everything i didnt say// muke

*lowercase intended*

luke wasn't depressed, no, he was just sad. but his ray of sunshine was slowly dimming, and luke saw his opportunity leaving him. so everyday he writes a letter addressed, dear michael...


1. chapter 1// wait dont tell me

dear michael,


today just seemed even harder than yesterday. everyday, i stare at the back of your head and just draw pictures of you in my binder. i know that sounds creepy, and even i think it is, but i love you. those 3 words are words i’ll never be able to tell you. as generic as it sounds, i've given myself 51 days to live left, just enough time to finish high school. The reason for this is because i know once we graduate, i’ll never see you again. you never even notice me now, why would you ever even notice me in real life? this is my first letter of many to you. you will find these letters in your locker on graduation day. i hope to tell you what i've always wanted to tell you before i die, it’s all i need. but this is the ending to letter 1, i love you.




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