Just Can't Let Her Go

Ella thought her life was all worked out until she gets offered a once in a lifetime oppunutinity and has to leave some of her life behind, well i'm gonna stop giving it away so just read it lol.


12. Not Ready Yet


When we got inside i went upstairs to take a shower, we had 3 hours until every one was coming round.

I took off my shirt over my head and chucked it on the floor, i un hooked my bra and hung it on the door.

As i got into the shower the water was to hot so i burnt my back, it made me flinch but i didn't hurt myself.

I usually have very long showers but today i only felt like having a shower for like 5 minutes.

When i got out of the bathroom i opened my closet and i got out a a plain white shirt and a pair of black adidas sports shorts.

After i put it all of it on, i decided to go into the bathroom and do my hair, i put it up in a messy bun.

As i was about to walk out of the room i opened the door and i saw Harry, He kissed me tenderly on the lips and i put my arms around his head.


When Ella was in the shower i was down stairs in the kitchen having a taco and i was thinking about how to bring up the topic of sex with Ella i just wanted to let her know that she's mine and i am hers.

After a while of thinking i heard the shower turn off so i decided to walk up the stairs and wait outside the door for her but i panicked and when she opened the door i kissed her passionately and she put her arms and hands around my head to deepen the kiss.

As we were making out i closed the door, to be honest i don't know why but i did, i was excited is this when we have sex.

Ella was pulling me closer and closer to the bed as the kiss deepened so i'm pretty sure this is the time.

When we finally got to the bed i was hovering on top of her and i slipped my hand up her shirt and played with her boobs.


I'm not gonna lie, when Harry put his hand up my top it felt nice, but i knew that this was gonna lead to sex.

I wasn't ready to have sex but i didn't want to tell Harry incase i upset him, Harry realeased his lips from mine for a quick second to take his shirt and jeans off, yep this is defiantly leading to sex but i don't know why but i'm not gonna stop kissing him.

In no time Harry was completely naked, he took my shirt off while hovering over my with a knee on each side, after he took my bra and shirt off he started to tug on my shorts i was defiantly not ready so i had to come up with something fast.

"can't. period." i said as i pulled Harry's hand away from my waist.
Harry nodded but he looked a bit upset, he got up off the bed and put his clothes back on and left the room.
He was defiantly upset.




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