1. Chosen// About The Story

It was the year 2020 when the world had been taken over. After the takeover, humans tried to rebel and start a war, but the invaders were smarter, much quicker, and inhumane. They won the war, but at a cost, many of the servants had died, they needed the servants and now there was no one to take their places, except the humans. They started making the humans into slaves, piece by piece. They started with dividing the humans, to avoid the conflicts and predicaments that would arise if the humans were to get together again. They were divided and separated into 5 Sectors, all surrounding The Palace where the invaders lived and worked. As if the separations weren’t enough, they decided the humans would be their slaves, but which ones? Which humans would be superior enough to be in the presence of them? There was only one solid conclusion, a test was created, taking place every 5 years in a place known as “The Field”. Now every 5 years, 5 humans from each Sector between the years of 12 and 17 are taken and put through strenuous tasks for a whole 24 hours. 25 go in, only 10 can come out as champions.

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