Dreams Do Come True!

Jack has always liked guys no one know apart from his best friend but will all that change? Will Josh finally notice Jack or will the whole school find out Jack is gay.


1. chapter 1

My alarm stirred me from my dream about josh, oh god he’s just so perfect.  He’s the one you know like the one and only love you will find in your whole life and… Oh sorry I haven’t introduced myself, hey I’m jack. Jack Daniel. If you haven’t already noticed I’m gay but no one knows about me liking guys well apart from my best friend Michael. Michael and I go way back and when I say that I mean we met about two years ago and have been best mates since. Michael is straight and is okay with me being gay. Anyway I best get dressed for school of I’ll be late.

~at school~

“Jack!” I hear over the top of the noise of my fellow students talking to one another  about their week end “How was your weekend?” asked an out of breath Michael as he had just ran to my locker “It was boring as usual mike, you?” I reply. “And when you say boring you mean you dreamt about josh all week end” he laughs as I blush a deep crimson colour “no” I lied but my cheeks said otherwise. Michael always teases me about josh. “Fallon alert!” Michael shouted/whispered. Fallon is josh’s last name we use that instead of his first ‘coz well it’s just fun. I turn around just in time to see josh walk past me but something is different today instead of not noticing my existence josh winked at me! He actually winked at me! I just died! “Did you see that?” I said to mike in disbelief “yeah mate” he replied laughing his ass off.  “He winked at me” I whispered still in shock.

We began walking to first period. “Ugh Math!” I moaned “I hate math this is actually legal torture to put math on first period”.  

~skip to end of school coz its boring~

Michael and I are walking home from school laughing and joking around until I get a call from an unidentified caller “Yo?” I answer “hello babe” replied a husky masculine voice “who is this?” I ask “your one true love” the husky voiced boy answered. My one true love? “What? My one true love?” I said getting a confused look off mike I shrug my shoulders in response to mike.  “Who is this?” I ask again “My name is Josh.” Sighed the husky voiced boy replied. Josh… “Do I know you, josh?” Michael looks at me curiously when I say ‘josh’. “Yeah I’m in your literature and science” josh said “oh” was all I could say. “Well I guess I’ll see you in lit and science tomorrow, josh” I say “I gotta go mate talk tomorrow in class, maybe?” “Yeah maybe mate” he answers before he hung up.

“That was weird” I laugh “weird does not even begin to cover it! Who is josh and how does he have your number? Have you secretly got a new mate or boyfriend that I don’t know about?” Michael rants on and I just start laughing uncontrollably “what? What is so funny!” he shouted. “You! You’re acting like an overprotective brother or boyfriend” I answer still laughing and Michael was soon laughing as well. “Really? Boyfriend? Overprotective? Me? Never!” Michael said between fits of laughter which made me laugh even harder, just as we got to my house I saw josh Fallon walking out of his girlfriend Jessie’s house. Jessie lives across the road from me. It looked like she’s been crying. That’s when it clicked… it all clicked in to place then just at the sight of josh walking away from the crying sixteen year old girl. 

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