The Little Youtuber

What if Pewdiepie had a little sister?
Would she like him?
Would they get along?
Does she like youtube?
Read to find out


1. Intro to my amazing not so amazing life



Hi, my name is Elizabeth but most of my family and friends call me Lizz or Lizza I have a brother called Felix and I also consider his girlfriend Marzia my sister well ... Eventually, I did but that's a long story, I have a mom but I haven't lived with her for a very long time I have been fostered for a while since mom was sick with cancer but then I moved to live with my brother I also had a sister but I never saw her. Ever . Anyway, I'm 8 years old soon to turn 9. I never cared about birthdays I found them kinda sad. I try to be as optimistic as possible and think about the good side of life. Although I was always the unwanted child and had very few friends I was great at helping others.


Enough of the chat this is how my life goes...

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