Gang Leader's Choice

Being new is hard anyways, but being new and already having people hate you is harder. Adeline moves from North Carolina to California and immediately meets the most popular kids at school, as one of them is her neighbor. Adeline's life is hard from running from her past, to moving, to barely having friends, to meeting a gang.
Mason Clarke is feared by everyone just because he is a gang leader. When he meets his Adeline his whole world changes. New emotions, being nice, possessive, caring, instead of his usual cold, secluded, stubborn self. Mason isn't used to not getting what he wants being a gang leader but Adeline isn't that easy.
But hey, the gang leader gets what the gang leader wants and he wants Adeline now.


9. Chapter Eight: The Towns Gang Problems & The Party


Chapter Eight: The Towns Gang Problems & The Party
Adeline P.O.V. day of the party

I didn't want to go to school today so those girls from yesterday don't hunt me down and hurt me again. I'm still going to the party because I promised Mason, Clark, and James I would and I won't ever brake a promise. I took a nap for most of the day then woke up around 5 and decided that I should get ready. 
I went into my room and then opened my closet and was basically throwing everything out looking for something to wear. After 30 minutes I finally found something to wear (Excluding the clutch). I went my bathroom and took a shower and washed my hair then wrapped a towel around my hair and body. I then did my make up, my hair, and put on my outfit. I was looking in my mirror momentarily when there was a knock on the front door. I ran to my window and looked out seeing Clark and James leaning against a White Ford f150 limited. (AN:Honestly my uncle has this and i love it.) 
"Adeline, Mason's here!" Oli shouted.
"Ok, coming," I said. I looked down once more grabbed my shoes and ran downstairs.
"Whoa, young lady. What do you think you're wearing?" Jack asked and stood in front of the door. I quickly put on my shoes and shrugged walking over to Mason to leave, which we were able to do. When we reached his truck my oh-so-lovely brothers' had to put one last comment out.
"AND YOU BOY! DON'T TOUCH HER!" Beckett shouted at Mason.
"Sorry about them," I said and got into the back next to James, and Clark shotgun.
"I expected that way earlier when I arrived, honestly," Mason said and chuckled.
"You look nice, why not wear this on a daily basis?" James asked.
"Thanks, and I don't know, I don't have the confidence," I said.
"Looks like you do now," Clark said.
"Umm, I overheard my brothers' earlier, they were talking about all the gangs in this town. How many are there?" I asked.
"There are 4 excluding the smaller ones," Clark said.
"Including you?" I asked playing with my bracelet.
"Do you want to know the history of this town and the gangs, including ours, but not the smaller ones?" Mason asked.
"Yes please," I said meekly.
"So everyone came to California because of the gold rush and they wanted money. San Francisco was get compacted and so were the places around that so people came here. It was always gangsters and robbers that lived here so it was never good," Mason said.
"Well with all the robberies and crimes around three or four groups of men decided to bond together to create the 4 gangs of this town, also the districts," Clark said.
"There's four districts?" I asked.
"Yes, you live in our district, The Black Panther district. It was founded by Zander Clarke who also created the Black Panther gang, our gang, also one of Mason's ancestors. There's the Red Devil district, founded by Jake Golling. The Fight Method district, founded by Jace Keen. Lastly the Cheaters, founded by Alexander Blaine. All of them have passed the leader down from generation to generation. Some of them haven't had a boy from some wives so they will just hook up with some chick it's funny actually, that's how the Blaine's and Golling's are," James said.
"Do you guys not like the Red Devil's and Cheater's?" I asked.
"No they're our rival gangs," Mason said.
"Do you guys have alliances?" I asked.
"No, it's against the rules here. If you have an alliance you and the other gang get tortured you however the council wants," Mason said.
"Wow your rules are stricter than where North Carolina," I said.
"What do you mean?" Clark asked.
"The only rule that applied was if you wanted to fight you had to send it into the council," I said.
"We're here," Mason said and pulled aside and parked the car.
"This house is huge," I said.
"You get used to it, but Adeline give me your phone," Mason said.
"Why?" I asked.
"Just give it," Mason said.

"Ok," I said and handed it to him.
"It need's to be unlocked," Mason said and handed it back. I unlocked it and gave it back to him. Mason took out his phone and put something into my phone.
"If anything happens text or call us and Mason is giving you Carter's number so if you can't reach us just tell Carter and he'll come get you," James said.
I nodded and then we walked into the house. It was so stuffy with people grinding on each other, smoke, and just the amount of people in general. I followed all the boys into the kitchen as James and Clark grabbed drinks. I deiced 'just fuck it I'll drink' it has been a while since I've had a drink. I grabbed one of the blue solo cups and was about to take a drink when someone put their hand on mine.
"Are you sure?" Mason said staring directly into my eyes. I just nodded and he moved his hand and I took a drink immediately recognizing it, Vodka.
I decided to go to the 'dance floor' and Mason just sat down on a couch and almost immediately a flock of girls went over to him. I decided to go back into the kitchen and grabbed more drinks quickly downing them. I grabbed one more drink and went back to the 'dance floor' and started dancing. I got tired so I went to the couch and sat on Mason basically straddling him. Everything was getting slightly blurry and blob like but I didn't care at the moment.
"Hi Mason," I purred. I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought my face close to his.
"Adeline," Mason said putting his hands on my waist and moving his head back a little.
"You look kinda cute, you're single right?" I asked. Honestly this is why I don't drink because I do weird stuff.
"Yeah," He said.
"Really I am too," I said and ran my fingers through his kinda short hair but it was soft.
"Hmm," He said. Mason then brought his head closer too me his lips grazed mine softly.
"Do you think we'll regret this?" I asked moving back an inch.
"No," He simply answered then I pushed my lips onto his.
It was so wrong but felt so right so I didn't stop neither did Mason. I pushed myself farther up on his lap and started feeling something hard press into my thigh. I internally smiled but didn't stop doing what I was doing. Mason slipped his hands up my skirt and into my underwear and back down. He then grabbed my butt and I gasped so he was able to plunge his tongue into my mouth allowing him to explore. I pull away and start kissing his neck but he stops me and shakes his head.
"What do you mean Mason," I whined.
"We shouldn't do this, not like this," He said shaking his head. He stood up and pulled me up with him and picked me up. I was tired so I used him as a pillow and fell asleep.
Mason P.O.V.
It was nice, I was making out with the girl I love, but when she started kissing my neck I remembered she was drunk. I didn't want to have sex with her when she was drunk or anyone for that matter so I had to stop. I was holding her as she slept and easily found Clark, who was playing beer pong, and James, who was drinking whatever was in the cups watching them.
We left the house and got into my truck James in the back, Clark in the passenger, and I put Adeline in the back by James.
"Are we going to drop her and Clark off?" James asked.
"Actually I think I'll take them to the house I don't think her brothers' will be happy I brought their sister home drunk," I said. I quickly drove to the house and James helped Clark into the house because he was too drunk to even stand, and I carried Adeline in. I was going to take her to an extra room but she groggily opened her eyes as I was about to set her down.
"Are you going to sleep with me?" She asked.

"I don't think that a good idea," I said.

"Noooooo don't leave me," She said.
"Ok, ok I'll take you to my room," I said and took her to my room.
I set her down and realized she shouldn't sleep in those clothes. I grabbed a sweater of mine and as fast as possible put it on Adeline, but I did peak a little and I regretted it because I now have a boner and have to get rid of it. I went into my bathroom and got rid of him the stripped down into my boxer briefs and went into my bed. As I was getting comfortable, Adeline moved towards me and I could feel every part of her, I just put my arm around her waist and got as comfortable as I could now.
This is going to be one long hard night.

Did you get the pun at the end, sorry i'm lonely and can't make inappropriate jokes around my mom so i have to hold them in. I know this is shorter than my normal but the next one and on wards should be longer but there wasn't much happening for this chapter. I still hope you enjoyed this chapter or story in general and because i don't have a life or friends you should be getting more chapters.v

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