3. Chosen// Bradley

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats,”

            Run, run, and never stop running.

            “We will now have our champions take the stage for the interviews before the auctions take place.”

            BOOM! Keep going, don’t look back. “Please don’t leave me here. Help me! Somebody please!” Keep running. Go!

            “Bradley, its time to go to the dressers.”

I feel numb, why can’t I feel anything? I let the man lead me to what I assumed would be the dressers.

The door was opened and there a room full of things, it only held 3 people behind the giant wooden doors.

“Before you are taken for your interview, you must be presentable for the public, that’s where your dressers come in. They can perform miracles on you, definitely something you will need,”

The last part was mumbled and a tense silence fell upon the room as if they were waiting for me to respond harshly. The silence only lasted about a second before the man spoke again,

 “Anyways, I’ll be off now, good luck.” He sent a forced smile and quickly stepped out, letting the large doors slam behind him.

I stood in an awkward stance, observing the 2 males dressed in flamboyant clothing and the one standing outside the group wearing just old jeans and a flannel. He seemed to be observing me just as much as I observed him. He had eyes the color of melted honey, which clashed perfectly with his dark skin, not to mention his perfectly outlined torso and-

Wait, but I can’t think like this, he’s a boy… no stop, Bradley, get ahold of yourself.

“I’m Jonah.” His voice made me melt. His voice sounded as if God Himself gave his voice to this boy, God, he’s so…. “Perfect.”

He chuckled at me. “Am I now?” He smirked playfully. My cheeks flushed bright red and I hid my face. “Jonah, leave the poor boy alone.” “Whatever, dad.” “Dad…?”

“Oh, Bradley, these are my dads, Jeremy and Devon.”

The man wearing the hot pink slacks put out his hand, “I’m Jeremy.” He gave a comforting smile and I shook his hand, feeling confused. In our Sector, people were outcast for being gay, here in The Palace, it was flaunted.

“Bradley, are you alright?” Jonah stared at me with curious and worried eyes.

“W-what, yeah I’m fine.” My voice came out shaky and uneven and before I could register what had happened, Jonah pulled me into his arms in a hug. I squeezed him back and inhaled his scent. He smelled sweet, almost like vanilla, and I was sad when I had to let go of him.

“Now we have to get you ready.” Jeremy smiled at me, Devon didn’t talk much I realized. “Jonah, take Bradley to the dressing rooms and then bring him to us after you’re done.” Jonah nodded and he grabbed my hand, pulling me through a door. I blushed at our contact and stared at the ground as I was led through a hall of different colored fabrics.

“Now this, is the dressing rooms and it’s where I will be dressing you,” He paused to wink at me, reigniting my blush. He chuckled and kept speaking, “I am your personal stylist as long as you are here in The Palace, even after you get sold.” His smile faltered for a single second, and I thought I had imagined it because by the next second, his signature smirk was back on his beautiful face.

We stayed silent as he worked to get my sizes and then choose a fitting and proper attire for the evening, which consisted of a pair of dark navy jeans, a light blue dress shirt, and a navy colored jacket to top it off.

“You look so handsome.”

Jonah smiled at me. I blushed and he chuckled at me.

“You know, I was thinking…” he trailed off, “Maybe me and you can go out sometime, if you’re allowed to, of course.”

“That’d be so much fun!” I smiled widely, wait, did he just ask me on a date?

“L-like a date?”

“Yeah, a date.”

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