Just Can't Let Her Go

Ella thought her life was all worked out until she gets offered a once in a lifetime oppunutinity and has to leave some of her life behind, well i'm gonna stop giving it away so just read it lol.


2. The Pool Party

Outside, Everyone was in the pool except for me and Perrie, we were talking about the boys.

Until Niall called out "VOLLEYBALL TIME" and everyone got in the pool and got in their usual teams which were

Zayn, Perrie, Niall, Louis VS Me, Harry, Liam, Sophia.

But Harry being himself didn't want to play so he wasn't in the pool so i got out and went up to him sat on his lap so my legs were on each side of him and i was facing him and i whispered into his ear "if we win this we can continue what we were doing before..." so i got up and walked back to the pool and i had a sense Harry was staring at my ass as he got up off the beach chair, once Harry was in the pool we started playing, my team got to serve first and i was serving as i was about to serve Harry pinched my ass and i couldn't help but smirk, when i served the ball Louis hit it back, then Liam and when the game finished everyone went back to just chilling in and out of the pool.

About an hour after Volley Ball i was sitting with Harry and as he had his hand on my thigh and rubbing it i told him "im just gonna go get some more chips and beer okay babe?" and he nodded at me and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

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