Just Can't Let Her Go

Ella thought her life was all worked out until she gets offered a once in a lifetime oppunutinity and has to leave some of her life behind, well i'm gonna stop giving it away so just read it lol.


13. Tears


I left the room because i was upset, I was upset that Ella had to lie to me because she wasn't ready I mean she could've just told me.

I know she hasn't got her period because i know it sounds weird but i've got her period tracker calendar thing in my phone so i know if she is having mood swings out of her control.

I wish she just told me because i'm fine with it to be honest, i'm a bit disapointed but i can wait so it can be the most romantic type of it.

Not long after I left the bedroom everyone started arriving.
"Hey Harry." Louis said while waving really enthusiastic.

I signalled everyone outside when they arrived, They had brought like chips, candy, beer, soft drinks and dip.
"Oh hey Holly I wasn't expecting to se you here." I said in an awkward silence as I saw her.
"Yeah Niall asked if i wanted to come so i said of course." she said to me while smiling.

Ella still hasn't came out of our room, i didn't want to go in there though, so i went to talk to Perrie, Perrie is her best friend out of the group.

"Hey Perrie can we talk for a quick min." i said to her as she was scrolling on twitter.
She nodded at me and we walked into the kitchen.

"Okay so Me and Ella were like on the edge of having sex but she wasn't ready so i left because i felt a bit embarrassed now she hasn't came out our room, can you talk to her." i said to her while she was nodding her head.
"Yeah i'll go to talk to her." she said to me then she went upstairs and went into our room.


I walked into Harry and Ella's room it was really clean today.
"Hey El." i said to her, you could tell she was crying.
"Oh hey." she said to me while wiping away her tears
"Are you okay?" i said to her sitting down next to her.
"No actually i'm not." she said while turning to me.
"okay tell me." i said to her while looking her in her eyes.
"Okay so Harry wants to have sex with me but i don't actually know if i'm ready, of course i wanna have sex with him, just i'm worried it will be bad and it will affect us forever, plus it will be my first time." she said to me still in tears
"it's okay hun, just talk to him later tonight." i said while rubbing her back.
"I'm just upset because i think i upset Harry and he might hate me now" she said to me while digging her face into my neck
"El, i can tell you for sure that he doesnt hate you, he is actually very worried about you, And he wants you to come down with all of us, i'll take you down." i said to her as i stood up and grabbed her hand.

when we got outside where everyone was and Ella's tears were all gone.


Perrie really cheered me up, she always does.
When i walked outside, Harry saw me straight away and walked up to me.
"wanna go talk?" he said to me while grasping my hand.
I just nodded and he pulled my hand and led me into the side room near the kitchen.
"are you okay now babe?" he said to me while locking his eyes into mine, i think he likes to do that.
"yeah i'm okay now," i said trying to look down "Look Harry it's not that i'm not ready, well it sorta is but look i'm just worried it won't be as good as we planned it and it is my first time, but i do love you." i was trying to fight back tears.
"Babe, i love you and i can wait for you if you want." he said as he gave me a quick peck on the lips.

I gave him a tender kiss back with his lips moving in sync with mine, we knew people were watching us but that didn't stop us from kissing.

We had finally stopped and went back outside, Harry made me reassure my decision, I think i'm ready now.

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