War of the Spirits

Saphira is the future leader of the isolated mountain village Natallian. However, just as she left to being her training, an incident takes place in the naboring town that changes her course of life forever


8. Chapter 8

Saphira woke up after her short nap, stretching her arms up in the air. She looked around the area, and couldn't see any traces of people in her immediate area, so she had been left in piece during her nap. Flarenix hadn't woken her either, so she assumed it was fine. She got up from the ground and dusted her clothes from the dirt and went to get her bag, which Faith had gotten during her sparring session so it was just on the other side of the fence.

"Faith wanted us to go to Katil, right?" Saphira asked, Flarenix giving a hesitant grunt in response. "What's up?" Saphira hadn't heard Flarenix make a sound like that before, so there was something going on.

"Flint has gone there to see if he can get the people of that village to side with him. Since they are worshippers of Kathinia, they might be willing to help them," Flarenix told her, Saphira's eyes widening. Why was her father involved now? "Look, it's better to ask him the details than speculate on your own. So for now, just head to Katil," Flarenix stated, Saphira agreeing with her. No matter how curious she was about Flint's actions, she couldn't just sit and wonder by herself. She made her way over to Katil, and noticed that all of the people were a bit more on guard than they were before. Some were even armed.

'Something must have happened.' Saphira thought as she got a bit closer to see if she could get any useful information. She went to a group of soldiers, waiting for them to talk.

"I can't believe those Dragon Scale scums went and kidnapped Lady Mariallie! What did we ever do to them, anyway?" one of the soldiers said, Saphira narrowing her eyes. She would've expected them to pull of a stunt like that to get the weapons, but then the soldiers would've known about it, wouldn't they? Something else must be up.

"Yeah, and Lord Jiro is not happy in the least. He's pulling out every stunt to get her back," another soldier said, Saphira not liking where this was going. She moved away from the soldiers, and tried to find where Jiro was at this time. She found him by a pile of crates with Flint standing next to him.

"Using this level of force won't do anyone any good. I know you're worried about your daughter, but this isn't the right thing to do. You go on a full out attack like this, and innocent people will suffer," he told Jiro, Saphira trying to keep herself hidden. She hadn't seen her father in a while, nor had he heard from her at all. But right now was not the time to have a reunion.

"I understand that, but I can't just let them get away with this. Now I'm starting to wonder what would have happened had the deal we had planned a week ago went through. She might have been safe then," Jiro said, Saphira feeling a bit guilty now. Her father let out a sigh before he spoke again.

"I am aware of the incident that took place here a mere week ago, and I also know that if that deal had gone through, then it would be the same as now; many innocent people would have been killed," he pointed out, Jiro staying silent. "My name is Flint, and I'm the chieftain of Natallian,"

 "Natallian? You mean the small village up in the mountain South of here? Why have you come all the way here? I thought you were never going to involve yourself in these kinds of matter again," Jiro asked, Saphira confused by what he was talking about. 'Never again'? What had happened before?

"Because Dragon Scale have forced us to take action. And I will not allow them to kill like they have before," he explained. "And like you, I have a daughter that could be in danger and a son that's been attacked twice. So please, do not make this worse for so many innocent people. You have to think of your citizens as well as your daughter," Jiro looked to the ground when Flint finished his little speech.

"Well, what do you propose I do?" Jiro asked, Saphira waiting to hear her father's options.

"Tell me the location and I'll see what I can do about it. It's better to use Spirits than these weapons," he offered, Jiro having little options at this point.

"Our sources say that they established a base on Hentil mountain, close to your village. I'm not sure why, but I suppose it does have something to do with your reason for taking action," he explained, Flint thinking quietly to himself. Saphira carefully moved away from them and back the way she came, having heard enough to act. Even though she wanted to reassure her father that she was alright, she had more pressing issues to take care of.

'Maybe this is what Faith wanted me to hear. She sure loves predicting the future.' Saphira thought as she made her way towards the South at a very fast pace. But as soon as she reached the outskirts of the village, the sound of metal clashing against each other echoed towards her. She quickened her pace until she came to a field, a group of fighters fighting against the Royal Army in front of her. The leader of the group was constantly attacking Paul, not bothering with the other soldiers at all. Like he expected the rest of his group to take care of them.

'What is this? Are these guys part of Dick's group? They were rebels now that I think about it.' Saphira thought, trying to identify the one charging at Paul. But like her, he wore a hood that covered his face. From his body shape alone, however, she could tell it wasn't Dick himself.

"You have brought nothing but pain and suffering to the people of Savia! Now it's time for you to pay!" the man roared, Saphira crouching down and pulled her cloak out of her bag. Just in case.

"You are the ones who shall suffer for your insolence towards his Majesty!" Paul retorted, blocking his attack. The soldiers attacked fiercely against the rebels, Saphira not liking where this was going.

'I know that General Paul isn't the most peaceful fighter and has done a lot of bad things. But this isn't right either. This will only make it worse.' Saphira thought to herself, something familiar about the one who was constantly attacking Paul. 'Flarenix, do you know who he is?'

"Sorry, I've tried to sense his aura to get a better idea, but I've got nothing," Flarenix said, Saphira getting a bad feeling about it. She pulled the hood over her face and drew her blade from its sheath. She saw the fighter knock Paul off balance and was about to strike him down. Saphira quickly ran in front of him and blocked the fighters attack. Paul as on the ground due to his lost of balance.

"Who the hell are you? And why are you protecting this worthless trash?" he asked her, Saphira just barely able to see underneath his hood. Saphira widen her eyes when she noticed who it was; Zane from the research facility. He was still stronger than her, like back when he bruised her arm. And he also seemed more eager to fight now.

"I'm not protecting him. I'm protecting a life. Killing him won't do any good. There are so many other ways to sort out this mess without causing a bigger bloodbath," she told him, Zane growling at her. She noticed movement from behind her and saw that Paul had gotten back on his feet and was about to slash at her. Saphira pulled out her dagger she got form Jacob and blocked his attack as well as she kept Zane in place. Both of them were physically stronger than her, so it strained her body to keep them both at bay.

"You seem to be switching sides every time we meet. Are you against us, or with us?" Paul asked, acting like he was the one 'fighting for justice' or something. He hadn't changed since the party in Castrelia. But there was something off about him. He seemed more, hasty than usual. Like he was losing his patience or stressed.

"As I said back in Castrelia, I don't take sides. I'm fighting to protect those who get pulled into your war. And thanks to the little riots you've forced out, I have more people to protect. But that doesn't mean I'll ignore a life in danger, even someone like you," she answered, everyone else seizing their fighting but the three of them.

"What will you gain from protecting everyone. Especially a bastard like this General," Zane glared at her, Saphira turning her attention back to him. She pushed both him and Paul away from her.

"I told that I protected a life, right?" she said, Zane confused where she was going with this. "I protected a life, but it wasn't his life. It was yours," Zane raised an eyebrow at her. "Try and figure it out on your own," She stepped away from both of them and closed her eyes as Zane was about to speak. She focused on the ground underneath them and created portals underneath all of them. She opened her eyes again and clapped her hands together, the portals activating and sent them all back to where they hold up. When the portals disappeared, Saphira gasped for air.

"When did you learn to use Polis? That's a really tricky art to learn," Flarenix asked, Saphira just walking over to her bag and pulled out her journal.

Polis: A art that any Aolis can learn. It creates a "teleport" of sorts that will send whoever is inside of it to the place they first came from or where they feel more at home. A group, for example, will end up back in their base, while an individual person will be sent to their homes.

"You learn it form just reading?" Flarenix asked, Saphira nodding as she placed her journal and her cloak into her bag. "Well, it's a good technique to learn. This is only the beginning, there are going to be more fights like this over time," Saphira let out a sigh.

"I know, and it won't stop until we find the core to all this fighting. Which means we need somehow remove General Paul from power," Saphira said, Flarenix agreeing with her. She swung the bag on her shoulder once again as she made her way back to Hentil Mountains, where Natallian was.

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