Gang Leader's Choice

Being new is hard anyways, but being new and already having people hate you is harder. Adeline moves from North Carolina to California and immediately meets the most popular kids at school, as one of them is her neighbor. Adeline's life is hard from running from her past, to moving, to barely having friends, to meeting a gang.
Mason Clarke is feared by everyone just because he is a gang leader. When he meets his Adeline his whole world changes. New emotions, being nice, possessive, caring, instead of his usual cold, secluded, stubborn self. Mason isn't used to not getting what he wants being a gang leader but Adeline isn't that easy.
But hey, the gang leader gets what the gang leader wants and he wants Adeline now.


5. Chapter Five: The Failure of a Prank & Some Backstories


Chapter Five: The Failure of a Prank & Some Backstories

I followed Carter all the way into the house and parked outside. 
"Here I'll show you where James usually is if he isn't with Mason," Carter said and started walking, i followed.
"Is he usually with Mason?" I asked.
"Yes, James, Mason, and Clark are always together or none of them are together," Carter said.
"Really?" I asked.
"They've known each other since they were little and they all have trouble opening up, Mason and James show it, but Clark hides it behind everything he does and keeps himself occupied with something," Carter said.
"You have a troubling past also," I said. Carter just stiffened like it was the worst most sensitive thing ever, then he just stopped and started crying. I went over to him and pulled him into a hug and combed his wavy hair even though there wasn't much.
"It's ok Carter everyone has a past and problems that made them the person they are now," I cooed.
"You're so much different than everyone else," Carter said and quickly wiped his eyes to rid the tears.
"How?" I asked.
"Well first most people would say 'the great person they are now' and second you actually seem to understand," Carter said. I just smiled before James turned into the room we were in along with Mason.
"Hello Carter, Addy," Mason greeted and nodded then walked up the stairs.
"Um wanna work on the project?" James said.
"Yeah, see ya Carter," I said and followed James. 
We finished the project pretty fast, faster than I expected. We got all our research, poster, notes, and pictures done in slightly over an hour. As we were going over the project one last time to make sure all the others' came in.
"Hey guys, what you doin?" Angie asked.
"A project for history," James said and nodded at the poster.
"Well is Mason here?" Sara asked.
"He said he had to go somewhere," James said.
"Great we want to pull the best prank in history," Carter said.
"Is that really a great idea?" James asked and stood up.
"Yes now let us tell you about it," Ralfeal said.
This has to be the worst thing ever, I have to be the one who goes into Mason's office, which might I add he usually is in, and check to make sure he isn't and go into his desk and take somethings then go into his room and do the same. While the girls are his 'mancave', since the boys would probably play games and the boy's are going to hide his car keys. All of this is supposed to happen after I give them the heads up he isn't in his office.
I walked over to Mason's office and knocked on the door but there was no answer. I hesitantly opened the door and then walked in seeing nobody was in there I checked around to make sure and then turn around to tell the others when I walk into a really hard strong object. I look up to see Mason looking at me quizzically.
"What are you doing in here?" Mason asked and raised an eyebrow.
"Oh hi, well you see... alltheotherswantedtopullaprank," I said really fast.
"And you decided to participate?" He asked. Whoa he understood what i said. I just shrugged not even knowing why i agreed. 
"Adeline! Adeline! Mason's home lets gooooo..." Carter said running into the room and then flattering his words.
"You know Carter I thought you would learn from last time you wanted to do something like this," Mason said getting extremely dark.
"I-I didn't mean a-any harm though," Carter said shrinking away.
"Really what were you going to do then,hmm," Mason said.
"Well we were going to just mess around," Carter said.
"Carter! You are part of this gang and you aren't going to get us killed like you did with your family," Mason shouted. I gasped and Carter's face broke with pain. I started walking towards Carter when Mason pushed me lightly to keep me behind him.
"You know Mason she does deserve to know somethings about us," Carter said chuckling darkly.
"Ok fine," Mason said and motioned for us to sit down as he went to lock the door to make sure the other's didn't disturbed.
"Soo...?" I asked.
"I'll say first," Mason said.
"OK," Carter said.
"Well back in around... 7th grade, I think, Clark, James, and I were hanging out when a group of people approached us, and no one approached us. They started talking to us and we got to know them by the Winter of 8th grade we had become a little 'gang.' One day we were invited to hang out with some older kids. Well all our parent said no and i didn't go against them but Carter really wanted to and created a plan to prank all our parents and sneak out..." Mason said becoming shaky.
"I'll continue from here," Clark said. "...So I put together a prank for us to sneak out, but Clark, Angie, and Sara didn't join in. Well all of us were able to sneak out without our parents noticing. The people we were supposed to meet with were already there smoking a joint and already stoned. We joined in and got stoned also, for the first time, and well our parents were doing a whole other thing. The prank was to make the drive around like lost sheep for around 30 minutes. Well as we were getting stoned, our parents were... getting smashed up in an accident. It was hard for most of us, especially James since they were all he had other than Mason and Clark, he'll probably tell you more when he's comfortable. Well when we got home the next day and we didn't see our parents, but later on in the day the police came to our door and told us that our parents had died in a car crash. We were supposed to live with relatives but instead we Mason took over this gang making it who we are now."
Wow that's a lot to take in. As I was thinking about what they had said it still didn't make much sense though. There was then a few pattering noises outside the door then it twisted but nothing happened, they then knocked. Mason got up and went to open it, right as he did I saw little arms wrap around him.
"Hey there, Markus," Mason said as he carried him to his chair and sat down with Markus on his lap.
"Big brother guess what I did at school today," Markus said excitedly.
"Hmm, did you draw something?" Mason said playfully. Mason seems really happy with his little brother, I guess, like nothing really bothers him.
"No we got to watch a movie and it was fun," Markus said.
"Well anyways this is Adeline, a friend and Clark's neighbor," Mason said.
"Hi," Another little boys said.
"These are my little siblings Abigail whose 12, Jake whose 10, Luke whose 7, and little Markus here whose 5," Mason said. 
"Well anyways I have some homework to do," Abigail said and walked out.
"I think I should get going now," I said and stood up.
"I'll walk you out to your car I had it moved into a safer area," Mason said and stood up. Mason was about to set Markus down but then Markus started screaming and crying.
"I think you should keep him," I said chuckling along with Carter.
"He's heavy to hold though," Mason said, "Markus you wanna go with Addy?"
"Ok," Markus mumbled. Mason handed Markus to me and led me to my car. Markus was holding onto my shirt and had his head on my shoulder.
"Your hair smells nice," Markus said.
"Haha thanks," I said.
"It soft," Markus said.
"Markus talk properly," Mason said. We were by the front door which seemed larger than I remember but I didn't pay much attention in the beginning.

"No!" Markus exclaimed.
"Markus don't act like that with me," Mason said and turned around to look at Markus. Markus just hid his head in my hair so Mason 'couldn't see him.'
"What grade are you in?" Markus mumbled.
"11th, i'm a junior," I said.
"Oh the same as big brother," Markus said.
"Yeah," I said.
"How old are you?" He asked.
"16," I said.
"How are you a year younger than big brother and in the same grade as him?" Markus asked.
"Well it just depends on when his birthday is," I said.
"Ok it's right here," Mason said and stood by it.
"Thanks," I said.
"Hey Markus can you go inside quickly so I can talk to her privately," Mason said and bent down to Markus' height.
"Ok but you know, one day you won't have to bend down to my height cause I'll be as tall as you," Markus said. I then realized how fluently he could speak for a 5 year old.
"So..." I said.
"Sorry for that in my office, but you can't really leave us now," Mason said.
"I kinda assumed, when I met you and Clark, that I couldn't leave," I said.
"So you're only sixteen?" Mason said.
"Yeah and your seventeen," I said.
"Well that's nothing compared to being only sixteen."
"Really when's your birthday?"
"November 17th, when's yours?"
"April 28."
"And you just got a car?"
"Things were chaotic around my birthday, a car was the last thing on everyone's mind."
"Sure whatever you say, just stay safe," Mason said.
"Yeah goodnight," I said.
"Goodnight and see you tomorrow," Mason said.
"You have to be there now," I said and pulled away as he laughed and waved.
Mason's P.O.V.
As she drove off something inside of me felt weird. It wasn't like I wanted to have sex or anything it was just all fuzzy-ish. I walked back in to be bombarded in a hug from Markus and saw Luke behind him.
"She seem's nice," Luke said.
"Yeah she is," I said and walked into the kitchen with my little ducklings following me in to only see Carter, of course.
"Of course you'll be in here Carter," I said.
"So Addy?" Carter said and wiggled his eyebrows.
"No it's definitely not like that, but I don't know I feel all weird around her, to be honest," I said.
"You know those are typically the first signs of love," Luke said.
"Luke I don't know about love and you shouldn't either," I said.
"But that's what I read," Luke said.
"Mace trust him, he's the only person other than you and James with a brain in this house," Carter said I just laughed threw my trash away and walked out of the kitchen, again with my ducklings following me. I took Markus to his room and put him to bed and let Luke say up and extra hour or so. I really feel like a parent to all my siblings since my parents died. Abby is always able to help but it's never enough, especially with all this gang shit. Luke was reading something while the rest of us were lunging doing whatever we want, and of course there was a sleeping Carter at 6:30 p.m.

Ok so I don't know if i should write a full chapter in Mason's p.o.v. or leave it as a half Adeline and half Mason chapter. So please tell me every comment counts for how another chapter will be.

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