Saving Coralie.

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  • Published: 1 Jan 2017
  • Updated: 1 Jan 2017
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Coralie and Erin are more like sisters and friends. They've been through everything together, the good the bad and the ugly. Which is why when Coralie kidnaps Erin and takes her to a secluded beach house, Erin gives her the benefit of the doubt. The girls find themselves in Pembrokeshire, the beautiful West coast of Wales, and the beautiful scenery is almost enough to make Erin forget that she's been kidnapped. Almost. She knows that Cor's acting weird and she thinks that she knows why, a memory that she's pushed to the back of her mind that keeps trying to force its way out. The one thing she does know for sure though is that Coralie needs saving. The trip turns out to be more tumultuous than either girl could ever have imagined. A story of love, friendship, grieving and unforgettable summers.


16. Chapter 16.

The next day was hazy and fuzzy around the edges. We woke up with our faces pressed up against the dewy grass, the sun already beating down on the top of our heads, the smell of smoke and alcohol soaked into our clothes. I got up first, heaving myself onto wobbly legs and decided to go in search of some coffee. The stalls in both fields appeared to be deserted and it looked as though I’d have to venture further. I pulled my heavy, matted hair away from my face and fastened it at the nape of my neck before brushing some mud off my dress, that moved aside only to reveal more mud. I decided that it was probably a good idea to give up wasting time trying to look presentable  and began wandering down the road, still feeling as though my mind and my body were on two different planes, my legs just not cooperating. I made my way to the little café that was adjacent to the beach, where we’d parked the car. Despite my poor efforts, the two young girls serving in the café still gaped at me as if I’d just crawled out of a bin and I couldn’t say that I blamed them

“Give me life,” Seb held his hands out like a needy baby as he saw me approaching where I’d left the rest of them huddled together in the grass. I passed him a coffee and watched as he drank from it as if it really was a source of life. We said goodbye to Freddie, Ffion and co., Sim refusing to come away from the exchange without ensuring that he had Ffion’s number, a Facebook friend request from her and a lingering, unnecessarily long hug.
“Poor girl, doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into,” Iddy chirped as we started our journey down to the car, the five of us looking like extras from a zombie movie.
“Could say the same about Cor really,” Sim grinned, unfazed.
“Except I know exactly what I’m getting into,”  Cor grinned in an equally unfazed way, taking Iddy’s hand.
“Well maybe it is different this time anyway,” Sim shrugged, still smiling calmly, “Ffion’s pretty great, don’t you think?”
“I really do,” I nudged Sim with my hip, hoping that he really meant it, that he was finally ready to let someone in.

After Seb had eaten the two sausage rolls that he’d insisted he’d ‘absolutely needed to prevent him from tragically crashing us all into the ocean on the way home’, he started the drive back. Everyone was quiet on the ride, even Sim after he realised that no one was going to bite at the bait of his rendition of ‘Iddy and Cor sitting in a tree’. Everyone was hungover but I think that for once we all sort of had a feeling that there wasn’t actually much that we needed to say. When we got home it wasn’t long before the rest of the day was lost to fresh, clean clothes, soft snores and comfortable feather quilts.

It was going dark by the time we all gathered in the sitting room of the Iddy’s house. I couldn’t help but think that everyone looked clean and childlike, with fluffy freshly washed hair and pyjamas on. It was strange to think that this time the night before we’d been off our faces, throwing ourselves around a muddy field, the air thick with cannabis smoke and alcohol pumping through our veins. Everyone looked so pure and clean now it was hard to believe that it had ever happened.
“I would never have pegged you as a matching PJs kind of guy Sim.” I plonked myself down on the settee in between Sim and Seb, Sim wearing a rather dashing pair of pale blue PJ bottoms and a matching top.
“Well I don’t sleep like this, this is just for your benefit, I was told I wasn’t allowed to wear my real pyjamas in the living room, but I’d be happy to show you if you want,” he grinned mischievously, reaching down to grab hold of the bottom of his t-shirt.
“No you’re alight,” I laughed, smacking at his hands. I should have guessed that Sim would be the first person to spoil the cute, innocent picture I’d started to paint of our little group that evening. It had been quite nice to pretend that we were all little kids again in my head, even if it had only lasted all of five minutes.

“Hey guys, we should have a sleepover,” I said to the room, a sudden urge to feel like a kid again pulling at me. Being so scared of my childhood slipping away was something that I couldn’t help, I knew that now. But holding onto it for as long as I could was.
“We should make a den out here and play jenga and watch scary movies.”
“Oh well we could but we’re not ten year old girls,” Seb replied.
“Well as I remember it me and Cor struggled to have one sleepover without you when we were younger, you were always pushing your way in. Do you not want to because you’re as shit scared of horror movies as you were back then?”
“I wasn’t going to say no when you invited me! And I was not scared, I just had a healthy aversion to people being ripped to shreds by zombies.”
“I think it’s a good idea,” Iddy said, just as I was about to start ripping into Seb, “I think we all need a bit of harmless, childish fun after how intense last night was. Let’s forget that we have responsibilities- and penis’ for one night.”
“Yeah I’ve always wanted to see what girls get up to at sleepovers anyway,” Sim said, his smile screaming that he was baiting us once again, “I can’t believe you actually got to go to them Sebby boy, how’d you manage that?”
“Oh let’s order in!” Cor exclaimed, ignoring Sim’s drivel as usual, leaping off Iddy’s lap and reaching for her phone.

And so that’s how we ended up spending the night, light-heartedly arguing, eating rubbish under a huge feather-down den, watching trashy movies on the 24/7 horror movie channel on TV. Then we played a blatantly pointed game of truth or dare until we all fell asleep on top of the collapsed fort, feeling deliriously young again. As I fell asleep, cuddled up on Seb’s chest it dawned on me that such a simple night  had probably been one of my best nights ever. I wasn’t even sad when it settled in that this feeling, this night, it couldn’t last forever. That was the beauty of it, why it mattered so much to me. In fact it was sad, but a good kind of sad.

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