Gang Leader's Choice

Being new is hard anyways, but being new and already having people hate you is harder. Adeline moves from North Carolina to California and immediately meets the most popular kids at school, as one of them is her neighbor. Adeline's life is hard from running from her past, to moving, to barely having friends, to meeting a gang.
Mason Clarke is feared by everyone just because he is a gang leader. When he meets his Adeline his whole world changes. New emotions, being nice, possessive, caring, instead of his usual cold, secluded, stubborn self. Mason isn't used to not getting what he wants being a gang leader but Adeline isn't that easy.
But hey, the gang leader gets what the gang leader wants and he wants Adeline now.


12. Chapter Eleven: Helping Him & A Mini Vacation


Chapter Eleven: Helping Him & A Mini Vacation
Adeline P.O.V.

I went to the bathroom and took a shower and got changed, then decided to go downstairs to ask my brothers what I need. I grabbed the note that I still need to read and folded it even more putting it in my back pocket along with my phone. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen but they weren't there, then the living room. I remembered how they were mentioning Beckett's room being a mini man cave so I decided to check there.
"Hello guys," I said as I walked noticing I was right. 
"Are you ready to go?" Beckett asked.
"Not really, what should I pack?" I asked.
"Swim stuff, two changes of clothes, and other necessities you have," Jack said.
"Ohhh Beckett what's this?" I asked and picked up a condom packet.
"Goddammit Addy give me that," Beckett said and tried snatching it from me but I was faster.
"You've been having sex! Who is it?" I asked.
"Just shut up and go pack we gotta get on the road, it's already six," Beckett said and snatched the condom from me. He pushed me out of his room and slammed the door on me, and locked it.
I went back too my room and grabbed a mini suitcase I have and put my bikinis in, a towel, two pairs of clothes, a bra, underwear, and my make up. I rolled my suitcase out and knocked on Beckett's door.
"Yes?" He asked as he opened it.
"I'm ready," I said simply.
"Ok here's my keys put your stuff in and we'll meet you out there," Jack said handing me the keys to his dodge charger.
"Where are we going?" I asked.
"Monterrey," Beckett said and went back into the room to grab the rest of his things. I walked downstairs and opened thee door but closed it immediately because it was too dark.
"Why didn't you go out yet?" Jack asked and took the keys from my hand.
"It's too dark," I said.
"Just follow me," Oli said and walked out of the house. We put our stuff in the back of Jack's car since it always has the most room for it. Jack and Nolan were going in Jack's car which was a 2016 red and black dodge charger. Beckett got in the driver's seat, Oli got shotgun because he gets car sickness. I was in the  back so I took my phone out of my back pocket the note coming with it. Oh yeah, i'll just read it now.
Dear Adeline,
You can't run from me forever, I've already finished with your boy toy, Mason. I'll get those other pestering friends of your's later. You really should've said bye to them properly, you'll never see Mason ever again.
Your worst nightmare.

Not Mason!
"STOP THE CAR!" I shouted hitting the back of Beckett's seat.
"WHAT?!" Beckett said and slammed the breaks.
"We're swapping, get in the back Beckett, tell the other two to follow us," I said as Beckett pulled off to the side knowing this was an emergency. I got in the driver's seat and speed off to the gang house where i hope Mason was still ok.
"What happened Addy?" Oli asked.
"Look at this," I said and handed him the note. I got to the gang house in what felt like two seconds and rushed inside with my brothers' following me. I remembered Mason's room and office was at the very top all on it's own so I quickly rushed up.
"ADDY WHAT ARE YOU GOING?" James shouted when he saw me.
"Just shut up Mason's hurt," I said and broke open Mason's door. Mason was laying almost unconscious by his bed surround by blood that was his and not his. I immediately rushed to his side and checked his pulse which was very low.
"Mace, can you hear me?" I asked.
"Yeah," He croaked out.
"No, no don't talk," I said and gave him some water as James came back in with help and my other two brothers. 
"Good news is, all he needs is light exercise, but nothing with the abdominal," The person said after checking.
"What happened?" I asked.
"Well it looks like there was a gruesome fight but Mason fought through it on his own," She said.
"Are you feeling better?" I asked Mason.
"Yeah the water helped," Mason said and gave me a real faint smile.
"So what happened?" I asked Mason.
"Well right as I got off the phone with you--," Mason was saying when my lovely brother interrupted.
"You were on the phone with my little sister?" Beckett asked.
"Yes, now shut up, I'm not hiding a sex life," I said and looked back at Mason to continue.
"Well, I was walking to my room from my office down the hall when someone jumped me from behind. They fought me into my room and it was a hard fight, both a loss but I did have a pretty bad concussion," Mason said.
"I know who did it and I'm so sorry," I said.
"Don't say sorry for that, but what were you doing before you came? How did you even know?" Mason asked.
"We were going up to Monterrey and I got a letter," I said.
"A letter?" Mason asked.
"Yes. Wait Mace wanna come to Monterrey with us?" I asked biting my bottom lip subconsciously as he stood up from his bed.
"Don't do that," Mason said with a dark look over his eyes as he pulled my lip out of the grasp of my teeth with his thumb.
"So...?" I asked.
"Umm... Is it fine with your brothers?" Mason asked.
"Sure, just don't do anything funny with her," Beckett said and crossed his arms.
"Never know with Mace, hi--," James was saying when Carter jabbed him in the stomach.
"Yay pack a few things we're taking a two day trip," I said.
"I have a friend that owns a place up there, wanna stay there, I can get us to stay in their house," Mason asked my brothers'.
"Oh yeah that place it the best place ever, and some pretty fun memories," James said, once again earning a jab from Carter.
"I'll help you Mace," I said.
"Thanks Addy," Mace said and gave me a warm smile. Mason grabbed a duffel bag and went to his draws to grab his clothes. I went into his bathroom to grab things that he needs.
"Do you want your razor?" I asked.
"Yeah," Mace said. We finished packing under ten minutes and he dialed a number as he walked out of the room with his bag over his shoulder.
"Hey can some friends and I stay in your place in Monterrey?- Ok thanks bro- you'll meet them another time- soon," Mason said on the phone. We walked outside to my brothers' talking next to their cars.
"We'll put your bag in Jack's car with all the others'," Nolan said. Jack opened the door and they fit his bag in.
"Ok well now we need to find out this car and travel thing. Mason you said you know the way so do you want to lead?" Beckett asked.
"Sure," Mason said and shrugged.
"Can I go with him, please?" I pleaded and put on my puppy dog face.
"Uh n-," Jack was saying when Oli cut him off.
"Yes," Oli said.
"What? Why? She should be with one of us," Jack said.
"Let it be Jack," Oli said and put his hand up.
"Mace can we ride your motorcycle?" I asked remembering our conversation.
"Motorcycle?!" All my brothers' said as Mason opened the garage. His motorcycle was siting nicely in the front by a ton of sports cars.

"I did say that we could when it was us two only," Mason was saying. "Is it ok with you guys?"

"Don't hurt her," Beckett said.
"Ok," Mason said. Mace walked into the garage to get the keys and another helmet. Mason pulled the motorcycle out and put his helmet on and walked over to me with another helmet in his hand. Mason put the helmet over my head and adjusted it.
"It's kinda heavy," I said.
"You'll get used to that, but is it uncomfortable in any sorta way?" Mason asked.
"Yeah by my jaw," I said. Mason adjusted the strap a little more.
"Now," Mason asked lowly.
"It's fine now," I said and looked at his eyes. They were as perfect as usual, green flecks in the mist of a dark ocean blue and gray around the iris.
"He kids let's get going," Jack shouted.
"Um yeah," I said and moved away from Mason. 
Mason got onto the motorcycle and pulled out of the driveway and I got on.
"Just follow me," Mason said to my brothers' as he drove off my brothers' close behind. I instinctively wrapped my arms around Mason's waist earning him to laugh.
"Are you scared?" Mason asked as we hit a red light before the freeway.
"No," I said as we zoomed off onto the freeway for the hour ride.
"This is it," I said in awe looking at the house.
"Yep," Mason said and walked over to Jack's car to help unload our luggage.
"Who owns it?" I asked and grabbed my suitcase.
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Mason said and grabbed my suitcase from me and walking toward the front door with my brothers' following us.
"No tell me who owns it," I said as Mason put a key into the key hole and opened the door and wow was the house beautiful.
"My older brother," Mason said and walked up a flight of stairs.
"You have an older brother? Why didn't you tell me?" I asked.
"Yes I do, and you never asked," Mason said.
"Where is he?" I asked as Mason walked into a room.
"He has to work on a court case out of state, and yes he is a lawyer. Well we don't have enough rooms for everyone, do you wanna share with me?" Mason asked.
"Wh-What share a r-room with you?" I asked in shock.
"That is what I said," Mason said.
"I guess sure," I said.
"I'll go show you brothers' the other rooms, you wanna come with?" Mason said.
"Sure," I said and followed him out.
Beckett's room was kinda small but he likes things that way. Nolan's room was bigger than Beckett's but still not that large. Oli's room was nice and spacious then Jack's room which had a view over the water. Mason and I walked back into the room that we were sharing after discussing what we are going to do.
"I'll go change in the bathroom and you can change here," Mason said and grabbed his swim trunks and left. I got changed into my strappy burgundy bikini and put the sweater Mason lent me over it, which I need to give back.
"Can I come in?" Mason asked.
"" I said as a question. I was looking around for my shorts to put over this since we were going to a few places before the beach.
"Oh ok then just put your butt in the air like that," Mason said and walked into the room.
"Sorry," I said and pulled out the shorts.
"Nice sweater," Mason said laughing a little.
"Oh sorry do you want it back?" I asked.
"No it's fine you can keep it, it looks nice on you," Mason said. "Well, are you ready to go?"
"Yep," I said. We walked out of the room as my brothers' walked out of theirs.
"Let's go then, I know some great place," Mason said and walked out of the house.
Our adventure just beginning.
Hi! So there will probably one more update before they slow down. But on the other hand how did you like this chapter? Was it good? Please give me your feedback. I really liked this chapter but the next one or two or possibly three, depending on how long it is, will definitely be my favourite.

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