethin," Xavier said.
"Yeah," Mason said and we all went to the screening room this time. Xavier put on a horror movie and usually I don't get too freaked out but I did and buried myself in Mason's arm.
"Eek," I yelp in Mason's arm so on one heard me.
"I'm here for you," Mason said and put his hand on mine. I looked at him and leaned in closer. Mason also did and pulled me onto his lap and I remembered he still didn't have a shirt on. We were making out but not like earlier.
"Ewww!!!! NO PDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Carter exclaimed and pushed us apart making me fall. Before I landed Xavier caught me but Mason quickly stood up and held me up.
"Don't get so possessive," Xavier said with a smirk.
"I know you, don't try anything," Mason snapped.
"Is anyone listening I said, NO FUCKING PDA!!!!" Carter shouted. Mason smirked and turned to Carter it wasn't a bad smirk, but a dirty smirk.
"We ain't fucking in front of everyone," Mason said.
"Holy shit Mason keep that to yourself and your dreams," Carter said.
"You started it," Mason said and shrugged. "This movie's lame anyways, imma be in my office." Mason left and I went after him after taking a quick look behind me at everyone, who were still surprised by my actions. Guess it's different.
"Mason," I said when we got to the foyer. I could tell he was about to go upstairs into his office if someone didn't knock on the door.
"I'll get it stay behind me," Mason said and opened it.
"Is Addy here," I heard a small voice said.
"Yeah," Mason said and moved to the side. Kacey then came/ ran over to me and squished in a tight hug. For a small person she does have one strong ass grip.
"Oh who's this?" James said as he came into the foyer with everyone behind him.
"This is Kacey, we meet her when we went to Monterrey and she decided to come back with us," I said.
"Hi i'm Ralfeal," Ralfeal said and stuck his hand out. That's weird and I definitely wasn't the only one thinking that by the looks of everyone else.

"Hi," Kacey mumbled shyly.
"Hi I'm James, this is Clark, Noah, Carter, Angie, and Sara," James said.
"Do you want something to eat?" Ralfeal asked.

"Umm...Addy?" Kacey asked me.
"Sure," I said. I felt a hand on my waist and jumped a little and looked over at Mason whose face was a few centimeters from mine.
"I'll be in my office come in whenever you want," Mason whispered and went to his office.
"Do you want anything in specific?" Ralfeal asked.
"No," Kacey said and held onto my arm.
"We have spaghetti, or mac n' cheese," Ralfeal said.
"Can I have both?" Kacey asked.
"That's interesting, I do that also but the Mason hates it so I don't when I'm around him," Ralfeal said as he put the mac n' cheese in the microwave.
"It taste better," Kacey said.
"Right, what do you want Adeline?" Ralfeal asked.
"Nothing I'm fine," I said.
"If you say so," Ralfeal said looking at me skeptically. We sat around the island and I tried forcing Kacey to talk to Ralfeal and it was ok. Ralfeal seemed to like Kacey in a weird way.
"Imma go to Mason," I said.
"Can I come?" Kacey asked. I looked at Ralfeal quickly and he shrugged a little and I nodded.
"Hey Mason," I said as I opened the door.

"Hey you can sit down and talk it won't bother me," Mason said.
"You've been doing work all day, shouldn't you stop," I said worriedly.
"It's fine, but this is important so I have to finish it then I can take a tiny break," Mason said.

"Ok," I said and sat on the couch with Kacey. We were talking about random things till Kacey started getting tired.

"Oh I have school tomorrow," I said.
"Yeah I do to, I got enrolled at the same school as you," Kacey said and smiled.
"Really?! Well I should be getting home," I said and stood up.
"Yeah your brothers said I could stay with you," Kacey said and stood up also.
"I'll drive you two and i think I'll take Clark also he's probably been drinking," Mason said and came around to me. We walked down and found Clark who had been drinking then went out to Mason's truck. I was in the back having to deal with a drunk Clark and Kacey was in the passenger seat. When we Clark's house Mason pulled into his drive way and parked his car. I go out along with Kacey and Mason but Clark was too drunk.
"I'll be staying here tonight to make Clark go to school tomorrow, see you tomorrow babe," Mason said and kissed me and I couldn't help kiss back. When we pulled away i was staring at his grey/blue eyes.
"Can you take me and Kacey tomorrow?" I asked.
"Sure," Mason said and gave me one last peck before I went to my house.
"You guys really are cute together," Kacey said as we walked into my house.
"Thanks, so I'm tired so imma go to sleep see you in the morning," I said and gave Kacey a quick hug and went upstairs. I got ready for bed and then went downstairs to take some of my medicine quickly.
"You must've had a good day," Beckett said and grabbed a glass filling it with water.
"I guess, night," I said and went into my bed. My last thoughts being of my day with Mason.
I know this suck but it's mostly a filler chapter with Mason and Addy's relationship. The updates will also be less frequent because of school but i'll work on this whenever i have free time like today. Though the next chapter will have some drama but not that bad.

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