Just Can't Let Her Go

Ella thought her life was all worked out until she gets offered a once in a lifetime oppunutinity and has to leave some of her life behind, well i'm gonna stop giving it away so just read it lol.


4. Sweet Dreams

When Harry got out of the shower he was wrapped in a towel just on his waist it was so cute in my eyes.

Harry caught me staring lower than his waist though, so he walked closer to me and secured his towel while pushing me back so i had my back flat on the bed and my legs dangling off the side abit, he climbed on top of me and pecked my lips, "that was not acceptable mr styles" i said to him and he said "It has to be better since we made a deal about it" we both chuckled and he passionately kissed me as his wet hair was dripping on my face, as our tongues met Harry was running his fingers through my hair and i wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him closer, then we got interrupted by a ring on the door bell, since Harry wasn't dressed i had to go downstairs and get it, so i thumped downstairs i was really pissed that we got interrupted again.

When i got to the door i unlocked it slowly and opened it and i saw mélanie, Mel is my best friend and always has been for 9 years.

"hey, What are you doing here?" i said to her as i rubbed my eyes.

"i'm here because i got kicked out of my apartment, and if it's no hassle can i stay here with you and Harry?'' she said while trying to do give me puppy dog eyes.

"i guess, you can stay in the spare bedroom on the left here." i said as i pointed out the room.

then she shrieked in an excited way and gave me a huge hug and went straight in the room and went to bed.

After she went to bed i went back up stairs to Harry, "Who was that?" Harry asked me walking out of the bathroom in his boxers.

"Oh it was mélanie, she got kicked out of her apartment so she asked if she could stay in the spare room for a while so i said yes." i told him.

"well as long as it doesn't affect us being together, i would never let anyone butt in our relationship." Harry said while stroking your hair.

As Harry said that to you it made you feel more guilty then ever before.

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