Just Can't Let Her Go

Ella thought her life was all worked out until she gets offered a once in a lifetime oppunutinity and has to leave some of her life behind, well i'm gonna stop giving it away so just read it lol.


11. Niall's Girlfriend

The fact Ella ended up in hospital because of me made me feel sick.
I'm just glad i donated my blood to her before i lost her.

Then my phone started ringing, It was Louis, i didn't really wanna pick up the phone, just because i forgave Ella doesn't mean i forgave Louis for kissing her, i answered the call anyway.
L: Hey…
Me: yeah hi
L: are we okay
Me: to be honest i am not really sure
L: look i'm sorry, i have overcame my feelings now.
Me: i guess we are fine then
L: good, so Niall texted me and we are all going to nandos to meet his new girlfriend.
Me: He has a girlfriend?
L: Yeah he met her in a bar or something 
Me: oh, well it will be nice to meet her.
L: yeah, anyway i have to go, bye
Me: by--

Louis hung up the phone before i finished saying bye.
When i put my phone down i saw Ella walking down the stairs she looked so beautiful.

She had only a little makeup on, she knew i loved it when she had her natural skin tone showing, it was a beautiful tan colour.

"Morning hazza boo" she said to me as she gave me a tender kiss on my lips.
I love everytime she kisses me it's like sparks fly every time, i fall in love with her everytime.

"Remember the deal?" I said to her while hugging her waist from behind.
"later?" She said with a bit of a worried look on her face.

When Ella made that deal with me she said it sounding worried but excited at the same time.

To be honest i'm afraid she thinks i'm forcing her into it, But i want to have sex with her, I at least want to talk about it but i'm worried about what she will say, we just never talk about it.


I know Harry really wants this deal to happen but i'm worried for a few reasons, Since it's my first time it might be bad and i will be so embarrassed, i am not fully sure i can trust him again, one of my friends from my gym had sex and the condom her boyfriend used didn't work and she got pregnant and that can't happen to me i'm not ready for kids, Don't get me wrong i do wanna have sex one day especially with him i wanna know we are committed.

"Oh by the way i was on the phone with Louis and we are going to nandos to meet Niall's new girlfriend in about 1 hour." Harry said to me as he kissed my cheek.
"Okay i'll get ready." I said sounding confused about Niall having a girlfriend.
"wear something sexy." Harry said to me as i was jogging upstairs and laughing.

I opened my closet to see what to wear and i pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans.
I couldn't find a shirt to wear though, i had pulled out my favourite black bra and put it on and continued looking for a shirt.
"Harry can you please come here." i said yelling into my closet.
"yeah what's up babe?" he said to me as he walked into the room leaning on the door frame.
"Do you have a decent shirt i can wear, i have none." I said still searching for a shirt. 
"yeah of course baby." he said while getting a black rolling stones shirt.

i put it on and Harry whistled, and i smirked.
I grabbed my hair straightener and i straightened my hair and put it in a messy bun on the top of my head.
Harry then grabbed my hand and he took me to the car.

We got into the car and drove to the nandos Niall told us to meet him at.
When we got there we saw Zayn and Perrie.
Perrie waved at me and i ran up to her and gave her a hug, "it's nice to see your doing better." she said to me while we were still hugging.
"yeah thanks." i said to her while releasing our hug.

We all walked inside the door to nandos and saw Niall sitting on the chair in a big booth with Louis, Liam and Sophia.
We walked over to the booth and sat down, I sat down next to Harry and i sat really close to him, Louis was on the other side of me too.

i could obviously tell people were wondering where Niall's girlfriend is.
"She will be here any minute, she texted me." Niall said looking very nervous.

Then a girl who looks like a model walked  through the doors, she was so beautiful, she had really long platinum blonde hair and she wore heaps of make-up.

"Hey Holly we're over here!" Niall yelled out over to the girl while signalling her to our table.

"Hey babe," Niall said to her while giving her a quick peck on the lips "Holly, these are my friends, Ella, Harry, Zayn, Perrie, Liam, Sophia and Louis." as he said our names we waved individually.
"Hey guys." she said while giving us a big grin as Niall helped her sit down, she had a very strong american accent.

After we all finished eating our fries and burgers we decided to catch up later at me and Harry's house.

We all said bye to eachother and got into our cars, before we left Harry was looking deep into my eyes and kissed me tenderly putting his hands behind my head which deepened the kiss and our lips moved in sync, he released and started the car and said to me.
"So what did you think of Holly?"
"she seems like really nice." i said while looking in the car mirror putting lip gloss on.
"yeah same." he said as he kissed me on the cheek and reversed the car out of the parking space.




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