The man that did not have a name

Once upon a time there was a man who did not know his own name. Well, what can i say?


1. The Extraordinary tales of Mr. Sir

Once upon a time there was a man who did not know his own name. He lived in a big castle as a servant, he was friends with frog who did not have a name either other than frog. He was a very sad man because he did not know his name. Not any of his friends knew his name either, so it could become complicated when someone talked to him. His friends would call him sir. when they talked to him, so because everybody does it, we will do it too. one day he was talking to his friends. “hey Sir. “he said as he waved his hand at Sir. “Hey Andrew how are you. “said Sir. “I’m good Sir. how are you? “said Andrew. “I’m fine, I think I’m going to go on a cliché quest to find my name. “Said Sir a bit depressed. “what does a cliché mean? “Andrew asked. “I don’t actually know, sorry it was just a weird word the author put in there to get a better grade. “Sir said. “I’m sorry but I have to go now, now I have to go. “He then took on a very cliché quest with frog, they went into a forest called “A Forrest”. In the forest, they met some elves cosplaying Twilight “hey what are you doing here, my dear sir.  “Said Bella mumbling, she sounds weird Sir thought to himself, Sir then said. “Where are you guys going. ““we don’t actually know. “said Edward.

“well you can come with us.” Said sir. The twilight people liked that, they apparently had a dwarf with them.


They walked for a bit then figured out they were all going to the toilet at the same time, sir went to the toilet, and as he was about wash his hands he heard a voice coming for the hand wash, it spoke thus. “please help me! I am trapped in this disgusting thing, please help! “

then Sir said. “how can I help you out? ““you can get a wrench and get me out of here. “and out of nothing he had a wrench. “shoot, how did you get that? “said the hand wash. “I don’t know, I think the author did it just to keep the plot going even though he is stopping it right now. “and then sir cut hand wash free.


Why does it take so long frog thought to himself is he all right, nahh it’s public toilet fuck it. Then they saw Sir, with a hand washer? 

“why do you have a handwasher with you? “Edward asked. “he said he wanted to get out and then he came out. “Sir said. “okay, is he coming with us? “asked Bella. Then sir answered. “yes. “Then the two cosplayers, the dwarf, Frog, the handwasher and Sir walked even further into the forest. They walked, and they walked, and then they walked some more. Horrible I must say, a lot of blisters, and all such of nasty stuff like that. But anyway, in the darkest place in the forest, they met a witch Named: “Twitch Witch. “she was called that because, that she always started twitching, when she was casting a spell. It was not that the kingdom and the village did not like her, it was just that, they did not want to die from a twitching witch. “you want to join? “Asked the party. She sighed deeply and then said. “sure, I guess. “and rolled her eyes. They then came to a boring dessert, when I say boring I mean really boring, like you would not believe it. This is a fairy tale though. So, the dessert was so boring, that they skipped a few lines.



See, you are happy now? Good, now let us continue our journey. They at last, came to the brook of wisdom. Sir spoke thus, to his party of loyal followers. “I will now drink of this brook, and when the water has gone through my system, I will finally know my own name. But I must ask, will any of you want to drink this holiness before me? “all of his follower said no. The cosplayers said no, because the thought If the drank of the brook, they would not enjoy Twilight anymore. The dwarf and the handwasher said no, because nothing could change what they were, same with frog. The twitch witch said no, because she did not care about anything.

And after a lot of hours, sitting on the latrine, and using the poor handwasher, an awful lot of times. He had finally, gathered wisdom enough to find his own name. And then he understood, that his name was, and would always be Sir. And Sir was happy. He then invited them to party with them to the end of their days.

And so, they lived partying, and happily ever after to the end of there days


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